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The Secret Life of Pets 2 | 2019 | PG | – 1.3.2

content-ratingsWhy is “The Secret Life of Pets 2” rated PG? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “some action and rude humor.” The evaluation includes a scene where a man and a woman meet and fall in love, several scenes of peril and scary scenes of animal cruelty, several scenes of wolves chasing and snarling at smaller animals (no injuries are shown), several scenes of animal on animal cruelty and violence, and some mild language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

Sequel to 2016’s The Secret Life of Pets. When his owner (voiced by Ellie Kemper) marries and becomes a mother, a Jack Russell terrier (voiced by Patton Oswalt) becomes neurotic and overprotective. But when the family visits a farm he learns valuable lessons after his initial culture shock, with the help of the barnyard dog (voiced by Harrison Ford). Also with the voices of Kevin Hart, Lake Bell, Eric Stonestreet, Jenny Slate, Tiffany Haddish, Dana Carvey, Nick Kroll, Chris Renaud, Hannibal Buress and Bobby Moynihan. Directed by Chris Renaud. [Running Time: 1:26]

The Secret Life of Pets 2 SEX/NUDITY 1

 – A man wearing a bicycle helmet is thrown across the screen and falls over a taxi; when he’s on the ground he looks up at a woman and seems smitten, with his eyes opening wide as a narrator says they were married and we see the couple on a couch and she appears to be pregnant (the scene cuts to a close-up of an infant looking into the camera). A female dog has a dream in which she is married to a male dog and caring for a squeaky toy as a baby.
 During end credits, a little girl dresses her male rabbit in a pink princess dress, golden curls and lipstick; when she leaves, we see him wearing a ball cap, superhero suit, and gold chains, as he raps about being macho.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 VIOLENCE/GORE 3

 - Two dogs and a rabbit punch a man and a dog bites his pants leg, and a tiger jumps on the man's back and licks his face until the man falls and a train stops and the man and animals exit; the man corners the tiger and points a handgun at its head, but a car speeds into the frame and runs the man over, runs him over a second time, and splashes him in gravel, mud, and asphalt (no blood is seen) and we never see him again.
 A tiger with its ankles shackled to the bars of a cage cries on a plane and after the plane lands a man dressed like the Wicked Witch of the West kicks the cage and taunts the cat. We hear whip snapping several times from a circus tent where a man stands on a plank extending from a ladder high in the air and snaps a whip several times toward a tiger causing it to cower toward the edge of the plank until it falls and splashes into a tub of water; two men grab the cat as it cries and lock it in a cage. A dog is struck in the head by a man and tossed into a laundry room; the dog looks dazed, but shakes it off. A man drugs a tiger with a dart from a handgun and locks the animal in a cage where the man wakes up the cat later and sparks a cattle prod in front of its nose. A man dressed like a witch threatens to make a wolf into a coat for a monkey and the wolf looks frightened.
 A monkey picks up a rabbit by the feet and slams it on a floor several times, but we see no injuries. A rabbit and a monkey in a train car fight with martial arts moves, yelling, screaming, kicking, punching fast and slapping each other in the face back and forth many times; the monkey throws metal darts and the rabbit catches one, throwing it back to pin the monkey by the sleeve to a board but it escapes and throws flaming torches to no avail; it then hits the rabbit in the head with a club (no injuries are seen). A cat kicks two dogs off a shelf and they land on their heads, looking dazed. A dog disguised as a cat is kicked off a shelf, lands on its feet and kicks a cup of coffee into a laptop keyboard, creating sparks.
 A wolf chases a dog and a rabbit until it gets caught in a vertical lift amusement park ride and is taken high and back down (it looks dazed). Three wolves chase a tiger, two dogs and the rabbit and the rabbit cries, "At least we'll die together." A dog escapes wolves by riding away on the back of a man's scooter. A dog runs up a hill and across the top of a bridge, jumping into the air and through a shattering windshield into a train engine cab.
 A dog escapes from a circus cannon after a monkey lights the fuse, but the monkey falls into the cannon and is shot high into the sky through a train roof; the monkey lands on the ground, singed and smoldering, but not permanently harmed. A rabbit and a dog ride a toy car after a circus train until the toy falls apart, and they run and jump onto the train where the rabbit falls through a roof and into a pile of bananas. A farm dog finds a lamb on a small apple tree growing out of the side of a tall cliff, and it has its foot stuck in a branch; the dog grabs the lamb out of the branch as the tree falls farther and the farm dog grabs the lamb and tosses it to safety, and then grabs it by the back of the neck and hauls it up, but the lamb falls over the side again and the farm dog pulls it to safety. A dog gets stuck in a thorn bush and yelps in pain, but escapes without scratches.
 Four mean wolves with sharp teeth and anchored with chains snap and snarl at a dog and a rabbit; the rabbit swings a mallet and falls, and later fires a water gun into a wolf's face and runs. Three snarling wolves with large sharp teeth chase smaller animals across the roof of train cars and fall to the ground uninjured. A dog disguised as a cat enters a woman's apartment where many cats stare at it as it climbs a tall cat tree and finds a huge tom cat with big teeth holding a toy under one big paw; the cat awakens, roars, and chases a laser's red light dot shone by a guinea pig until the cat falls to the floor (it is unharmed); the dog appears to catch the light dot and put it in its mouth, whereupon a cat faints and the other cats name the dog their queen and it rides a Roomba with the cats as an entourage.
 An elderly dog yells at a puppy and a tiger jumps to land upside down on the ceiling, and the plaster breaks and crumbles and the tiger falls and is unharmed. A barnyard dog shames a small dog for going to behavior therapy and wearing a cone collar to prevent stress-scratching; the first dog rips the cone away and tells the other dog it is cured. A wild-eyed turkey gobbles and chases a small dog, pecking at it until a farm dog barks for it to stop. A farm dog chases away a snarling fox that snaps its sharp teeth at a small dog. A large cow taunts and mocks a shaggy "city dog" by panting with its tongue out and lifting its leg against a tree (there's no urination). A farm dog chases a herd of cows into a barn by snapping at their feet with its teeth. A dog loses a squeaky toy out an apartment building window and follows it, falling through a window to another apartment where an elderly woman has at least 50 cats that hiss and smack each other as they fight over the toy (the dog leaves). A dog and a rabbit find a circus and the rabbit screams in fear when it sees a clown statue. A baby smacks a dog on the nose and the head with a ball, pulls its ears, and jumps on it as the dog grimaces. A dog says a wolf in a book ate the grandmother and human children are not afraid of the book. Two dogs screech as they look at a cartoon of a wolf with big teeth in a book.
 Three wolves entangle themselves in their chains and are trapped against a pole. A dog and a rabbit hide a tiger in different apartments. A cat trains a dog to be a cat, disguising it with pink cat ears and a narrow sock tail; the cat-dog grabs a budgie in its mouth, but it escapes and pecks the animal's nose. A chessboard is thrown into the air as animals run across it.
 A small rabbit dresses as a superhero and practices martial arts moves followed by sequences of a two-dimensional cartoon of the rabbit's adventures as a crime fighting hero; he fights off three male silhouettes with a carrot as he screams and roars and appears tall and muscular like a human and we later see a similar scene in a video game. A half-grown tiger sits on a woman in bed and roars, scaring her awake and she shouts. A large number of cats go shopping with an elderly woman; they steer the car for her and she presses the accelerator, driving fast and breaking through a freeway barrier.
 Two dogs argue and one of them walks along a narrow ledge, stumbles, looks at a river below, slides on gravel and steps onto a tree that cracks and leans into a cliff.
 A dog develops chronic scratching and fear of storms and noises, eventually being fitted with a plastic head cone by a veterinarian. In a clinic a cat hisses, scratches at its owner, and chews on her sweater-covered arm; a dog wears a turban bandage, a rodent in a running wheel complains about never getting anywhere, and a woman drags a large dog by the leash on a sidewalk and the dog says it does not want to see the vet. A car window lowers, and an elderly woman and many cats are seen inside, swaying to instrumental gangster rap.
 A dog takes a steam bath inside a dishwasher. A dog says it chewed an electric cord only once and walked backwards for a week. A tiger rips a car bumper off and plays with it on a sidewalk.
 A dog looks out from a covered litter pan and chews as we hear that it is eating cat droppings. An elderly dog with wheels attached to its back legs says it trains puppies to defecate in shoes (we do not see them do it) and one puppy says it did this. A dog says a toddler boy urinates everywhere at home. A hamster blows its nose loudly into the opening of a tube sock. A cat hacks up a big black hairball on its owner's bed to get her to wake up and she looks startled. A young girl brushes her teeth and her rabbit's teeth with an electric toothbrush and we see bubbles. An elderly woman picks up false teeth soaking in a glass of water implying she is putting them in her mouth. A small dog bites a huge pig's tail and it squeals loudly, throwing the dog to the ground, without injuries. A dog accidentally lets a herd of sheep loose and a lamb runs into the woods. A cow flatulates loudly and a dog eats grass with a group of cows. A dog lifts its leg against a tree without urinating and a toddler lifts his leg, but his mother grabs him out of the frame. A toddler eats cereal from a bowl on the floor with dogs and gets cereal on his face. Two dogs hang out a car window with their tongues out and slobber splatters. A cat rummaging in a suitcase says some shorts smell bad. A dog eats a bitter-tasting firefly and spits it into a water dish.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 LANGUAGE 2

 - 7 mild scatological terms, a muffled word that sounds like "sucks," name-calling (stupid, crazy, idiot, dope, oaf, weird, weirdo, nasty, suckers, tiny dog, old man, Bonzo), exclamations (I swear, mind your business, oh boy, Ow-ow-ow), 1 religious exclamation (You're cured, Hallelujah). | profanity glossary |

The Secret Life of Pets 2 SUBSTANCE USE

 - A cat says she used some catnip and becomes inebriated, slurring her words, sounding confused, and making exaggerated meowing and mewing noises as she falls off a couch, uninjured.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 DISCUSSION TOPICS

 - Traditional families, worry, "toughening up," psychosomatic conditions, behavioral treatment, pets, animal rights, keeping wild animals as pets, love, jealousy, sadness, danger, bullies, courage, protection, helping others, teamwork, learning to survive in the world.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 MESSAGE

 - In life you can either run from challenges or overcome them.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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