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Robin Hood | 2018 | PG-13 | – 3.6.4

content-ratingsWhy is “Robin Hood” rated PG-13? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “extended sequences of violence and action, and some suggestive references.” The evaluation includes several kissing scenes, cleavage and shirtless men, many battle scenes with crossbows, bows, swords and knives that leave people dead but with little evident blood, and several scatological terms. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

The latest version of the Nottingham hero casts Robin (Taron Egerton) as a Crusader who returns from the Holy Land to find his lands and property confiscated and in ruins. He starts a revolt against the corrupt church authorities and the local Sheriff. Also with Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Jamie Dornan, Tim Minchin, Paul Anderson and F. Murray Abraham. Directed by Otto Bathurst. [Running Time: 1:56]

Robin Hood SEX/NUDITY 3

 – A woman wears a low-cut, lace dress that reveals cleavage and bare flesh through the open weave in a few scenes. A woman wears deeply cut tops and dresses that reveal cleavage in several scenes. A woman wears a cropped top that reveals her bare back at the waist. A man wears a shirt that is low-cut and reveals part of his upper chest. Two men are shown shirtless and their chests, bare abdomens and backs are seen. Women wear low-cut dresses that reveal cleavage and bare backs.
 A man and a woman kiss, he kisses her neck and they are interrupted. A man and a woman kiss in a few scenes. A man sees a woman in a market and another man hugs and kisses her. A woman kisses a man and another man sees them. A woman is caught in stables trying to steal a horse and a man pins her against a wall, holds her hand and flirts with her. A man kisses a woman on the cheek. Many people gather at a castle for a celebration and we see people drinking and dancing and a man is shown lying back on a table and a woman moves to kiss him.
 A reference is made to a man and a woman being “Young and in love.” A man talks about a celebration being an “orgy of excess.”


 - Trebuchets launch boulders into an area where men are fighting with enemy forces: we see rubble falling and men scatter as two men fight with punches and kicks and one man draws a dagger on the other, then wraps a scarf around his throat and holds him until another man enters and cuts the attacker's hand off (we see a bloody stump and blood pooled on the ground).
 We see men shackled and interrogated, one man is placed with his head on a block and we hear a crunch as an axe comes down to cut his head off (we do not see the blow or the aftermath); another young man is placed on the block and a man pleads for him not to be killed and another man stops the axe with a sword, he is grabbed and held, shot in the side with an arrow, someone steps on his chest and pulls the arrow out and the young man is killed off-screen. Many men with bows and arrows move through an area where they are attacked by others with arrows and swords; a couple of men use powerful crossbows that strike several other men (we hear the blows and see the arrows strike the men, with no blood evident). A powerful crossbow is used to shoot many men while others are shot at close range and stabbed; one man's throat is slashed by a man with two knives (we see action form the back and there is no evident blood). Two men search for a hidden bowman and one climbs across a rooftop where he is shot at repeatedly until he shoots he shooter with an arrow in the chest; the other man is captured (we hear him calling for help) and we see him hanging by his feet with an arrow in his leg (a bit of blood is seen on his pant leg). A man noose is wrapped around a man's neck and he is lifted high into the air where he hangs until he is dead.
 A man dangles from underneath a horse-drawn cart and when he is discovered he attacks a man and shoots several others with arrows; the first man is shot several times by guards and we see bloody spots on his shirt, several guards are hit and fall (no blood is shown), a man is struck in the leg (he falls and limps and we see blood on his leg later), a guard is shot with an arrow through the helmet and we see a bit of blood at the hole, and a man fights several guards hand-to-hand, he cuts a rope and is pulled to the top of a building where he breaks through a window and crashes onto a horse cart (he is OK). A man jumps across a roof and shoots arrows at guards chasing him; he crashes through a roof and lands in a stable where he steals a horse and rides away throwing coins for people to collect. Men wearing armor and masks collect tolls from people and beat them if they refuse; a woman is thrown to the ground and an elderly man is held until a man shoots the guards with arrows and stabs a few others. A man holds a large stick a cross another man's neck and they argue briefly and then talk about a plan. Two men argue and one shoots arrows at the other, who dodges the arrows and blocks one with a heavy stick. A man stumbles across a road in front of a horse-drawn cart and guards shove him out of the way. A man punches another man in the leg where he has an arrow wound and he yells in pain. A man shoves another man to the floor and slaps him across the face, orders another man to kill him (the other man holds a knife over him) and another man intervenes. A man fights several guards using a large stick; he is surrounded and overpowered and we see him being struck and falling unconscious. Two men fight and one raises a pickaxe over the other but does not hit him; a woman then hits the man with a pickaxe (knocking him out, but it's not clear). A shackled man breaks a bowl with his head and puts a shard of pottery in his mouth; he uses the shard to cut a guard on the face (we see blood) and wraps his chains around the guards throat until he falls unconscious.
 Many armored guards charge toward mines where people are living to roust their possessions and force them to leave; mines are set on fire and people are thrown to the street, a woman hits a guard and a man in the face (we see his bloody nose) and he shoves her into a box on a cart, two men take control of the cart and speed away while on man shoots arrows at the chasing guards. A man swings on a rope and lands behind a man driving a horse-drawn cart; they fight and crash the cart, they each mount a horse and continue fighting while riding, molten metal pours out of a giant barrel onto the ground as men ride through (they are not burned), the horses run up flights of stairs and across rooftops, men shoot from the ground toward a man's horse hitting it in the hind quarter and the man jumps off the roof and glides along a rope and lands on a cart that is blown up and flips, throwing the man and the driver of the cart (they are OK). A large cross falls in a road blocking a cart from passing and many people face off against guards; a fire is lit behind the guards leaving them no way to escape and they fight with bows and arrows and swords (we see people being struck and falling with little blood evident). A man is shot in the side with an arrow and a woman pulls it out as he yells. A man is struck with an arrow in the back and he falls on flames (later we see his badly burned face and his malformed ear). Several guards grab a man and throw him to the floor in front of another man who kicks him and holds him at knife point while threatening a woman with acts of violence. Several scenes show people lighting a flammable liquid on fire to stop from being attacked by other men. A man forges a metal guard for his arm where he is missing a hand and presses the stump into it (he yells and we hear a sizzle of flesh being burned).
 Two men break into a counting room where coins are being tallied and they steal several bags of coins. A woman steals documents from a document room and is nearly caught by a guard. People are shown living in mines and many of the people are shown to be emaciated and sickly. A man and a woman carry a small coffin implying a child has died and they cry. A man returns after fighting in a war for four years and finds his property has been taken by the government and it is in shambles.
 A man is in shackles as another man threatens him and talks about the murder of his son; the shackled man lunges toward the other man, who threatens to "gorge you with pig's blood and burn you." A man describes being abused in a boys' home and how priests would beat the boys with sticks and that they would smell of alcohol and pour brandy down the throats of the boys. A man says that he wants to catch a man and "drown him in a cage." A man talks about wanting to hang several men. A man says of another man, "If he's not dead, he'll wish he was" after being captured by enemy forces. A man is told that people were informed of his death and that there was a nice memorial service for him. A man says, "We're in a bit of a pickle." A man says that he dreams of sticking his thumb into the windpipes of several men. A man yells for several men to leave a room. A man talks about treason being punishable by death. A man says that he is eager to do God's work with Devil's pride. A man says, "Fear is why the church created Hell." People talks about being like "lambs to the slaughter" and that a mission is "suicide." A man yells calling for a man's blood to fill the streets and for dogs to lick it up.
 A man vomits and we hear him gagging and see a bit of goo. A man has patterns of scarification on his face. A man spits in a bowl of food before giving it to a man shackled in a cell.

Robin Hood LANGUAGE 4

 - 7 scatological terms, 1 anatomical term, 6 mild obscenities, name-calling (thief, spoiled toff, pig, hapless toff, barbarians, sweet scourge, scum, smash and grabber, idiot, kill joy, lap dog, old, boring, traitor, petty thief, filth, peasants, outlaw, liar, fool, disgrace, The Hood, muddle, English, lying bastard, obnoxious), exclamations (oh dear), 3 religious exclamations (Oh God, Go With God, Thank God). | profanity glossary |


 - A man guzzles from a bottle until another man grabs the bottle and throws it shattering it, many people drink to excess at a celebration, and a man talks about men pouring brandy down the throats of boys after they beat them.


 - Power, greed, suffering, poverty, freedom, culture, landed gentry, vengeance, hope, treason, revolts, gossip, justice, war, torture, fear mongering, trust, honesty, absolute power, political ambition, rhetoric, fanatical dogma, murder, stealing, taxes, fog of war, panic, martial law, peace, sacrifice, choices, tolls.

Robin Hood MESSAGE

 - You are only powerless if you believe you are powerless.


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