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Scoob! | 2020 | PG | – 1.3.3

content-ratingsWhy is “Scoob!” rated PG? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “some action, language and rude/suggestive humor.” The evaluation includes a hug, some flirting and a few scenes of animated people wearing swimsuits on a beach, many scenes of animated people and dogs in danger with a villain trying to harm them, references to ghosts and the underworld, and some euphemistic language and name-calling. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

Animated feature tracing the origin story of Scooby-Doo and his friendship with Shaggy and the Mystery Incorporated gang, as they take on a villain desperate to uncover a treasure by using Scooby to break an ancient code. With the voices of Will Forte, Mark Wahlberg, Jason Isaacs, Gina Rodriguez, Zac Efron, Amanda Seyfried, Kiersey Clemons, Ken Jeong, Tracy Morgan and Frank Welker. Directed by Tony Cervone. [Running Time: 1:33]


 – A female police officer pulls a van over on the road and a young man driving the van seems smitten when she comes to the window (“Let’s Get It On” plays in the background). When a man wearing a female police officer disguise pulls off the disguise a young man that had been smitten with the officer says, “I have so many mixed feelings.” A reference is made to someone thinking that Tinder is an app that delivers firewood.
 Women in a few beach scenes are shown wearing swimsuits that reveal cleavage, bare abdomens, legs and backs; men are shown wearing swim trunks that reveal bare chests and abdomens. A superhero’s super suit is shown with a noticeable codpiece. A dog’s super suit breaks off and he sheepishly covers itself with its paws as if he is nude.


 – The top of a bowling pin in a bowling alley opens up and two glowing red eyes wink at a dog, several bowling balls sprout sharp metallic teeth and transform into scorpion robots with weapons in place of their claws and they chase a young man and a dog through the bowling alley, and out into an alley where the two are surrounded by a bright light and transported into a flying vessel above them. Flying robots chase and shoot at people that run on the ground while a flying vessels shoots at a larger vessel in the sky. A man yells at a robot and pulls its head off, throws the head into an incinerator and replaces it with a handheld vacuum. Flying robots chase people through an arena and push three people wrapped with ropes off cliffs toward the ground below (they scream); they are then pulled into a flying vessel in a beam of light. A man holds a weapon on a dog and takes the dog away. A giant glowing three-headed dog baring teeth moves through a large gate toward people outside and it lunges toward them; a dog is picked up and nearly eaten and a young man prevents it. A young man goes inside a gate and the door is locked (we hear that he has gone to the underworld and will not return); a dog on the outside locks the gate and sobs about the young man being gone (the young man returns later).
 A young man pulls the pin on an explosive, throws it and it bounces back at him, he tries to throw it again and he and another man throw it back and forth to each other until it falls to the ground and blows up next to the Ferris Wheel they are riding in and causes it to come loose from its bracket and roll along the ground; the two occupants are thrown onto a rollercoaster and they ride along in a car while being chased by another man in another car; one car jumps the tracks and falls to the ground (we see a hole opened when it hits the ground) and the other car jumps the tracks and is pulled up in a beam into a flying vessel. A three-headed monster swings its tail around knocking down pillars and causing structures to crumble while people on the ground run for safety; several robots transform into bowling balls and roll under the monster’s paws causing it to slip and fall back over a cliff and we see it lying still. Two flying vessels speed through the air and one shoots harpoons piercing the wings of the other and pulling the vessel toward it; sparks fly and a tractor beam is used to separate the two and they are thrown knocking the people inside around. Flying robots snatch three people off the ground and transport them into a flying vessel. Giant dog skulls are shown with light coming from the eyes that spreads across an ancient place restoring the area to what is thought to be its original appearance. A dog jumps through a glowing portal and after getting to the other side and finding treasure, is unable to return and the portal collapses. A flying vessel speeds through rock formations and passages turning abruptly and throwing a young man (not buckled in his seat) around the cabin and he slams into the pilot causing her to crash through some rocks (no injuries shown). Pterodactyls slam into the windshield of a flying vessel and we hear splats. A man and a caveman face off in an arena filled with other cavepeople: the caveman’s club opens and exposes a creature with what looks like a dinosaur head and he slams the club down on the other man’s head knocking him down; a dog flies around the caveman and he spins the dog by a rope until the dog’s super-suit breaks off and he has no powers. We see a flying vessel in pieces on the ground and hear that its engines have been destroyed. A van with three young people inside is shot out of the sky and it plummets to the ground and burns (the people inside are shown unharmed).
 Four children and a dog go into a house that is said to be haunted and as they turn to leave, the door of a wardrobe moves and one girl goes to investigate; she moves the clothes aside and a man with glowing eyes (resembling a ghost) lunges out toward her, everyone runs, and one girl is chased by the ghost until the another girl realizes that it is a man swinging from a rope attached to the ceiling and when the rope is cut, the man falls and the kids tie him up until the police take him away for theft after they find a hidden room full of stolen goods. Several scenes are shown with opening credits as four children and a dog grow up and solve mysteries together; we see a few scenes of ghosts and people disguised as ghosts, robots and monsters. Several people walk into an abandoned and broken down amusement park. We see mugshots of a man from past crimes. A young man and a dog play whack-a-mole with a small robot until it is smashed to bits. A robot dog is hacked and it spins around out of control. Two young men argue, call each other names and shove each other until two young women break them up. A man holds a dog in a noose-type collar and forces the dog to place its paw on a gate lock to open it. A man finds a dog lying on the ground and thinks he is dead; he holds the dog and the dog snickers causing the man to become angry and he yells at and hits the dog on the head and the dog bites the man on the leg briefly (no injuries shown).
 Two boys steal a bag of candy from another boy on Halloween and throw it in the window of a house that is said to be haunted. A dog steals a whole gyro from a restaurant and the owner yells as the dog rolls away on the tube of gyro meat; a police officer on a bicycle chases the dog, they jump a couple of times in a skateboard tube, and the dog runs into a boy and makes him spill his food; the dog then hides in a pile of sand. A young man and a dog pinch each other several times to make sure they aren’t dreaming when they meet a superhero. A young woman falls backward off a chair and hits her head on a wall (no injuries are shown).
 We hear that a man has been stealing artifacts and other items in an effort to find a treasure. When four children and a dog go inside a supposedly haunted house, one says, “This living room feels like a dying room.” A police officer threatens to take a dog away until a boy tells him that the dog belongs to him; the officer leaves. A boy talks to two mounds of sand pretending that they are people and a dog pops out of one startling them both; the boy pushes a sandwich toward the dog and the dog brings out gyro meat to add to the sandwiches. After being knocked down by two other boys a boy says, “They hurt my pride and my tail feathers.” A dog yelps and jumps into the arms of a young man in several scenes when he is frightened. Two people make a “death gesture” by dragging their thumbs across their throats. A young man makes snide remarks about a dog’s ego and that he has a “giant inflated head” after being fitted with a super-suit. When two young women and a young man argue, they decide they must be “hangry” [sic] since they haven’t eaten. A man calls small shapeshifting robots “Rottens.” A man tells his minions, “Do not fail me.” A young woman hyperventilates when she hears that her friends are in trouble. We hear that robots are shapeshifters. A young man yells at a dog and says, “You can’t count on friendship.” We hear a message on a phone that someone needs help with a ghost, and a dog and a young man are frightened.
 Four young people and a dog talk about needing an investor for their mystery solving business and a man comes to talk to them about the opportunity but tells them that he would never invest in them if one young man and a dog were involved in the venture (the two leave in a huff). A boy hears several songs about being lonely and looks sad; a radio show opens with references to having friends and how to make friends. A dog tells a boy, “I’ve never had anything before.” A young man feels hurt when his friend (a dog) removes his collar to be fitted for a super-suit.
 A young man gags a couple of times (he does not vomit). A young man tells a dog, “I’m never gonna get that smell out,” and the dog says something about having needed to go out. People on board a flying vessel are told, “If you’re going to get sick, puke on Brian,” as they speed away. A young woman cleans out debris from a handheld vacuum (it is the head of a small robot) and it causes it to sneeze and blow dust out. A Venus Flytrap eats a bug flying past it (we see the plant’s sharp tines). A large pile of dung splats on the ground in front of a young man after a caveman tells him, “Mind the pterodactyl droppings.” A robot dog licks a man’s face with its metal tongue and the man complains that it hurts.


 – 12 anatomical terms (a character’s name is Dick Dastardly and there a comical back-and-forth about the pronunciation of his name), a few mentions of dropping “F-bombs,” titles of two books are “No Falcon Around” and “Just Falcon Around,” 1 mild obscenity, name-calling (mangy stray, poor man’s Hemsworth, chickens, Shaggy, Dino-butt, morons, meddling, clowns, little man, pipsqueak, harsh, bad mamma jamma, mewling millennials, cantankerous canine, bad oyster, stupid robots, miscreants, pinhead, failure, flatulent fleabag, worthless, weak, techno-malarkey, aluminum imbecile, filthy animal, suck up, Rottens, goofballs, broken down, do-gooders, toxic masculinity, dipstick, mustachioed menace, dog wonder), exclamations (jeepers, drat, double drat, bupkus, let’s bounce, the nerve of that dude, freak out, ow, zoinks, oh, focus, hustle, whoa, oh boy, dangerous, jeez, anyhoo). | profanity glossary |


 – A young woman examines a hair left on a robot and describes it as having remnants of 12-year-old scotch on it.


 – Friendship, loneliness, being afraid, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, hard work, guilt, impostor syndrome, destiny, Alexander the Great, superheroes, determination.


 – Friendship always saves the day.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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