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Spies in Disguise | 2019 | PG | – 2.3.2

content-ratingsWhy is “Spies in Disguise” rated PG? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “action, violence, and rude humor.” The evaluation includes some pigeon nuzzling, a couple of hugs in a movie scene, and some partial nudity; several scenes of fighting with punches and kicks, as well as weaponry, with some injuries and at least two deaths, there are references to a police officer being killed in the line of duty, risky activity, and DNA modification; and some mild language and exclamations. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

A young man (voiced by Tom Holland), considered weird by many, finds himself saving a group of agents by using his unorthodox inventions against an evil mastermind, while also helping the agency’s super spy (voiced by Will Smith). Also with the voices of Reba McEntire, Masi Oka, Ben Mendelsohn, Randy Trager, Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan, DJ Khaled and Carla Jimenez. Directed by Nick Bruno & Troy Quane. A few lines of dialogue are spoken in Japanese with English subtitles. [Running Time: 1:42]

Spies in Disguise SEX/NUDITY 2

 – A shirtless man is shown with many large tattoos (we see his chest, abdomen legs and buttocks when he drops his towel). A man is shown fully nude with furniture strategically placed to block the view of his body (we see his bare chest, abdomen, side buttocks and partial legs). A woman is shown wearing a bikini (we see cleavage, bare abdomen and legs).
 A man and a woman hug in a movie scene (we see the same scene several times). A female pigeon rubs its head against a male pigeon and the male pigeon pushes her away with its talon. A man touches another man’s hand and a third man says, “Never wash that hand again.”
 An anatomical euphemism is used in song lyrics.

Spies in Disguise VIOLENCE/GORE 3

 – A man holds another man over a ledge and drops him into a raging sea below (we hear the man scream and understand that he is dead). A drone flies toward a guard and we hear the man scream (presumably killed). A man targets a vessel underwater and we see an explosion throwing water into the air and showing debris sinking into the water (we know a young man and some pigeons are onboard and it is implied that they were killed).
 Two armed guards hold guns on a man on a balcony; the man approaches them, punches them and takes their guns away and a pigeon defecates on one of them (we see some goop drop from a rafter). A weaponized drone threatens a man in a dark passageway; the man is pinned to a wall and a spinning blade moves toward him (we see the man unharmed later and the vehicle crumpled and broken). A young man cuts himself free from another man high in the air and he falls toward the ground until birds catch him, they fly him through a stone structure (he is shown with bruises on his face, but otherwise OK) and they crash onto the ground.
 A spy swims inside a large aquarium and breaks the glass to surprise several men; the spy floats on a wave of water, he is shot at by some other men in the room, another man swings at him and the spy hits him on the side of the neck knocking him unconscious and the spy is held around the face by a man with a mechanical arm and hand until he is zapped by an eel and lets go. A man is surrounded by many drones and their weapons engage: a young man shoots a weapon that blows glitter into the air and the man is distracted briefly as many birds fly through the area and spray the drones with goop that disables some of them. A young man shoots a weapon that causes the victims to have kaleidoscopic vision, another weapon deploys a large plastic bubble, and another creates a rainbow that the young man calls, “50 shades of yay.” Men gamble and one man slams another man’s head on a table; two other men argue and one holds the other around the throat. A man is surrounded by many men with knives and swords and they charge toward him; he punches and kicks many, chases another man, stands on a disc that shoots him into the air and he sails through a flying helicopter, sprouts a winged suit and flies through the air. A man is tasered, he falls to the floor, and he wakes up handcuffed into a chair. A man with a mechanical hand squeezes another man’s shoulder causing him to groan. A man shoots a drugged dart at a young man and it hits him in the neck causing him to fall unconscious. Men and a woman fight with another man and many drones: one man attaches his mechanical hand to the bottom of a drone and he is flown away, a young man grabs the first man and another man grabs the young man trying to keep them from leaving. A young man is held by others with weapons pointed at him until a building blows up and people shoot at a drone that opens fire on them.
 Many agents and officers arrive at a house and search for a man (we see several cars, helicopters and people being lowered from helicopters on cables); a hole is blown in the roof and they leave when they don’t find the man. A bird drives a car and speeds through streets chased by other cars, the first car crashes through garbage cans, it spins around in circles, it speeds through a narrow archway and other vehicles become stuck in it when they are too wide to get through; the first car sprays an oil slick on the ground, and its windshield is covered, it spins around inside a tunnel, the oil explodes in flames and the car flips of a bridge and lands on the top of a truck. A young man jumps off a balcony and tries to grab a flagpole but misses and falls; he shoots a grappling hook into the air, catches onto something, swings and crashes through things. A young man takes a moped from a man and tries to ride it but inadvertently causes it to crash into a wall and explode.
 A woman slams a keyboard down on top of a pigeon (flattening it), and then sweeps the bird into a garbage can and throws the keyboard on top of it. A man raises a block over a pigeon to crush it and the man is zapped from behind (we see the man fall limp and he hits the floor dropping the block on his own head. A young man drops a pigeon hoping that it will fly but the bird falls to the ground until another bird grabs it and they fly together while a drone shoots at them. A man is shot with a weapon that causes him to fall like a limp noodle; a young man moves him in front of a door to block access from outside as other people with weapons try to get inside.
 A man is accused of stealing a weapon and he is placed in handcuffs; he gets free, runs and is chased through a crowded lobby until he gets away. Several men are shown with bruises and bandages after a fight. Many drones fly out of a cave like bats. Hoods are placed over the heads of a man and a young man and they are thrown into a van where they are given an assignment.
 A man threatens another man and says, “I’m gonna show you pain like you can’t imagine.” A man says, “Over my dead body.” A man and a young man argue about working together. A man approaches a young man in an office environment and is angry with him for giving him a weapon that sprayed glitter on his opponent; he says, “You can’t save the world with a hug.” A man tells a young man that what he is doing is a “vile waste of tax payer dollars.” A man yells at a young man and says, “You’re fired.” We see a newspaper headline that reads that a decorated police officer was killed in the line of duty. A man tells a young man, “You’re double fired.” A man is shown with a scarred face and metalwork under the flesh that he implies happened when another man attacked him; the man also makes references to losing members of his team in the attack. A man pleads with another man not to harm a young man.
 A man drinks a liquid (not knowing what it is) and begins having a reaction to the chemicals in it; his hand shrinks to a very small size, his eyes grow in size and turn outward (like a bird), he grabs his stomach and has trouble standing, his skin becomes bumpy, he pulls out his waistband and looks in his pants (we do not see anything) and screams at a young man, “You poisoned me.” A man’s face transforms to another man’s face a few times.
 People in a crime-fighting agency test weapons and we see one device melt a bust of a man, and another uses a laser and cuts a statue in half. A man picks up a pen and touches the buttons causing a sticky pink goo to shoot out of it and another button discharges a charge that hits a young man and he flops to the floor as if he has no bones in his body (like a noodle). A young man tests a chemical on a bird’s feather and it glows green and disappears.
 A bird tries to fly and slams into the side of a car, it tries to climb up the windshield and slides back down several times. A bird flies into a glass door. A man walks into a glass wall. A man opens a door and hits a young man working at his desk. Hand sanitizer accidentally spills into a young man’s eyes. A man imagines pressing an ejector button and throwing a young man out of his car. A luggage cart rolls over a pigeon’s talon (it is unharmed). A man puts his finger in a pigeon’s backside thinking that’s how to make it talk and the bird bites the man’s finger. A man startles a young man who stumbles and falls backward onto the floor.
 A young man runs toward a closing elevator door and as he jumps, his backpack gets caught and spills its contents inside the elevator. A boy is shown using tools and cutting wires on devices that cause something to explode shooting something around the room and breaking a mug of coffee, spilling the coffee on the floor and another device sprays glitter all over him and his mother.
 A bird eats garbage and we see its feathers with some green goo on it; another bird coughs up a bandage and it is covered with slime, and the bird then slurps it back up. A bird is shown with a sticky lollipop stuck to its head throughout the movie. We hear a man screaming in a bathroom and when he comes out as a bird he complains about both #1 and #2 coming out of the same place (the bird has toilet paper stuck to one of its talons). A young man holds a thermometer and moves it toward a man (who is now a pigeon) while saying that he will insert the “rectal thermometer.” A young man is shown with a banana stuck in his nostril. Arriving at a scene where there has obviously been a fight, people walk through the area that is splattered with sticky glops of pink goo and two women and a man step in some of it.

Spies in Disguise LANGUAGE 2

 – 1 not fully enunciated scatological term, 1 mild scatological term, 3 mild anatomical terms, name-calling (boring, weird, millennials, weirdo, bro, Scooby-doo, robot hand, joker, dude, stupid, narrow behind, fancy, bad dudes), exclamations (legit, trippin, jeez, boom, messed up, oh come off it, wow), 2 religious exclamations (Holy [not fully enunciated scatological term], Oh God). | profanity glossary |

Spies in Disguise SUBSTANCE USE

 – A young man is shot in the neck with a drugged dart, and a man tells a young man that he “needs medicine.” Men are shown drinking while playing cards, a man drinks champagne, people in a restaurant are shown with glasses of wine and cocktails, a man imagines seeing a drink that he tries to pick up, a woman is shown holding a cocktail, and a bird stands next to a cocktail and tries to keep other birds from drinking it.


 – Spies, arms dealers, fighting crime using violence, trust, teamwork, friends, death of a parent, dreams, science, DNA altering.

Spies in Disguise MESSAGE

 – The world needs weird.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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