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Spider-Man: No Way Home | 2021 | PG-13 | – 2.6.4

content-ratingsWhy is “Spider-Man: No Way Home” rated PG-13? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “sequences of action/violence, some language and brief suggestive comments.” The evaluation includes a few kissing scenes and a proclamation of love, many scenes of fighting between superheroes and supervillains with a lot of property damage and a death with bloody wounds shown, a few arguments, and a couple of not fully enunciated F-words and other strong language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.

After his encounter with supervillain Mysterio, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is outed as Spider-Man and must now figure out a way to live a normal life. He seeks help from Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) but doesn’t realize his actions will disturb the multiverse and other versions of his superhero persona. Also with Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Jon Favreau, Jamie Foxx, Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, Benedict Wong, Tony Revolori, Marisa Tomei, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. Directed by Jon Watts. [Running Time: 2:28]

Spider-Man: No Way Home SEX/NUDITY 2

 – A young man and a young woman kiss in a couple of scenes. A man opens a door in an apartment when he hears noises (they sound like they could be sexual sounds), and a young man wearing boxer briefs (we see his bare chest, abdomen, back, and legs) and a young woman fully clothed are inside and they look surprised. A young woman wears a low-cut top that reveals cleavage in a couple of scenes. A woman wears a low-cut top that reveals cleavage. A man is shown shirtless and he remarks about being fully nude (we see his bare chest, abdomen and back to just below the waist).
 A young man and a young woman lie next to each other on the roof of a building and roll toward each other, about to kiss, until they are interrupted. A young man and a young woman hold hands in a few scenes.
 A young man and a young woman proclaim their love for each other. A woman talks about a man’s boundary issues being the reason she broke up with him. A man in a crowd calls out to a young woman asking if she is going to have a young man’s “spider babies.” A man that we understand is drunk stands up and touches his nipples through his shirt; he says, “We should skinny-dip.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home VIOLENCE/GORE 6

 – A road packed with stopped traffic begins to break apart causing cars to tip into open holes and sparks to fly; we see giant mechanical tentacles poking through the surface and a man attached to them rises off the ground and uses the tentacles to throw cars around and one over the side of the bridge until a young man swings over the side and takes the occupant out of the car safely before the vehicle falls. A young man is struck hard by a mechanical tentacle and thrown through the windshield of a car and the man attached to the tentacles says, “I should have killed your little girlfriend,” causing the young man to become enraged and they fight: the young man’s suit sprouts mechanical spider legs and he jumps around dodging the man’s tentacles, a car is pushed to the edge of a bridge and it tips over (we see the woman inside fasten her seatbelt and she looks frightened), and the young man catches the car as it falls toward a speed train below. A man with tentacles attached to his back grabs a young man and slams him into the side of a bridge telling him, “Now you die” and a tentacle with a spike in it moves toward the young man to stab him; the young man manages to pair with the control functions of the tentacles and uses them to lift a dangling car back to the top of a bridge saving the occupant. A man fights with blasts of electricity, another man throws a young man through the floors and ceilings of a building and accuses him of being weak, and a lizard monster throws the young man into a building and holds him by the throat until a woman jabs the first man in the neck with a large hypodermic device; the man pulls out the device and fights with the young man as a woman holds a piece of metal in her hand but the man gets away and throws an explosive that blows up and throws the woman to the ground; we see her with bloody wounds later as she dies. A man glowing with electricity threatens a young man and a lizard monster jumps out of water toward the young man, the electric man shoots blasts of electricity and knocks a man off scaffolding, a man made of sand grabs another man off the scaffolding and a lizard monster grabs a third; a crane collapses and the lizard monster is trapped, the sand man spins a cloud of dust and a young man and two men jump and swing around trying to get to the three villains until two are injected with large hypodermic devices and one bites a canister containing a serum. A man with mechanical tentacles grabs a man glowing with electricity and pulls a power device off his chest. A lizard monster runs through an open swirling portal and tries to attack a young man and a young woman; they run back through the portal to get away. A young woman falls off scaffolding and a young man tries to catch her but he is struck by a man on a hoverboard and taken away; another man jumps after the young woman and lands on the ground safely with her. A young man and a man fight with punches and throws, and one uses a blade and slashes the other on the abdomen (we see blood); one punches the other repeatedly in the face and raises a hoverboard with sharp blades on it over him but is stopped before stabbing him. A man is stabbed in the back and falls back to the ground (we do not see the wound and we understand that he is fine later).
 Streams of crackling light appear in the sky and we see glowing people in the openings as a man says that many others are coming and that he cannot stop them. Explosions erupt along a road on a bridge throwing cars stuck in traffic into the air and a man riding on a hoverboard swoops through the air. Something moves around trees in woods near where a young man is walking, we hear pops of electricity coming from power cables and see what looks like a man illuminated by glowing beams; the young man on the ground shoots something at it and it shoots flashes of electricity at him causing him to jump through the trees to dodge them until a man formed from dirt pushes up through the ground and creates a barricade to block the blasts, he spins a swirling cloud of dirt and dust to knock the electric man off the cables and we see him unharmed later. A man and a young man fight and things around them explode. Armed people pull a man out of his car and slam him onto the hood with his hands behind his back; one armed man shoots into a building and appears to hit a young man in the shoulder (he stumbles but gets away).
 A metallic box rattles and glows and a young man grabs it and runs out of a building until a man grabs him and hits him hard enough to “separate him from his physical form” (we see a glowing likeness of the young man hovering in the air behind the physical form of the young man), the young man reconnects with his body and gets away but is wrapped up by a cape and sails through spinning surroundings that he is told is a mirror dimension and we see a city upside down. People on a street crowd around a young woman and take pictures of her until a young man swoops in and sweeps her away through streets and onto buildings; they land briefly on a bridge girder, jump through a subway grate and swing through a tunnel, re-surface through a manhole, continue swooping through the air, and the young man clings to a wall and helps the young woman through an apartment window unharmed. A man becomes agitated when he hears a voice mocking him and calling him names; he says, “Leave me alone,” and throws something into a monstrous mask hanging nearby and it breaks in half. Two men shoot spider webs at each other across a room. Several people glow and disappear. A voice coming from inside a man’s body says, “Aliens eat brains,” and he becomes angry and the man stands up and says, “We are drunk” before he glows and disappears leaving a bartender upset that he did not pay his tab; we see a dollop of black goo left on the bar and it sprouts a small tendril.
 A man casts a spell that causes glowing beams of light to circle around in a room, the floor breaks apart and the man and a young man in the room float in the air. TV news helicopters fly outside an apartment window and follow a young man in several scenes. Someone on a street throws paint on a young man and it splatters his clothing. Young men and young women are scanned for weapons as they enter a school building. Two people shovel snow inside a house. A glowing circle swirls and opens a portal to another place in several scenes. A glowing circle opens and a man steps through it into a woman’s living room. A man swirls beams of energy in his hands and in the air to manipulate cosmic energy. A young man walks past a car on a crowded street and a dog inside the car barks and lunges toward him causing him to jump. A man zaps a couple of people and a lizard monster and they are shown in cells behind force fields. A young woman tells a man to prove that he is Spider-Man by crawling across a ceiling and a woman asks him to clean the cobwebs while he is up there. A young woman throws bread rolls at a man. A man lifts another man up and cracks his back (to help with back pain) and we hear cracking.
 We hear news reports of a person being murdered by a superhero and that he ordered a drone attack; we hear a voice saying, “Execute them all.” A man on TV reports that a superhero is a menace and complains about the damage he is causing. A woman talks about a man’s boundary issues being the reason she broke up with him. A government official accuses a woman of child endangerment. People talk about a person’s legal troubles and that they will have to deal with the “court of public opinion.” Two young men and a young woman open letters from a university admissions office and are disappointed when they learn they have not been admitted. People talk about shifting realities. A man accuses a young man of wanting him to “brainwash the entire world.” A young man walks through stopped traffic and knocks on the window of one car to speak to the woman inside; she seems alarmed. A man says that a young man will destroy the fabric of reality. We hear reports of people seeing a monster flying through the air. A woman says of a man, “He’s lost.” People talk about how others were killed; one man says that a man was impaled and another man says that another man drowned. A man talks about having someone by the throat. A man talks about beating someone up. Two men jump down from the top of a building and talk to a young man about who they are and where they are from. Two men and a young man talk about their grief after losing loved ones and feeling responsible. A young man says, “I wanna kill him. I wanna tear him apart.” A man talks about someone falling into a pool of electric eels. A man says to a young man, “You killed her.” A reference is made to “puke.” A young woman says to a young man, “I don’t know how you do this without throwing up.”
 A young man is shown with bloody wounds on his face and head in a couple of scenes and he says that he thinks he broke his ribs in another. A man is shown using a CPAP machine with a mask over his face to sleep.

Spider-Man: No Way Home LANGUAGE 4

 – 2 not fully enunciated F-words (one is the phrase, “Oh for [a picture of a fox] sake” printed on a coffee mug), 2 sexual references, 5 scatological terms, 6 anatomical terms, 6 mild obscenities, name-calling (public enemy #1, spider menace, terrorizing, messy, crazy, murderers, devastating, greedy, angry green man, hassle, lame, rage-full, bitter, cool youth pastor, deeply mistrusting person, calamity, insane, sick, tapped out, nobody, misguided, annoyed, clown, bad guys, idiot, vigilante, coward), exclamations (I swear, shut-up, oh man, zip it, kick some [anatomical term deleted], cure some [anatomical term deleted], cure that [anatomical term deleted]), 1 religious profanity (GD), 5 religious exclamations (e.g. oh my God, God, good God). | profanity glossary |

Spider-Man: No Way Home SUBSTANCE USE

 – Large syringes that contain anti-serums are deployed in a couple of scenes. A voice inside a man seated at a bar tells him that they are drunk (the man stands up and stumbles).


 – Superheroes, disappointment, revenge, vigilante justice, optimism, controversy, guilt, fate, sacrifice, heroism, responsibility, multi-verse, evolution, second chances, technology, chaos, existence, string theory, matter displacement, consequences, reality.

Spider-Man: No Way Home MESSAGE

 – With great power comes great responsibility.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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