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The Addams Family | 2019 | PG | – 2.3.1

content-ratingsWhy is “The Addams Family” rated PG? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “macabre and suggestive humor, and some action.” The evaluation includes a few suggestive remarks and cleavage revealing outfits, many scenes of eccentric behavior by family members and magical occurrences with gross-out effects and several scenes of bullying by adults and children, and mild name-calling and insults. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

In a new look at the famous comic strip, the Addams Family moves to New Jersey, disturbing gossipy neighbors as their eccentric cousins arrive. A scheming TV real estate tycoon (voiced by Allison Janney) tries to force the Addams out of town, but Gomez (voiced by Oscar Isaac) and Morticia (voiced by Charlize Theron) lead their family in a counteraction with interesting results. Also with the voices of Chloe Grace Moritz, Finn Wolfhard, Nick Kroll, Bette Midler, and Snoop Dogg. Directed by Conrad Vernon & Greg Tiernan. [Running Time: 1:30]

The Addams Family SEX/NUDITY 2

 – An elderly woman points to a man and says, “When you’re done with Fabio here, send him up to my room”; she giggles and goes upstairs (sexual interest is implied). A disembodied hand uses a laptop to look at several pictures of bare feet, up to the ankles; it slams it shut as someone approaches, suggesting it has a foot fetish. A woman speaks a French word to her husband, who says that French excites him; he then kisses a dead fish on the side. In a crowd scene, a preteen girl calls out her female teacher for putting underwear in the teacher’s freezer. A preteen girl calls out a woman for always sitting on a toilet backwards (we don’t see this).
 A woman wears a floor-length hobble-dress several times that reveals cleavage. A woman wears a scoop neckline outfit that reveals significant cleavage. We see a nude man twice from the waist, up; he sits in a bubbly bathtub and we see his torso and we later see him wearing a long towel that reveals his chest and his back (with the tattooed words “No Regerts”). A man cuts the belts off several men in an outdoor scene and their trousers fall to show boxer shorts. A man bends over and we see flowered underwear under his long coat.

The Addams Family VIOLENCE/GORE 3

 – An eccentric family wears almost all black and lives in a black-painted, dimly-lit former insane asylum full of dust and cobwebs; spots of blood flow into streaks on a wall and we see a chalk outline of a man left over from a murder and an unseen spirit in a house has a deep voice and shouts loudly, “Get out” several times.
 Many men and women hold their cell phones high with photos of a large burning torch as they march toward a family’s house, shouting; a woman screams and launches huge boulders with a catapult, filling the house with holes, but the father inside gives his young son explosives to destroy the catapult in clouds of smoke and fire (people inside the house scream as boulders roll through hallways until a preteen girl and her sentient tree pull all the people out and no one is harmed).
 A woman walks to her night wedding and villagers with torches, rakes, and shovels appear and shout at the celebrants, who run and escape; the bride and groom drive a limo away into the night as a firebomb destroys a bridge behind them in smoke and flames, their vehicle hits a large figure in the road and it falls to the pavement, we see a man in a straitjacket and they cut him free with a sword before they all drive up a hill to an abandoned asylum in rain, thunder and lightning and decide to live there.
 Students in a science lab each have pans containing a dead frog; one girl builds a two-towered electrical machine and calls out, “Live my creatures! Life! Live!” as lightning bolts strike all the frogs and raise them to life — they stagger on two legs and then jump onto one girl causing her to scream and the other students run outside, shouting; one frog jumps toward the audience.
 A girl attends a middle school and confronts a bully who steals another girl’s lunch and gives the victim a moldy sandwich; the first girl warns the bully off and stares at her until the bully gasps and leaves, and then takes a bite of the moldy sandwich.
 A man has horns, his face becomes red, and his head erupts in flame in three scenes. A man resembles the Frankenstein creature and seldom speaks but growls and grunts in a low-pitched voice. A disembodied hand runs around inside a house on its fingers. A young girl has pigtails that end in nooses. A smiling man turns his head around 360 degrees. A longhaired creature speaks in squeaks and grunts. A tall woman has a missing eye with a dark socket exposed.
 A cloud of bats flies in several scenes; in one scene, a single bat lands on a woman’s throat, we hear a sucking sound like someone sucking the last drops of a drink through a straw, and the bat flies away (no marks or blood are shown). In opening credits, an animated lion jumps seemingly into the audience and bats a ball in the foreground.
 A young boy shoots a crossbow bolt into the back of a man (no blood is seen). A preteen girl fires a crossbow three times, hitting a man in the back, side, and through the head via the ears, all without blood and seemingly no pain. A young boy throws axes toward a wall. A preteen girl throws a knife into a wall and puts a cloth dummy into an electric chair. A young boy and his father practice with wide swords for a sword dance in several scenes and the boy drops his sword; the boy later practices using a ball bat as the sword, but hits himself in the head (no injury is seen). At a mazurka ceremony, a boy roars, screams, and then instantly grows a beard and mustache; his father cuts off the beard with two swipes of a sword. A preteen girl sleeps with her head in a guillotine and a sentient tree uses one limb to release the blade, but the girl wakes and dodges it (we hear that this is a game she plays). A preteen girl points her younger brother toward an open grave in the yard and we later see him digging himself out of a mound of dirt. Four disembodied heads sing barbershop music while bouncing on a serving tray. A woman tightens a creaking vice over a man’s head (he suffers no injury). A young boy is slapped lightly on the behind by a disembodied hand. An excited man shakes another man violently for several seconds, but no harm is done. A man lights a lightbulb by holding the connector end in his mouth. A man falls through a large window onto a dining room table during dinner (no one is hurt and we hear and see breaking glass hit the floor).
 A young boy flies a rocket in a cloud of fire and smoke through the roof of a house, dives, nearly hits his father, and then nearly hits the house; the rocket explodes in smoke and fire as the boy rides a parachute to the ground, throws some grenades that pop in smoke and a little bit of flame, and his father tosses a grenade to blow up the parachute in a cloud of smoke; the boy lands unharmed and his father makes him relinquish a tall pile of explosives.
 A man swallows a sword and spits it out. A woman dances a sword dance and swallows a sword. A boy tries to do a sword dance with a woman and three men, but fails and his mustache falls off in clumps. A woman uses wrenches and a drill to tighten her bodice and boots, and she puts her mother’s ashes on her eyelids for eye shadow. A preteen girl shaves part of her head and puts on black eye shadow and lipstick
 Thousands of beetles scurry out from under the tentacled hem of a woman’s long dress and form a bridge over a deep, wide hole in a basement; several people walk across the bridge and a couple of people gasp and gulp. In two scenes, a giant spider acts as a horse for a rider. A fist-sized spider descends a web string into a scene. A young boy is carried across a yard in a small cage, hissing and he later growls from a tree limb. A boy drinks from a dog’s water bowl in front of a business and growls at a passing man.
 A woman consults a Ouija board and a swirling cloud in a crystal ball and she contacts her deceased parents briefly. Three toy figures bow several times while chanting in an unknown language and a head with fangs pops up from a toy urn in front of them. People rebuild and paint a house in pastel colors, but a black cloud floats in, causing the paint to become black and lightning bolts and thunder to swirl overhead.
 A woman watches customers using cameras hidden in their homes and tweets several lies about a family that has moved to town, stirring up neighbors to attack the family. A woman argues with a man for several seconds until another man lifts a short woman out of the top of what is a fake tall body and sets her on a throne-like chair. A woman and a preteen girl argue in two scenes; in two other scenes, a different mother and preteen girl argue. A woman argues with her assistant. Two women argue briefly in two scenes. Two elderly women argue for several seconds. A man says that a woman has breath like a baby’s diaper (this is a compliment). A man says that he hopes a woman has halitosis. An elderly woman says that she has not bathed for two weeks and holds wrapped hard candies in the toes of both bare feet as a young boy takes the candies.
 A large plant swallows meat. A man tosses meat from a pitchfork through a gate that opens and closes up and down as if chewing. A woman pours a cup of coffee down a toilet and we hear, “Aaaaahh.” A man reverse-vacuums the house to spread clouds of dust. A small octopus shoots ink into a young boy’s mouth. A young boy looks into a bucket and burps loudly (we cannot see the contents). A young boy digs in his ear and puts something unseen into his mouth. A preteen girl pops bubble gum over her own face.

The Addams Family LANGUAGE 1

 – 1 scatological euphemism (“They don’t know the difference between shiplock and shinola”), 2 hand gestures (two men thumb their noses at each other during a handshake), exclamations (gosh), name-calling (weird, freaks, creepy, insane, lunatic, talking mannequin, toilet woman, lemmings, extras, monsters, putrid, horrifying, nuclear waste, little ghoul, zombies, garish, grotesque), 9 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Thank Gods, Holy Hades, For Heaven’s Sake, What In The Name Of All That Is Unholy). | profanity glossary |

The Addams Family SUBSTANCE USE

 – A long-haired creature at a party holds a martini and a man holds a fancy dark-liquor cocktail decorated with garnishes, a man tosses his cocktail in the air and a lion catches it and swallows it (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details), an officiant at a wedding tells a couple to “put the lime in their coconuts” twice and it is unclear whether their drink is alcoholic or non-alcoholic, and a woman uncorks what she says is a wine keg and we hear many whining voices coming through the opening.


 – People who are different, being yourself, corrupt real estate tycoons, reality TV stars, people who tweet lies to control and hurt others, surveilling people in their homes, people who follow a leader blindly, mob mentality, prejudice, fear, communicating with the dead, raising the dead, protecting one’s family, loyalty, friendship, understanding, helping others, determination.

The Addams Family MESSAGE

 – Be yourself. Our differences make us valuable and the world needs tolerance.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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