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Trigger Warning | 2024 | TV-MA | – 3.7.7

content-ratingsWhy is “Trigger Warning” rated TV-MA? The TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board rating indicates that “this program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17.” The evaluation includes many fights with hand-to-hand combat and knives ending in bloody wounds and death, many deaths by stabbing and slashing with knives and a machete, many scenes of exchanges of gunfire and explosives that lead to death and bloody injuries, many arguments, discussions of the death of a parent, discussions of suspected suicide, and about 25 F-words and other strong language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.

When a Special Forces soldier (Jessica Alba) returns to her hometown to mourn her father, she realizes that his sudden death in a mine collapse was suspicious and she has to fight a weapons smuggling ring. Also with Mark Webber, Anthony Michael Hall, Alejandro De Hoyos, Tone Bell, Jake Weary, Gabriel Basso, Kaiwi Lyman, Nadiv Molcho, Peter Monro, Stephanie Jones, James Cady and Jerry G. Angelo. Directed by Mouly Surya. [Running Time: 1:46]

Trigger Warning SEX/NUDITY 3

 – A man and a woman lie on top of each another in bed (sex is implied); the man’s bare back and the woman’s shoulders, arms, and cleavage are shown. A man and woman embrace in a tender hug. A man and woman hold each other closely and cry.
 A man refers to another man and a woman as two lovebirds and tells them to have fun. A man invites a woman over to his house to have dinner with his son. An older man accuses a man of having sex with his daughter. We hear that a man has a large amount of pornography on his computer. A man teases a woman about her previous relationship with another man, telling her their future mixed children would be cute. A woman calls a man “hot stuff.” A woman receives multiple phone calls from a man she refers to as her “prom date.”
 A woman wears a low-cut tank top that reveals cleavage. A woman wears a tank top that exposes her bare midriff and cleavage. A woman is shown in a bed wearing a T-shirt and boxers with her bare abdomen exposed.

Trigger Warning VIOLENCE/GORE 7

 – A masked man leans out of a car window and fires a machine gun at another car and the occupants of the pursued vehicle return fire; a man holding a sniper rifle on a hilltop shoots the driver of one vehicle in the head (blood splatters on the window behind the driver) killing him, a man leans out of a car window and fires an RPG missile at the pursued vehicle, causing it to roll onto its side and multiple armed men exit the vehicle and approach the flipped vehicle (we see a trail of blood and a broken windshield covered in blood).
 A woman stabs a man in the throat, finds a stash of RPG missiles in boxes, and discovers several men torturing another man; she fights one of them stabbing him in the chest twice, the tortured man picks up a shotgun and the woman picks up a pistol, and kills one of the torturers. Several men torture a man at gunpoint, hitting him repeatedly (his face is bloodied and he falls over). A woman aims a rifle at a truck full of weapons and shoots, causing it to explode killing several people; she approaches the truck debris and wrestles with a man before stabbing him in the neck, killing him. A woman running away from gunfire is shot in the arm; an RPG is fired causing the woman to become disoriented but revives (we see a bloody wound seeping through her sleeve which she bandages). A woman is tackled by a man making her drop a knife; the two wrestle on the ground, she pulls out a machete and slashes the man repeatedly on his legs before stabbing him in the neck with it. A woman swings at a man with a machete, misses, he tackles her and they punch each other repeatedly, before she pulls out a knife, slashes him in the knee, stabs him in the chest, pins him down and stabs him in the neck (we see a trail of blood coming from the wound). An armed man is stabbed in the neck from behind by a masked woman, and a second man shoots at the woman, who charges him with the knife, slashing his legs and arms multiple times; she then stabs the man in the neck, killing him and we see the dead bloody body on the ground.
 A soldier takes aim at three men with their hands tied behind their backs and kneeling on the ground, shoots one of the men in the head, the body falls to the ground and when a woman stops the soldier from shooting the other men, the two start fighting: the woman slashes him multiple times and stabs him in the stomach. An explosion in the distance causes a bar to catch on fire and we see a man throwing lit Molotov cocktails at the bar’s interior walls, which ignite the entire building; a woman stops him from throwing another explosive and throws him over a railing into the flames as the building collapses.
 Two masked and armed men hold up a hardware store worker; a woman slashes and stabs a man with a knife and slams his head into a glass counter breaking the glass, another masked man attacks a woman with a chainsaw which she dodges, and she then disarms him and slams him to the ground on a pile of boxes; another masked man fires a machine gun at the woman, but is disarmed and held by his neck with the handle of a pair of long garden shears. A man pulls a gun on a woman, who disarms him and holds a knife to his throat; the man’s face is bloodied, and the woman throws him to the ground, holding the knife to his throat. A woman wraps a belt around a man’s throat and punches him repeatedly; another man tries to intervene, but she punches him and continues to beat the first man (his face is bloodied and bruised). A woman is arrested and has her hands bound above her head in a prison cell where three men try to pay her for information and when she refuses, they torture her by punching her in the face (she is left with bloody cuts and bruises on her face, mouth and teeth). A man threatens to kill a woman if she does not give him the correct information, he aims a pistol at her head and the woman breaks free and hits the man, causing him to shoot near her head but missing. A woman and three men get into a fight: she disarms one man and another aims a gun at her but hesitates, she takes one of their guns and holds a man hostage, forcing the still armed man to drop his weapon; she threatens the men and shoots one of them in the shoulder (we see a bloody wound). A man and a woman aim shotguns at one another and ask where a woman is hiding and they follow a blood trail on the ground. A dead body wrapped in a plastic tarp is seen in the backseat of a car, and two men drag the body out of the car and bury it; while burying the body the men discuss a terrorist group that kills people and that they would be next if their plan fails. A woman enters a house with a gun drawn, she encounters a man that she disarms and holds a knife to his throat, then cuts his throat and pushes him into a swimming pool (we see blood spread in the water). A woman threatens a heavily beaten man with a machete and we then see her leaving with a bloodied machete telling another man that she “got him to talk.”
 A hooded figure breaks into a bar, shines a flashlight around and a woman tackles him and threatens him with a knife to his throat, but releases him. A woman throws a grenade into the air, warning a man with her to cover his ears and we see a large explosion; the woman then talks about her father being a Green Beret and knowing how to handle explosives. A woman twists a man’s fingers, making a crunching noise, after he teases her. A woman disarms and knocks out a police officer. A wounded man has his cane stolen from him and is then beaten with it by another man. Several men load crates of weapons into a truck and they are confronted by a man that they threaten at gunpoint before taking him hostage. A man and woman get into a fight where they hit each other repeatedly before the man pulls out a grenade; the man pulls the pin and threatens the woman before dropping it and we see him explode (his legs are later shown behind a shipping container covered in rubble). A badly injured woman pulls out a knife and pretends to be an innocent bystander to get past military officers; she proceeds through a maze of shipping containers hunting a man down, she finds him and slashes him in the stomach (we see blood on his stomach and his hands). Several men fire machine guns at wooden targets. They change targets and almost shoot a woman who is hiding from them. Several men shoot an RPG at an empty food truck, which explodes. A woman steals a car and drives away, but loses consciousness and crashes, causing the car to flip and we hear that she was dragged from the wreckage by another man.
 We hear a phone call that states that a man was killed in a mining accident when the mine collapsed on him. A woman meets with a police official who tells her that her father’s death was likely a suicide and shows her what he believe is a suicide note. A man accuses a woman of being a spy and of killing terrorists. Two people argue about whether or not a man killed himself, one suspecting him of having memory problems. Several men argue about what is going wrong with their plans, and one man pulls out a gun, cocking it and yelling for them to stop. A man says another man shot a woman’s father in the back and then he proceeded to detonate a grenade. A man scrolls through an FBI database showing a terrorist and the many crimes he has committed. We hear that a man uses the dark web to sell stolen weapons. We are told that a man bought an AK-47 and is trying to sell it to another man. Several men negotiate a sale of firearms, and a large offer is made for more weapons. A woman is taken to an arsenal of weapons consisting of machine guns and shotguns; she takes a selection of weapons and meets another man who presents her with a box containing explosives as well as a revolver and a machete and the woman swings and stabs the machete into the air. A man talks about a funeral service before which a dead man will be cremated. We hear a radio broadcast stating that a prominent family has been killed. There are several discussions of suicide. A woman exclaims that if she doesn’t get to a bathroom soon she will urinate on herself, insisting that she has to urinate very badly.
 A man shows a young girl how to use a knife, carving letters into a rock wall and the child touches the sharp edge of the knife. A woman opens a drawer of a workbench where she finds a grenade that she takes with her. A machine gun is seen in the back of a truck, with a screwdriver in its ignition. A woman punctures a car’s tires with a knife. A man mentions CCTV footage of a woman’s father being killed and the woman refuses to watch it.
 A splatter of blood is shown under a pile of rocks along with blood splatters on the surrounding ground. A bloody sneaker is seen under a pile of rocks with other blood splatters around the area; we then hear a man that is pinned under rubble groaning in pain and he is shown bloodied. A woman walks into a morgue, sits next to a body covered by a medical sheet and cries. A woman scatters ashes from an urn and cries.

Trigger Warning LANGUAGE 7

 – About 25 F-Words and its derivatives, 1 obscene hand gesture, 4 sexual references, 32 scatological terms, 13 mild obscenities, 2 derogatory terms, name-calling (meth heads, fool, hot stuff, baby, sexy [mild obscenity deleted]), exclamations (shut-up), 7 religious profanities (GD), 8 religious exclamations (e.g. Holy [scatological term deleted], Jesus, Jesus Christ, God). | profanity glossary |

Trigger Warning SUBSTANCE USE

 – Multiple bags of marijuana are shown on a countertop, a woman asks an older woman if she has any more “magical pain pills,” a man is seen eye dropping a yellow liquid into a pill shaped tray which is explained to be a marijuana product, a man shows a woman an underground farm containing many marijuana plants he has been growing, a man mentions medicinal marijuana being a remedy for the wounds sustained in various fights, a woman smokes a marijuana cigarette and takes a swig of whiskey from a bottle, a woman opens a metal box which contains a few marijuana cigarettes and rolling papers, a man smokes marijuana from a bong and exhales the smoke, two people share a marijuana cigarette, two people drink a beer and share a marijuana cigarette while leaning on each other’s backs, and a character is referred to as a drug dealer and is accused of always being drunk. A woman and man are seen drinking beer together from a pitcher and the woman gets up and refills the pitcher with more beer from a tap, three soldiers order beer from a bartender and a woman gives them a few bottles of beer, a woman carries a bottle of liquor and takes sips from it, a woman sips alcohol from a glass and takes multiple swigs from a bottle of liquor, a man takes beers out of a fridge and gives them to other men, and a woman pulls two bottles of beer out of a fridge. Two people are shown sharing a cigarette while in the same bed.


 – Revenge, suicide, seeking the truth, arms dealing, murder.

Trigger Warning MESSAGE

 – Trust your intuition instead of what authorities may tell you.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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