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Extraction 2 | 2023 | R | – 1.7.6

content-ratingsWhy is “Extraction 2” rated R? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “strong/bloody violence throughout and language.” The evaluation includes a scene of a man ordering his wife to have sex with him, many videogame-like extended scenes of people fighting with weapons and hand-to-hand with explosions leading to some bloody wounds and bodies, illegal drugs packaged for shipment, several arguments and yelling, and about 12 F-words and other strong language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.

Sequel to 2020’s Extraction: The hero mercenary (Chris Hemsworth) that seemingly died at the end of the first movie, is back from the dead and is now fighting Georgian criminals responsible for keeping a woman (Tinatin Dalakishvili), her teen son (Andro Japaridze ), and her young daughter (Miriam and Marta Kovziashvili) locked up. Also with Golshifteh Farahani, Adam Bessa, Idris Elba, Tornike Gogrichiani and Tornike Bziava. Directed by Sam Hargrave. Several lines of dialogue are spoken in Georgian with English subtitles and some phrases are spoken in Georgian, Armenian, German and French without translation. [Running Time: 2:04]

Extraction 2 SEX/NUDITY 1

 – A man living in a prison cell with his wife, teen son and young daughter orders his wife into his bunk for sex and she refuses, stating she is not his property; he threatens to kill her after slapping her face.

Extraction 2 VIOLENCE/GORE 7

 – Many scenes show violent hand-to-hand fighting among soldiers with automatic handguns and assault rifles, including loud gunfire with visible flashes and sparks, and loud yelling, and what sounds like bones crunching, with some blood.
 A man shoots mortars to kill a group of men and send an airplane up in flames, shoots another man dead, holds his own side, and walks heavily into a nearby church where another man holds a teen boy hostage, making him wear an explosive vest, the two men argue and the second man forces the boy to take the other man’s gun and shoot him; a woman rushes in with an assault rifle, the boy grabs the detonator and runs away as the woman and both men shoot and the woman falls and has some blood on her side, the boy runs to her and gets blood on his hands as one man punches the other man in the head seven times; the second man puts a choke-hold on the first man, holds a saw to his throat, uses it to cut into his arm, throws a box of nails at him, and crawls away as the first man stabs him in the thigh three time, the back twice, and then the chest; the man crawling away appears dead, but he talks and the other man shoots him in the head and we see a spot of blood on one temple and hear that he is dead as armed police enter and the scene cuts to the man and the woman wearing orange jumpsuits in prison. A man on a prison farm describes a hole in the ground as a grave for a sick bull, and he then stabs another man in the throat with a pitchfork and the victim falls in the hole.
 An extended fight sequence in a Georgian prison includes punching, kicking, whistling, grunts, shouts of pain, throws, rolling, choking, a lot of loud automatic gunfire with sparks and fireballs, knife stabbings (with and without blood), and many men falling dead after shots to the head and body; a woman hostage picks up a shovel and hits several men in the head to knock them unconscious and she beats one fallen man in the head with the shovel several times below the frame until she is knocked down but uninjured; two groups of prisoners fight among themselves, with shouting, kicks, punches, and throws, guards armed with assault rifles attack an intruder who shoots several dead, kicks and punches several and smashes a riot shield into several more, several men catch fire and continue fighting (we see no evidence of burns), and a man smashes the face of another man into the side of a hot furnace (he screams). A man in a stairwell fights another man and a woman with punches and kicks, and then shoots the man dead; the fight continues with the woman before he shoots her dead (no blood is seen).
 A man escapes prison guards with a woman and two children who were hostages and several jeeps and motorbikes chase them and shoot at them with assault rifles and mortar rifles; two jeeps catch fire and two motorbikes flip over (no injuries are seen). A jeep flips on its side and skids to a stop (the occupants are uninjured), and the people in the jeep leave on a foundry train while helicopters chase and shoot fire-causing mortars at them, three choppers crash in flames after a man stands on top of the train and shoots mortars, and several soldiers jump from another copter and onto the train; a woman in a train car shoots at three soldiers, knocks them down, stabs one in the groin (he screams), and she is stabbed in the shoulder (she screams and we see some blood on her shoulder); a man in another train car shoots and kills four men and after being pushed part-way out a door and his head is nearly slammed into a tunnel wall and the train brakes fail to work, and we see the train flip over. A train derails and we see several small fires and some smoke rising from scattered train cars; a man and a woman have grime and a little blood on their faces, a teen boy tries to hit the man several times and stalks off after arguing with his mother.
 An explosive device sends an SUV up in smoke and flame in a parking garage and a man shoots four other men dead (there’s no blood), another man in the background is blown up as an explosive device goes off and we see smoke and hear a muffled pop; a man shoots mortar shells outside, and a fireball throws another man off-screen, four SUVs explode and one flips over, a man downs a helicopter with mortar fire and three men on the roof of the building fall after the chopper shoots them (there’s no visible blood). A man in a high rise shoots an elevator door, missing a man inside; a man and a woman in another elevator climb through a hatch to get to the building roof, and another man enters a third elevator and a bomb blows him out and against a wall. A woman fights three men on the roof of a building, shoots two dead, and stabs the third in the thigh before they tumble over the side to a smaller glass roof of a gym on the floor below; another man jumps through a glass wall, shattering it to grab her by the arm and he hangs from a beam with her where a gunman shoots him in the hand (he screams) and he swings the woman through another shattering glass wall as another man on the glass roof falls over the side to his presumed death. A man in a gym punches another man who falls and has a set of heavy weights fall on him (we do not see the injury) while a man on a beam outside fights with a gunman that swings a knife, breaks through glass under him and the shooter falls to the floor of the gym, gets up and shoots another man in the back twice (we later see blood flowing out of his mouth as he whimpers and dies).
 We hear a gunshot off-screen and see a bloodied man fall off a bridge into a river as the scene cuts to a young girl screaming when she finds him washed up on the bank; men shout and take him inside, revive him with a chest tube (we see a little blood on his chest and one arm) and then send him to a hospital where he lies in bed with a breathing tube and monitors beeping. A man reads a Bible verse to another man and is shot from off-screen; we see blood drip onto his hand and Bible before he drops the book and falls limp as a teen boy looks on, horrified. A man stares into the open eyes of his dead brother lying on a metal table, giggles, then pounds the corpse’s chest three times; we see some blood on the corpse’s neck.
 A helicopter approaches a high-rise building and shoots mortars and a machine gun at an apartment, creating a lot of flashes and sparks; a woman screams as glass shatters, SUVs chase each other in the garage and men on the street shoot assault rifles into three vehicles and two men slump in one vehicle (we see no blood), people run screaming on the street, two SUVs collide, a man shoots past the head of a teen boy in the street and the boy looks scared but leaves with the man.
 A flashback shows two men as children as teen boys beat one boy (he has blood on his face); the boys’ father later slaps the older son’s face and says, “You defend your brother until your last drop of blood.” A man has an MRI in a hospital and we hear the machine’s magnets clanking, and the man is later shown grunting through physical therapy; we see the man with his arm in a sling and a long brace on his leg and he later does therapy by chopping wood, practicing axe throwing, and lifting rocks at a cabin. A young girl has blood on her arm as she screams and later, we hear it is a fracture and a doctor places an IV in her other arm (we cannot see the needle) in a safe house. A man shoots a tin cup out of another man’s hand and tells him to leave his property.
 A woman cries and washes the hands and face of a dead man after placing him under a blanket on a bed. A woman uses forceps to remove some shrapnel from a cut on her shoulder. A man has white gauze around his forearm with some blood on it.
 We hear that a man’s young son died of an unknown illness. A teen boy asks his uncle about a plot to kill his mother and the man removes his hearing aids, refusing to talk to the boy, who becomes sullen. A man tells another man he should not kill people for a living. Two men argue briefly, a man and a woman argue, and another man and another woman argue. A man tells another man, “We threw a DEA agent off a roof.” We hear about a Georgian gang called Nagazi or Shepherds, or chosen soldiers of God; we hear that they process and sell drugs and commit murder for revenge against other gangs and outsiders.

Extraction 2 LANGUAGE 6

 – About 12 F-words and its derivatives, 10 scatological terms, 2 anatomical terms, 4 mild obscenities, name-calling (fat mouth, savior), exclamations (shut-up, keep quiet), 1 religious profanity (GD), 5 religious exclamations (e.g. Jesus, God gave me a mission to rain vengeance, sometimes there is great sacrifice in doing God’s will, let’s ask God, I once believed God took your hearing so he could whisper right in your ear). | profanity glossary |

Extraction 2 SUBSTANCE USE

 – Large packages of drugs are seen on a scale and we hear a man say that men are pushing dime bags on the streets of Georgia (the country). A man chugs a bottle of beer.


 – Young children witnessing mayhem and murder, gangsters, mercenary soldiers, drug trafficking, kidnapping, terminal illness in children, loss, death, grief, responsibility, heroes, villains, revenge, forgiveness, justice, truth vs. lies, misplaced loyalty, moms and single moms fighting against domestic abuse by partners and ex-partners.

Extraction 2 MESSAGE

 – Violent crimes, gang warfare, and drug trafficking are global problems that must be ameliorated, sometimes with the help of mercenaries.


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Become a member of our premium site for just $2/month & access advance reviews, without any ads, not a single one, ever. And you will be helping support our website & our efforts.


We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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