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Coffee & Kareem | 2020 | TV-MA | – 6.7.10

content-ratingsWhy is “Coffee & Kareem” rated TV-MA? The MPAA has not rated this film. The evaluation includes a sex scene and some kissing scenes, a strip club scene with partial nudity, a preteen boy making several sexual references, and some cleavage revealing outfits; several scenes of gunfire exchanges leaving people dead or wounded with some blood shown, an explosion that kills a man and his severed bloody head is shown, a few scenes of drug manufacture and distribution, several fights, threats of violence, arguments and a few car chases, and a few scenes of drug and alcohol use; and over 170 F-words and other strong language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

An inept police officer (Ed Helms) dates a nurse (Taraji P. Henson) while her 12-year-old son (Terrence Little Gardenhigh) plots their break-up. To accomplish his scheme, the boy hires a criminal (RonReaco Lee) to kill the officer, but ends up accidentally exposing a web of crime among drug dealers and dirty police officers. Also with Betty Gilpin, Andrew Bachelor and David Alan Grier. Directed by Michael Dowse. A few phrases and sentences are spoken in a mixture of broken English and an Asian language without translation. [Running Time: 1:28]

Coffee & Kareem SEX/NUDITY 6

 – A woman straddles a man in a bed (he is dressed in a T-shirt and shirt and she is wearing a long T-shirt with a bra underneath) and she writhes back and forth as he moans; the man is covered from the waist down by a blanket (we see the woman’s lower thighs and knees), her preteen son sees them from the doorway, grunts, and leaves hurriedly and the couple abruptly stops. A woman kisses a man for a few seconds.
 A preteen boy makes several sexually suggestive comments (please see the Language category for more details). Reciting a poem in a class, a preteen boy implies that he desires his female teacher sexually (he gets a detention). In a school restroom, a preteen boy imitates a woman’s sexual moans for a friend; a woman stands in the doorway and tells the boys to get out. In motel room, a preteen boy watches a TV (we do not see it) and we hear sexual moans until a man turns off the set; the boy tells the man he must take him to a strip club or he’ll report that the man dressed him in a woman’s dress and gave him muscle relaxers to relax his anus.
 A strip club features fuzzy background shots of a bikini-clad waitress, a woman wearing thong underwear and possibly a bra as she writhes on the stage, and a bikini-clad woman walking around a dance pole. A woman wearing a bikini that reveals cleavage, abdomen and thighs under a thin jacket charges a preteen boy $150 to talk. On a TV screen, we see a close-up of a woman’s navel and short-shorts with bare thighs as she twerks for a few seconds. A man runs into a yard, chased by police and we see his bare thighs and legs with his genital area pixelated. Two women wear skimpy bras and thong underwear under long rubber aprons (from the back, we see buttocks). A preteen boy looks through a dressing room peephole to see women wearing very short miniskirts from the back and then from the front (we see cleavage and bare legs to the upper thighs). A woman stands in a bedroom doorway wearing a long T-shirt that reveals her legs up to the upper thighs, and we can see the outline of her bra underneath.

Coffee & Kareem VIOLENCE/GORE 7

 – A police officer approaches a drug mill in a cruiser and argues with a woman over his intercom, he exits the vehicle, holding two grenades, pulls the pins as the woman shouts, he falls and drops the grenades and a man is struck, exploding into thick smoke with a loud bang (a close-up reveals the victim’s severed head with staring eyes and a lot of blood dripping from the neck), and another man trips over the second grenade that pops with some smoke (he is unharmed) as men and a woman shout and scream.
 A man tied to a chair whimpers as one of three men with handguns shouts at him; a preteen boy enters, arguments ensue and one of the men shoots the man in the chair several times (the victim shakes several times and dies and we see blood on his arms and some blood sprays as bullets hit), the boy asks one of the men to shoot and paralyze a police officer as the officer enters and shooting starts and a man says, “I’m going to paint the walls with this kid’s brain”; the three armed men chase the officer and the boy out of the building and through alleys, the officer breaks the window on a car, gets into the trunk with the boy and the owner later stops the car when he hears pounding from the trunk, opens it, and argues with the officer as the boy tells the officer to shoot the driver in the neck; the officer steals the car with the boy and speeds away, chased by the three armed men in another car to end the scene.
 In a drug lab, a woman fires a handgun into the air five times and then shoots a man dead (we see a circle of blood on his chest) before telling a preteen boy that he’ll see his mom in Heaven (as a death threat); in slow motion, many gunmen and a police officer shoot at one another and a woman uses a dead man as a shield (a few other men fall dead without blood), the officer hits the gun out of the woman’s hand with a sock full of coins and the man and woman fight for several seconds, using punching, throws and kicks until the man stuffs one of the woman’s hands into her own mouth and he shoots her in the leg (no blood shows) as she tries to escape.
 A preteen boy and a man enter a warehouse and are accosted by two other men, one at a time; the first man hits each of the other men in the head with a fire extinguisher to knock them out and he chocks the second man as well, and another man fights with the first man using punches, kicks and throws as kilos of cocaine on the floor break open and create dust clouds; one man sprays the other man with Mace and he screams as the boy points a handgun at him, the first man fires a handgun into the ceiling and the scene cuts to one man duct-taped into a chair as the first man shouts into his face, intimidating him with threats of sexual aggression and a marriage proposal, and he kneels and the captive shouts and the scene cuts to the first man wiping something off a cell phone as he states that it was up the other man’s behind; the captive man is placed in the trunk of a car and taken away until he later gets out and tells police that he will testify against drug dealers.
 An explosion fills a warehouse with flames and smoke, a man stumbles out and an EMT puts out his smoldering clothing with a fire extinguisher; we later see the whole side of his face is badly burned (red and patchy), a woman stumbles out and points a handgun and another woman shoots her several times (we see some blood spray as the first woman falls dead).
 A man is shot in the arm and we see some blood; he bandages it himself, and then is shot again in the same place, with additional blood flow. Two men enter a motel room and try to accost a woman who beats them in the head with a towel rack, wraps them in sheets, puts one man’s head into a toilet and flushes, and tapes both men’s arms to their sides before putting them in the backseat of her van; during the struggle, a handgun accidentally shoots into the ceiling.
 A preteen boy, a police officer and a woman argue loudly; the woman breaks a plate when she throws it at the officer, the boy tasers her (she thrashes and falls), the officer and the boy put her in a car trunk, take her to a motel and handcuff her to a towel rack; we later see the towel rack hanging from her wrist, along with a hole in the bathroom wall.
 Police raid a house and shoot several times, hitting two men without blood showing as other men shoot and hit no one; one man in the back of a cruiser kicks out the rear side window, climbs out and when the driver exits, the first man steals the cruiser. Two men with guns drawn enter a house and find no one there. Two police cruisers chase each other around a traffic circle many times as a woman fires a handgun from one car and a man in the other car fires a rifle repeatedly; a preteen boy is driving one cruiser after swerving wildly and speeding on streets at night, narrowly missing other vehicles and on the circle the other cruiser rams through a pickup hauling a boat and smashes the boat in a cloud of smoke. A boy driving a cruiser runs into a man who groans but is not seriously injured. A woman drives her van into a man twice and he groans (he is not seriously hurt).
 A woman shouts, screams and curses at several different men in different scenes. A man argues with a woman in several scenes, and two men argue loudly in a few scenes. A man and a middle school boy argue loudly a few times. An angry woman tells her preteen son she will make him into a 600-week abortion. We hear that a boy’s father died of cancer. A woman tells a man to shoot and kill a mother and preteen son, and he refuses. A preteen boy tells a man that another man tried to rape him.
 A man in a video game explodes into a blotch of blood. A TV screen shows a male singer shooting a handgun that propels currency instead of bullets. A preteen boy passes gas very loudly for several seconds. A man gags and wretches, and then vomits below the frame (we do not see goo). A man sneezes in close-up and we see the spray in the air. Two preteen boys sit clothed on top of toilets in school and talk about defecation.

Coffee & Kareem LANGUAGE 10

 – About 171 F-words and its derivatives, 18 sexual references, 45 scatological terms , 58 anatomical terms , 25 mild obscenities , name-calling (baby, dumb, crazy, punk kids, pigs, porn star, racist, hero, registered sex offender, tubby, serial killer, psycho cop, gay, white man, Libyan, White Knight, Black Knight, Blade, Little Man, Helen Keller), exclamations (shut-up, gosh), 7 religious profanities (GD), 7 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God, Jesus). | profanity glossary |

Coffee & Kareem SUBSTANCE USE

 – Women in a criminal drug lab dilute and repackage kilos of cocaine with powdered baby laxative, during a drug bust a police official says he is high on cocaine and a woman officer says she is drunk (both are overly loud, but we do not see either use any substance), we see many kilos of cocaine in a couple of scenes and hear that one million pounds of the drug were confiscated by police, a woman and a man each snort a small amount of burned cocaine and say it’s terrible, and a man swallows two pills from a prescription bottle (we cannot read the label). A server in a strip club carries a tray with a few wine glasses on it, a man drinks from a bottle of whiskey as he drives a police cruiser, and a woman says another woman used to let many men do Tequila shots off her bare skin. A woman smokes a cigarette briefly outside a hospital, and a cigarette vending machine is seen outside a motel office entrance.


 – Drug crimes, leaving a life of crime, justice, protection, police corruption, money, power, violence, death, fighting corruption, courage, trust, relationships, friendship, blended families, parenting, loyalty, interracial relationships.

Coffee & Kareem MESSAGE

 – Even an inept man can stand up for his convictions, bring criminals to justice, and protect his family.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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