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Johnny English Strikes Again | 2018 | PG | – 2.3.2

content-ratingsWhy is “Johnny English Strikes Again” rated PG? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “some action violence, rude humor, language and brief nudity.” The evaluation includes a brief appearance of bare male buttocks and female cleavage, many scenes of slapstick violence, property destruction and comedic peril, and an anatomical term and some name-calling. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

The third spy spoof sequel after 2003’s Johnny English and 2011’s Johnny English Reborn: After a cyber-attack broadcasts the identity of all active undercover agents in Britain, a geography teacher, who was formerly an agent (Rowan Atkinson), is forced out of retirement to find the computer hacker. Also with Ben Miller, O2a Kurylenko, Adam James, Jake Lacy and Emma Thompson. Directed by David Kerr. A few lines of dialogue are spoken in Russian with English subtitles. [Running Time: 1:36]

Johnny English Strikes Again SEX/NUDITY 2

 – A man wearing armor accidentally drops the pants and we see him nude from the back (bare buttocks and legs) and from the front a woman places a large metal helmet over his groin area (we just see his bare knees and lower legs). A woman in a stopped car smiles and flirts with a man in another car and invites him for the evening at a hotel club, where she wears a sleeveless, low-cut mini-dress that reveals cleavage and the man watches her hips sway as she walks away and up a flight of stairs. A woman wears a long dress with a neckline that reveals cleavage. Several women wear tight knee-length dresses that emphasize the buttocks in two scenes. A few women wear low-cut blouses and dresses that reveal cleavage. A woman wears jeans tight enough to look like panty hose. A woman wears a long skirt slit to the mid-thigh. A female statue is headless, armless and legless (we see flat breasts without nipples and the outline of female genitals).
 A woman kisses a man on the cheek. An older woman says a younger man is “young and sexy.”

Johnny English Strikes Again VIOLENCE/GORE 3

 - A woman slams a man into a wall and points a pistol at his temple, and the man turns and hits another man in the midsection as the woman knocks the second man unconscious with the pistol. A spy places a silencer on her pistol and walks into a club where she hides behind a curtain and points the gun through the curtain at a man but cannot get a clear shot; she dances with him, trying to strangle him with a wire garrote and he flips her over his head onto the floor where she lands hard on her back and is unconscious. A man in handcuffs head-butts another man, kicks him in the abdomen and runs outside where an SUV chases him and he escapes through a closing gate, he flags down and hijacks a driving school car and pulls the instructor out taking his place beside a screaming woman; they race away, drive erratically, slam on brakes, turn around in the middle of a road, and escape an SUV whose driver pounds the inside roof of the vehicle.
 A man driving a sports car raises four missiles from the hood and fires one in front of a large group of cyclists to stop them with a sedative gas; the cyclists cough and fall by the sides of the road (no visible injuries). Two men arrive at a castle with a tall tower and one man uses a rubber suit full of gadgets to climb the outside of the tower extending metal talons from boots and gloves; he sees a woman point a pistol at a man and fire three times in the tower room (no bullets discharge), and the man points a 3D printed plastic gun at her, after first shooting into a wall to show its effectiveness, until a man points a pistol at him and he drops the plastic gun.
 A man attempts to extort the world's G12 leaders at gunpoint to turn over all their data to him, or he will turn off the Internet; he begins a weapons attack from his yacht and we see weapons power up as an armored man makes a cellphone call with numbers that launch a huge missile from a nearby submarine, the missile destroys the yacht, the criminal runs away followed by the heavily armored man who has grabbed a large sword, the criminal fires many bullets without effect and throws his plastic pistol to no avail, the armored man moves forward (nearby helicopter rotors do not harm the metal), and he throws a digital tablet as a ninja star and knocks the criminal out.
 A man uses a virtual reality combat simulation where he accidentally walks on city streets and assaults several civilians, he walks and crawls across streets as cars screech to a stop and honk, he hits a man on the head with a large book in a bookstore and the man falls unconscious (in a later scene he hits a man in a mansion with a cutting board in the same way), he frightens two children and a woman in an elevator, he knocks a man down and points an umbrella at him making machine gun sounds, he grabs a sandwich from an elderly woman in a wheelchair and kicks her to roll off-screen, he beats a store clerk with two long baguettes, he punches and kicks a tour guide on a double-decker bus and uses a shoe to spank him and throws him off the upper deck off-screen (we hear a shout), he gets off the bus and re-enters his own building leaving many police and EMT vehicles with sirens blaring in the street.
 Two men search for a yacht called "Dot Calm" and they accidentally inflate a raft in their car that pins them each to windows; they row the raft to the yacht, climb its side using electronic magnet boots and when they get on deck they are captured at gunpoint and locked in a cold storage room where they use a Q-tip shaped explosive to blow the door off and into a wall with a loud bang and lots of smoke, and they break into a server network in the ship and plant a homing device for missiles.
 A woman meets with a person's hologram and we see her eerily reach through his body. A woman berates an aging secret agent for several seconds then curses, shouts at him and fires him. Two men try to leave a yacht but a woman with a pistol stops them and then lets them go. Two men in a sports car chase a woman on hairpin turns on mountainous roads until the men run out of gas.
 A man pours wine into a skillet and it flares up, he pours more wine and the fire gets much larger, he burns shrimp and dumps it onto the floor using champagne to douse the flames, serves the shrimp to a shocked-looking man, a bottle of wine later overturns and catches fire on a smoldering shrimp and we hear men and women screaming amid the sounds of a roaring fire off-screen and waiters fan out tall flames with tablecloths.
 A man puts on a suit of armor and falls onto his face while another man struggles to help him up; the armor will not open and the men pour oil on the belt clasp without effect, and the armor-suited man later slides down a long flight of stairs, across a floor and through a long hall off-screen (we hear a crash) and we later see him in a patch of grass among shards of broken wood from a door.
 A man goes to MI7 and finds himself with three retired agents; he drops the cap to a pen-bomb that contains a sleeping drug into a cup of tea, takes it outside and accidentally tosses it back into the room with the other men, slams the door and we hear a bang and see smoke pour under the door and when he opens the door he finds the other men passed out. A rubber strap catches on a window and snaps a man back through the loudly shattering glass and into a lake. Two men in a corridor run and fall on marbles left on the floor to stop them (we see no injuries). A man falls to a lower deck on a yacht and shouts in pain, and then rolls into the water and we later we see him unharmed.
 A teacher trains middle school students in espionage at night in the woods: dressed in black, the kids skulk around and lower themselves by cables from trees, one boy falls into a man-trap dug into the ground and the teacher also falls in (no injuries are evident), later a child cuts a wire on a mock-up bomb of soap powder that spurts, and another child sprays an extinguisher into the teacher's face making foam. Boys and girls ride on a zip-line out of a classroom window. A middle school boy blows through a blowpipe at another boy, who falls unconscious and we hear there was a dart with a low-dose drug in it, so the victim will be fine soon. A man walks fast through his hotel door, knocking a woman unconscious on the floor, without seeing her. A man in a submarine hits his head on a pipe and yells, "Ow!" A man struggles with a woman diner's lobster and a shell cracker, until a piece of shell hits him in the eye; he grimaces and winks for several seconds but is not injured. A waitress slips and falls on a large nut on the floor in the background, shrieking. A man eats a spicy nut and grimaces several times. Three dogs chase a man across a wide lawn.
 A man shows a colleague a box of explosives disguised as candy and later another man places one in his mouth (the scene ends before anything else happens); the first man also shows a watch with a garrote line wound inside and a pen-bomb.
 Ominous music plays as many computer screens show the ID credentials of every British spy. A high-tech cell phone falls to cement flagstones and an armored man destroys it with a sword point.

Johnny English Strikes Again LANGUAGE 2

 - 1 anatomical term, 2 mild obscenities, name-calling (imbecile, English idiot, gobbledygook, ridiculous, high-tech villain, lying villains, evil incarnate, seagoing secretary, pen pushers, whack-up, Sir Lancelot), exclamations (crikey, a phrase that sounds like "oh fossy," shut-up), 5 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God, God, For God's Sake). | profanity glossary |

Johnny English Strikes Again SUBSTANCE USE

 - A man has green energy pills and red sleep pills and when he swallows a green pill he dances erratically all night in a club and drives at 140 mph to an office where he falls asleep. A woman and a man at a bar drink cocktails and a paper umbrella sticks in the man's nose, many men and women hold cocktails and do not drink in a bar, a woman at a reception pours and serves champagne to men and women who do not drink, several glasses of champagne and wine are seen on tables and a man drinks a clear liquid from a short stem glass at a banquet, a man pours wine into a few glasses and an empty candle holder (no one drinks), a man in a meeting sips from a bottle of champagne with a straw, a woman holds a glass of wine as she looks at a computer, a woman pours two glasses of wine punch and dumps poisonous powder into one of them as a man tells her that he already took a poison antidote and neither person drinks the wine, a man and his class of middle school boys and girls hold empty martini glasses, and a man drinks a shot of green liquor.

Johnny English Strikes Again DISCUSSION TOPICS

 - Technology advances, hybrid cars, cyber dangers, technology wars, power-hungry people, world domination, the British Secret Service, crime fighting, aging, making mistakes, friendship, trust, respect, planning, cooperation, resourcefulness, persistence.

Johnny English Strikes Again MESSAGE

 - Being a hapless, bumbling spy doesn't mean you will be ineffective, even if success is the result accident.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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