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The School for Good and Evil | 2022 | PG-13 | – 4.6.3

content-ratingsWhy is “The School for Good and Evil” rated PG-13? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “violence and action, and some frightening images.” The evaluation includes several kissing scenes varying in length and passion, countless scenes of fighting and acts of sorcery with little blood shown, several implied deaths with later resurrections, many arguments and yelling, and some moderate language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.

At a training academy for fairy tale characters, a good-hearted teen (Sophia Anne Caruso) is sent to the School of Evil and her dark-hearted friend (Sofia Wylie) is sent to the School of Good. Also with Laurence Fishburne, Kit Young, Carmen Diaz, Charlize Theron, Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Flatters, Patti LuPone and the voice of Cate Blanchett. Directed by Paul Feig. [Running Time: 2:27]

The School for Good and Evil SEX/NUDITY 4

 – A teen girl quickly kisses another teen girl on the lips. A teen girl kisses a teen boy quickly. A man embraces a teen girl and kisses her passionately for several seconds. A teen boy and a teen girl embrace and kiss for several seconds. A teen boy briefly embraces a teen girl, but they do not kiss. A teen boy and a teen girl smile and stare at each other for several seconds.
 Several scenes include two dozen young women wearing low-cut gowns that reveal cleavage; a few scenes include a few teens wearing off-the-shoulder gowns that also reveal cleavage. A teen girl wears a low-cut mini-dress that reveals her legs to mid-thighs and wiggles her hips as she walks. A teen girl wears a mini dress with fishnet hose. A shirtless teen boy is seen (his bare chest and abdomen shown).

The School for Good and Evil VIOLENCE/GORE 6

 – Two men fight with swords, kicks, punches, and power waves of colorful light and they struggle causing one to fall over a cliff; we see one man lying far below, looking like a speck on the ground (we hear that he died). A flashback shows a man lying motionless on the ground and as he revives, levitates to a cliff and stabs another man in the back of the neck (no blood is visible) and the stabbed man dies; we later hear that the attacker became a demon.
 A major fight between students of two magic schools includes screaming, slapping, martial arts moves, levitating, sword and hammer swinging, tossing of fireballs in a large room and a brigade of archers shooting arrows; a man says that all is chaos as fires cover the floor and a fiery pterodactyl tattoo flies off the neck of one girl and later returns to it (no one is actually hurt); a teen girl walks around and screams at everyone, and another girl surrounds her with a cloud of blood and tosses her out of the room before changing into a raven to fly away.
 A large amount of blood flows from a man’s fingertip into the air, becoming a liquid cloud, then mist, then red fire in the sky and on the ground, in several scenes. A man appears to a teen girl several times, as a ghost covered in red clouds and in one scene, he touches the girl’s fingertip; blood flows upward from her finger, becoming a cloud and fire in half a dozen scenes. A ghost tells a teen girl that only he can be trusted, only he loves her, and he will give her power through blood magic.
 Creatures drag screaming teens across the ground or through supernatural vortexes in several scenes; creatures include a red cloud with glowing red eyes, a black cloud with glowing red eyes and a giant tattered bird with wings like dead tree branches with crumbling leaves. Clouds and lightning surround a teen boy that disappears and reappears later as a bird creature, he groans and whimpers, and another teen boy stabs it with a sword that turns the boy into a skeleton.
 Two castles crumble to the ground, with teenagers and adults inside all falling dead, a man throws a giant quill pen at a teen girl, but another teen girl pushes her away and is stabbed in the chest by it; a teen boy enters with a sword and the man screams and pins the boy to a wall with a knife in his clothing, the fallen teen girl levitates the glowing sword to the other girl, who slashes the man across the chest with it and blood flows upward out of the slash to create red clouds as the man falls dead; the castles reconstruct themselves and the dead people are resurrected, one teen girl dies and another girl cries (her dripping tears make the patch of blood on the other girl’s chest disappear), and the dead girl is resurrected and the two girls disappear in a ball of light through a magic portal.
 Dozens of teen boys and girls and their luggage are captured by huge tattered birds and dropped into the moats around two castles where they are met by tall talking wolves in armor; a teen girl slaps away a small fairy that shouts and is then carried off by four other fairies that screech and growl at her; a teen boy shakes hands with a teen girl and the hand comes off making the girl scream (he laughs and shows that it is a fake hand). Teens in one school all wear pastel colors and those in the other school all wear black and chant, “Kill you!” a dozen times. Students have one finger pierced with a thick needle to infuse the fingers with glowing lights and magic (no blood is seen).
 A teen boy fights a dozen other teen boys armed with swords and knocks them all down by using only punches, kicks and levitating; the boy fights a cyclops with a large axe and after many kicks, chokes and punches, the cyclops falls and the axe falls on top of him, killing him (no blood is seen). A dwarf grows into a giant and chases a teen girl, firing arrows at her (she is not struck).
 A large room fills with oily substances that rise to form a dark red cloud with a ghost of a man with red glowing facial scars inside it. A teen girl pushes another teen girl halfway over a balcony and threatens to kill her, but the second girl fights back, pushes the other girl half-off the balcony, punches her in the face, and a woman screams at them to stop.
 A man and later, two teen girls, walk up a misty staircase that disappears behind them and they enter a door to find a large quill pen writing by itself; outside, a tree explodes and becomes a man with pointy ears and green hair. Two teen girls each place a finger into a magic pond and see the image of a different prince, and when a third teen girl does the same thing, the water swirls and runs up her arm, then becomes an arm itself made of small fish, and the teen girl pulls out a young girl that we understand had been missing and the child turns into gold sparkles that fly away.
 A teen girl’s pterodactyl tattoo comes alive and attacks another teen girl, it sprays fire and falls on its owner by accident, and a giant swarm of bees breaks through a shattering window and knocks down the tattoo owner and a ghost of a man appears in the swarm before it flies out through the window; the tattoo animal falls to the floor and climbs back onto the first girl’s neck. Two wolf-men take a teen girl to a dark room where a woman holds an axe to her throat and cuts off her long hair as she cries; the scene shifts to a party where the girl appears with a wrinkled face and large hook nose and she later reads a spell book and turns many adults into tiny dolls on the floor and we hear their voices screaming off-screen.
 Men shoot arrows into targets and we hear a bird squawk and a thud off-screen (it is implied that the bird was hit but we don’t see it). Two teen girls in a school push and slap each other and dozens of teen boys and girls slap and push each other until a woman screams for them to stop. A man at school says about a teen boy and a teen girl going into a dangerous magic forest, “This will get them both killed,” (no one is hurt); the teens argue and disappear from the forest one at a time at the end of a challenge and a field of flowers screeches and snaps sharp teeth, a flower bites a teen boy on the leg and he falls while many flowers snap at a teen girl, and one bites her arm but does not draw blood; a pumpkin-head scarecrow with a scythe comes alive with creaking joints and chases the girl, a teen boy swings his sword but then loses it and a dove turns into a teen girl that grabs the sword and tosses it back to the boy and he slashes the pumpkin-head creature to pieces.
 A man with a knife tells a teen girl that he used to burn witches, and another teen girl hits him in the head with an iron skillet. A little girl sits beside her mother’s headstone. A boy throws a tomato into a teen girl’s face and it drips onto her dress. A horse cart’s wheels throw a clod of mud onto a teen girl’s dress. Two teen girls use magic to make a flock of birds defecate on an oxcart full of teen boys and they shout. A teen boy pushes a teen girl’s face into a bowl of green swill and tadpoles. A man and a teen girl pull a black tooth from their mouths and toss them onto a table. A teen girl spits a small ball of flame onto a stone floor. A fairy says a teen girl smells bad. A teen boy has red bruises on his forehead from hitting his head on a tree limb while horse riding, and while falling during sword practice. An arrow flies through a supernatural vortex and sticks into a large tree, followed by a knife that cuts down the center of the arrow and into the tree. Many scenes include women screaming at each other: a mother and a teen daughter, a few pairs of teen girls, teachers screaming at groups of students and at individual students. Several pairs of men shout at each other.

The School for Good and Evil LANGUAGE 3

 – 1 scatological term, 1 anatomical term, 5 mild obscenities, name-calling (witch, stupid, dumb, silly, foolish, weirdo, freak, raving lunatic, ridiculous, lazy, liar, losers, disgusting, repulsive, prig, pig, ugly, pretty boy, cream puff, she-wolf, old man, old hag, hag, meat head, Quilly), exclamations (shut-up, shhhh, dang, bloody, pfft, whoa, wow), 19 religious exclamations (e.g. oh my God, my God, God, Holy [scatological term deleted]). | profanity glossary |

The School for Good and Evil SUBSTANCE USE

 – A group of teen boys and teen girls drink from glasses of amber liquid which may or may not be alcoholic, a group of men hold beer steins but do not drink, and a man drinks from a flask and slurs his words.

The School for Good and Evil DISCUSSION TOPICS

 – Witchcraft, magic, good and evil, kidnapping, bullying, misogyny, gender roles, lies, secrets, manipulation, selfishness, gossip, anger, fear, prejudice, violence, murder, grief, expectations, empathy, family, friendship as the only true love.

The School for Good and Evil MESSAGE

 – As society increasingly blurs the line between good and evil, teenagers have more difficulty determining right from wrong.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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