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Missing Link | 2019 | PG | – 1.3.2

content-ratingsWhy is “Missing Link” rated PG? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “action/peril and some mild rude humor.” The evaluation includes some flirting and sexual innuendo; several scenes of peril with a couple of characters falling to their death (off-screen), several scenes of people being frightened by a Sasquatch, an encounter with the Loch Ness Monster that leaves a boat thrown some distance, and several encounters with yetis with large sharp teeth that roar and attack people, but overall with a few injuries and no blood; and some name-calling and exclamations. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

In the Pacific Northwest of the 1890s Mr. Link (voiced by Zach Galifianakis) is a gentleman Sasquatch, and tired of being alone he recruits Sir Lionel Frost, a bigoted but fearless explorer (voiced by Hugh Jackman) to help him find his long-lost relatives in the fabled valley of Shangri-La. The owner of an important map (voiced by Zoe Saldana) joins them and through confounding perils they discover new definitions for family. Also with the voices of Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, David Walliams, Timothy Olyphant, Matt Lucas and Amrita Acharia. Directed by Chris Butler. [Running Time: 1:35]

Missing Link SEX/NUDITY 1

 – A man and a woman ride on an elephant and he begins to kiss her but hits his head on a tree branch, and falls off his seat without injury. A man begins to kiss a woman and she stops his face with her gloved hand. A Sasquatch teases a man about attempting to kiss a woman. In a logging camp, a woman with a nail file sits in a window and smiles at a passing man, who smiles back; then a man with a wood file sitting in a window smiles at the man, who is startled and moves on.
 A man smirks, “She and I were more than acquaintances.” A news headlines reads, “Frost caught with ballerina.” A male Sasquatch chooses the name Susan for himself. A man disguises himself as a nun.
 A man sitting on a stool exposes his upper buttocks and buttock cleavage. A woman is drawn with a very tiny waist, a flat chest and an exaggeratedly large bustle under her long dress. A woman is drawn with a large bustle and is bent over a table as the camera focuses on her bustled buttocks.

Missing Link VIOLENCE/GORE 3

 - A large Sasquatch has clumpy reddish fur, huge feet, brownish nails and close-set eyes; he roars in a few scenes, scaring off a slobbering, barking dog in one scene. Several dozen yeti are taller than the Sasquatch with blue faces, long fangs and grayish fur; the yeti leader is rude and condescending to humans and a Sasquatch, roaring loudly and translating the roar as the name of her home: "We hate you, keep out." A few yeti statues have large fangs.
 Two teams of three people face each other on a large bridge made of ice blocks, a man points a rifle at the other team, and shoots into the ice and pounds it with the rifle butt causing the bridge to break and two men fall off-screen.
 A man, a woman, and a Sasquatch attached to each other with climbing ropes grab the ledge of a bridge support and a man with stands above them pointing a pistol at them: the first three slip and the gunman falls as well, holding onto the other man, and the two come face to face while hanging on a ledge and slap each other in the face a dozen times; after several slips and large broken icicles fall on people, one chunk of ice takes the gunman off-screen as the Sasquatch swings and lands on the bridge support, pulling the man and the woman to safety, and he looks up and shouts insults at a group of yetis on the other bridge support, and then blows a raspberry with his tongue for several seconds, scattering spit into the air.
 The Loch Ness Monster rises from a lake, roaring and splattering two men in a boat with mud, one man lassoes it around the neck, it dives and he jumps into the lake to ride on its back, it takes the other man into its mouth and spits him out and after a struggle, the monster slaps the boat across the lake with its tail and it sits on a rocky shoreline; the man who was holding a rope around the monster's neck shouts that his hands are bleeding, but we see no blood.
 On a train platform, a woman angrily pushes men and women out of her way and points a pistol at a man, and then another man fires a pistol at her and misses; several shots are exchanged from both handguns but strike only wood. On a ship a man with an axe attacks a man sliding across a tilting deck, and the axe blade stops close to the man's eye; the victim escapes unharmed and we see the axe thrown to stick into a wall. A man points a pistol at a woman as another man picks up a young boy by one foot and the scene ends.
 Several scowling yetis point spears at a man, a woman and a Sasquatch, later throwing them into a deep ice cave where the Sasquatch cries himself to sleep; the man and the woman argue, the man wakes the Sasquatch, who accidentally throws him into a wall, the Sasquatch throws the woman up and out of the cave and she hits a yeti over the head with an urn and pushes him into the cave, unconscious; the Sasquatch says they can use a few more yeti to build a ramp, but we do not see this and we see the Sasquatch and the man later after they escape the cave.
 A saloon brawl includes several struggles over a pistol that fires, hitting a stuffed moose head and we see holes in the walls, a man punches the moose head and it falls from the wall, several men punch each other (no injuries occur) and fall, a bottle is broken over the head of a man who falls (no blood is seen), two wrestling men roll across the floor together, a Sasquatch punches a man throwing him across the room, tables break when men fall on them and a man breaks a chair over a Sasquatch's back without injury, a couple of men choke each other and the Sasquatch puts a man in a headlock. A man punches a much larger man in the stomach several times without effect, and then slaps a horse that kicks the bigger man into the wall of a building, and a man crashes through the shattering saloon window towards the audience. A woman throws a ceramic vase to a floor and it shatters; screaming, she throws a cup into the hallway and hits a man in the head, dropping him. A man hits another man in the groin with the head of a cane, and the man grunts (the cane head is a silver dragon head with large teeth). A man rudely stuffs food into another man's mouth to stop him from talking.
 A woman on a ship falls overboard catching onto a ledge, a Sasquatch accidentally hits her head with a life preserver, and then pulls her onboard through a porthole hitting her head on the frame (no injuries). Many men on a ship slip, fall and slide across decks on a windy night, chasing a woman and a Sasquatch; a man, a woman and the Sasquatch escape in a lifeboat.
 A man loads a shotgun indoors and points it at people, making threatening comments like, "Get a hired thug to kill him! He must not succeed!" Men in a logging camp hold an axe, a wide sword and a pistol. A man stabs a hunting knife through a telegram into a wooden table. A man points a pistol at a yeti statue in alarm and then holsters it.
 A man leads another man to a hunter's club where we see a stuffed polar bear and animal heads mounted around the walls along with a painting of a man standing on a dead lion; the first man yells at several men and belittles a younger man before breaking the man's valuable plaster cast of a footprint and he picks a man off the floor by the shoulders and shouts in his face. Two men argue in an office that contains a stuffed dodo, the skeleton of an ape, an antelope skull and a skull of another ape. We see a mermaid fossil made of a monkey's skull and long front claws attached to a fish tail.
 A Sasquatch punches out a thin train car window to get some air and a woman faints on the train. A pan of flaming oil falls to a floor and the fire goes out, but a dozen yetis slip on the oil and fall down a long stone staircase. A Sasquatch runs at a brick wall and falls through it. A woman screams and passes out, her tongue hanging from her mouth, a Sasquatch comes closer to give "the kiss of life" and the woman awakens, screaming. A man cries and rolls across a floor in a tantrum.
 A Sasquatch says, "She's gonna kills us!" A man and a woman argue several times. Two men argue a few times. We hear that a man died in an avalanche. A man says to a Sasquatch, "They will shoot you and skin you." A woman tells a man on a ship, "I'll throw you overboard."
 A Sasquatch spits slimy slobber into both hands and rubs them together. A year-old child blows a nose bubble from his nose and it pops. A man tastes the dirt in a large footprint. A yeti eats a bug out of another yeti's long hair. A man burps. A Sasquatch snores with his mouth open. A man chases a Sasquatch through a forest and finds him stopped and having a coughing fit. In the Himalayas, a Sasquatch swallows a slimy meatball and coughs it up to knock out a chicken. A man sticks out his tongue in a greeting to visitors.

Missing Link LANGUAGE 2

 - 1 anatomical term, name-calling (weird, creature, thing, rabid monster, monster, apes, country cousin, redneck, abomination, missing link, bad man, new thinkers, monster hunter, mad, barking mad, white eyes, defenseless woman), exclamations (sucks, oh bugger, blast, why don't you suck on a lump of salt, how the devil, oh fiddlesticks, oh bother, oh my word, ah shoot, poppycock, oh my goodness, urghhh, shut-up, shhhh), 1 religious exclamation (Oh My God). | profanity glossary |


 - A man sips from a short glass of whiskey at a saloon bar and three other men down the bar sit with short glasses of whiskey in front of them, an empty liquor bottle and empty glasses are seen on a table and a few other tables hold some empty glasses, and a man enters a ship's cabin with a bottle of wine and two glasses (no one drinks).


 - Families, people who are different, loneliness, self-worth, bigotry, racism, hatred, hubris, social power, class differences, success, fame, hunting, travel, risk-taking, teamwork, communication, understanding, respect, personal change, women's rights, technological advancements, conservation, evolution, utopia, lost world.

Missing Link MESSAGE

 - Friends sometimes make the best family.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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