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Once Upon a Deadpool | 2018 | PG-13 | – 5.6.5

content-ratingsWhy is “Once Upon a Deadpool” rated PG-13? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “intense sequences of violence and action, crude sexual content, language, thematic elements and brief drug material.” The evaluation includes some sexual innuendo and obscured nudity, references to sexual abuse, many fight scenes that result in little blood and visible injuries and one extended sequence with a few people being killed in gruesome ways, a scene with possible powdered drugs, and several bleeped F-words. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

An edited version of Deadpool 2 that deletes or shortens some scenes and dialogue, bleeping or omitting many F-words and some raunchy content, and uses as a framing device a parody of the Peter Falk and Fred Savage bedroom scenes from The Princess Bride: Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) narrates how after his girlfriend (Morenca Baccarin) is killed, he searches for her killers as he runs up against a vengeful time traveler (Josh Brolin), some of the X-Men, and a boy who can throw fireballs. Also with Julian Dennison, Stefan Kapicic, Karan Soni, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, Zazie Beetz, Morena Baccarin, Leslie Uggams and Jack Kesy. Directed by David Leitch. [Running Time: 1:55]

Once Upon a Deadpool SEX/NUDITY 5

 – After end credits, a man cuts duct tape off another man’s legs, the second man stands and his waist-to-knees is nude and pixelated; his lower legs are visible. A man regenerating from the waist down is shown seated with infant legs spread apart and his shirt tail covers his crotch; he crosses his legs and his groin and buttocks are pixelated. Two women wear low-cut blouses that reveal moderate cleavage and one woman wears tight jeans. A woman wears only a long sweater that reveals bare legs to the tops of the thighs. We briefly see a man’s clothed buttocks as he leans forward wearing a spandex outfit as he looks between his spread legs. A shirtless man in two scenes reveals a bare chest and abdomen and his chest is made of a metal framework.
 A 14-year-old boy tells a man that the head of his orphanage hurt him sexually and physically (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details): a flashback shows an older man hugging the boy and whispering words into his ear. A man and a woman talk about having a child together and she shows him her removed IUD in a gift box. Two women say they are girlfriends. A man hugs another man and talks about their pelvises touching. A man mentions prison rape. Two men talk about using soft toilet paper and using a hair dryer to dry their groins. A man says another man had casual sex with his own sister and “nailed her.” A man says that he should carry a rape whistle around elderly old men. A man says that he made love to a soap dispenser. A man tells another man that he looks like an annoying clown dressed as a sex toy. A man says, “I’m a virgin.” A woman reaches below the frame and asks why a man’s hand is so small; the man says, “That’s not my hand” (implying it may be his penis).
 A man and a woman kiss passionately for several seconds in two scenes, each time after the woman jumps into the man’s arms and wraps her legs around his body. A man hugs another man and grabs one of the second man’s clothed buttocks.

Once Upon a Deadpool VIOLENCE/GORE 6

 - Several men and a woman jump out of a cargo plane using parachutes and are blown by heavy winds: one man crashes into a billboard unhurt, another person falls into the street and burns into ashes, a man crashes through the windows of a bus (he's likely dead), another man crashes into a helicopter's rotors and we see green splatter, a man falls into a tree chipper (we hear grinding and he vomits out a cloud of wood chips) and a man trying to help him is pulled into the chipper as the scene ends.
 A flashback shows many men shooting at another man who uses two long swords and a chainsaw to repel them (we hear shouts and grunts, but no gore or blood), a man is shot repeatedly and we see blood spots on his clothing, men shoot at a giant mutant who attacks the shooters with kicks and punches, and one man has an iron fence post like an arrow through his head (a metal man pulls it out and we see just a spot of blood).
 Five men shoot through an apartment door, kick it open, and a man inside throws kitchen knives that drop the intruders below the frame; a gunshot then strikes a woman in the chest (we see blood on her sweater as she dies with eyes open after falling in slow motion).
 A man blows a hole in a prison wall, shoots many guards and fistfights with others (we hear grunts, shouts and some cracking sounds); a man points a gun at another man and shoots, and a boy jumps on the gunman and stabs him with a pen, while the second man knocks him over a stair railing and the two men crash to a lower level where the man that was shot at escapes. Two men in prison fight with many punches and kicks and slam each other into metal staircases and landings. Two men are blown through a wall and roll down a snowy mountain where one man crashes into a frozen lake and sinks; he hallucinates seeing his dead girlfriend in heaven and is blown back to the surface by a black cloud. A man chases a prison's armored semi-truck and jumps onto it and in through a door where he shoots another man through the hand before the man stabs the driver through the shoe (we see a spot of blood on the man's hand), the two men fistfight and a young teen boy releases a huge mutant prisoner. A woman fights a guard in a prison truck and throws him out of the moving semi-truck. A boy in prison is punched in the face twice by a much larger man; a man seated at a table nearby is stabbed through the hand with a pen (a little blood is shown) and the victim is kicked repeatedly and punched in the body and head (we see some blood on his face). A metal man and a giant mutant man fight in an extended scene with many punches, kicks, body slams, throws and choke-holds; the giant is thrown into a large fountain of water and likely destroyed.
 A man and a young teen boy are thrown into prison where many adult male prisoners wear control collars and several fistfights break out with punching, kicking, throws and shouting (we see a couple of slightly bloody faces); a man shoots bullets and a ray gun at several men and a young teen boy (the boy escapes after falling through a metal staircase).
 A silent flashback shows an older man restraining a young teen boy in a chair and torturing him with a cattle-prod type of device on the throat. A man is bound with duct tape and threatened with torture unless he gives information to his captor (he does). A mutant boy at an orphanage throws fireballs throws two huge mutant men into a wall and into a bus that dents as several police officers point guns and shout, and a man throws his sword at the boy, hitting him in the head with the handle and knocking him unconscious; a man puts an electrical control collar around the boy's neck and a man also receives such as collar. A boy burns down several walls of an orphanage and a whole auditorium that is empty, its only occupant escaping.
 A man lies on the ground with some blood on his face and says he is dying whereupon he revives three times; another man travels back in time, puts a large metal coin into the first man's spandex suit over the heart and returns to real time, where a bullet hits the coin and does not kill the man. A man chased by many armed men crashes head first through a taxi window and out another window, stands up, grabs a man lying on the street, picks him up and hugs him. A metal man throws another man out of a wheelchair and chokes him against a wall.
 A boy says that he will burn a man to death. A man says that he wants to be a contract killer. A man mentions the "F-word" several times, meaning "family." A TV newscast reports on a "mutant incident" and we see an overturned car burning and tracks of fire on a driveway. A man says he will kill people. A man tells a male friend, "I want to bathe in the blood of your enemies." A man tells another man that his teddy bear is stained with the blood of his murdered daughter; in a flashback, we see a man throwing fireballs at a woman and little girl evaporating them. A man tells another man that he smells like a dead shark. A man hugs another man, who says he is holding a knife to the first man's thigh; they part and we see a long knife held waist high.
 A car turns over in the street behind a running woman; another car crashes into gas pumps and causes a huge explosion. A car flips into the air and sails over a woman. A man falls from a motorcycle, rolls, and is unhurt. After a fight, a man's body is put into a large duffle bag and dragged behind a large metal man.
 A man's head is shown on backwards and he twists it back again with cracking noises. A man is seen after being torn in half (there's no blood or gore), and we see him later, regenerating his lower half, with toddler legs and feet (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details). A boy has scars on his neck from a weapon used by a man. A clothed man in a fistfight falls on another man, with the first man's crotch landing on the other man's face. A man hallucinates seeing his dead girlfriend in heaven and he is blown back to reality by a black cloud.
 A man vomits into a toilet and we hear gagging but see no goo. A man says that he defecated in his pants (we don't see it). A man gags, is about to vomit three or four times, but he does not vomit. A man urinates on the floor of a bar where he is sitting on a stool and we hear the trickle; another man mops up the urine below the frame. A man mentions a "prison wallet" and a boy reaches into the back of his pants once. A man claims to have the super power of spitting acid. Another man spits as he runs and we see some spittle.

Once Upon a Deadpool LANGUAGE 5

 - F-words are bleeped-out with about 10 clear lip formations of the F-word, 6 other bleeped-out words, 4 obscene hand gestures, 13 scatological terms, 11 anatomical terms, 17 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, moron, idiot, weird, racist, rapist, sick, pervert, perv, pedophile, swamp mouth, sugar mouth, dump, twerk, trainee, spineless, maniac teenagers, baldy locks, little punk, chrome dome, disgusting minority, criminal, mustache, hobo bear, one-eyed Willie, Catherine Lucky, Sabrina the teenage witch, Justin Bieber, John Connor, Brown Panther, Kiersten Dunst, Unibomber, Matthew McConnahey, Miguel, Shiny Jesus, Jared Kushner), exclamations (shut-up, zip it, shut it, shut your mouth, fudgecicle), 3 religious profanities (GD), 20 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God [in Russian], My God, God, Oh God, What In The Name Of Satan, Jesus, Jesus Christ, Mary Mother Joseph, Holy Mommy). | profanity glossary |

Once Upon a Deadpool SUBSTANCE USE

 - A bottle of cough syrup is seen beside a bed, and under the floorboards of a room we see a small bag of what could be powdered drugs. A couple of bar scenes show liquor bottles on the bar and back bar, a man wipes liquor bottles in a bar scene, two men hold cans of beer in the back of a pickup truck, and a man chugs a can of beer at home.

Once Upon a Deadpool DISCUSSION TOPICS

 - Crime, murder, death, loss, grief, the afterlife, violence, revenge, racism, homophobia, cancer, time travel, special powers, orphans, child abuse, family, friendship, loyalty, making amends, love.

Once Upon a Deadpool MESSAGE

 - Everyone needs a family.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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