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Men in Black: International | 2019 | PG-13 | – 3.5.4

content-ratingsWhy is “Men in Black: International” rated PG-13? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “sci-fi action, some language and suggestive material.” The evaluation includes an implied sex scene between a human and an alien, several sexual references and implications of sex, and a few scenes of a bare-chested man and some cleavage revealing outfits; several alien attacks with a couple ending in the death of humans, one human dissolves into a pile of goo, aliens are attacked and killed in explosions and laser fire, several fight scenes, and a three headed snake that attacks humans and bites them on the face; and some scatological language.
Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

In this reboot of the whimsical sci-fi franchise, two London-based MIB agents (Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth) are assigned to investigate a series of alien attacks, but they also learn of a mole in the organization that handles intergalactic immigration. Also with Rebecca Ferguson, Kumail Nanjiani, Rafe Spall, Laurent Bourgeois, Larry Bourgeois, Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson. Directed by F. Gary Gray. A few lines of an unidentified language are spoken with English subtitles and an alien speaks his own language and a human translates. [Running Time: 1:55]

Men in Black: International SEX/NUDITY 3

 – A bare-chested man wakes up in bed with a sleeping alien woman who is face down under covers (sex is implied); he removes her spotted arm from his chest and we hear and see octopus suckers on her arm as they pop off his chest and he is then seen standing, shirtless while zipping his trousers (we see no flesh).
 A female alien says a human man is yummy. A man opens his shirt part way and asks how he looks and a woman laughs and re-buttons his shirt. An alien smiles at a woman, twirls his hips around as he sits on a couch, says she is “hot,” and cracks an imaginary whip over her head, implying bondage sex (no sex occurs).
 A man at a party says that his female friend has a fetish concerning learning about alien cultures; she objects and says everything seems to have to be sexual to men and that she is not going to fornicate with a “fat blue alien.” A woman angrily asks her working partner, “Are you pimping me to the alien?” A man says that a male alien wants to be shown a good time on Earth, implying sex. A man says that he does not want to be handcuffed to a horse again while showing the alien a good time (kinky sex implied). A man says he fell in love with a female alien whom he was surveilling and a woman says she has never been in love.
 A woman wears a tight-fitting blouse and short skirt with a side slit that reveals one leg to the upper thigh. Two women wear tight yoga pants and short tops that reveal cleavage and bare abdomens as they writhe to dance music. A woman wears a square-neckline dress that reveals cleavage and the long skirt has a slit that reveals both legs to the thigh when she walks or sits.

Men in Black: International VIOLENCE/GORE 5

 – On a dark rooftop, two figures with glowing eyes walk in fire clouds as they approach a man and fire energy bolts at him; they leave him as a limp pile of melted brown goo. A three-headed snake sits in a cage in the middle of a table at a poker game among human men and alien men with corrugated scalps; it gets loose and bites two men in the face with its three mouths causing screaming but no blood, and it bites a man in the thigh and causes some bleeding and screaming whereupon the man throws it across the room into another man’s face and it bites again; two bitten men (one human and one alien) beg a female alien for anti-venom and the scene ends (we later see that the human man is fine).
 An alien disguised as a man throws a small light into another alien, who becomes woozy and is helped to a car; a block away, it explodes, shoots into the air and falls upside down and the alien eventually dies with no blood shown; the camera scans the street to show several overturned cars.
 Two men appear and change into figures walking in fire clouds, shooting beams at a man and a woman who are firing laser guns; the figures cause the pavement to melt and make waves of glowing lava and asphalt, breaking up the street as the man and the woman fire a series of large weapons to no avail; the figures cause a car to burn, and they throw it at the man and woman, but it breaks up and disintegrates and the man fires a missile at the figures to cause a loud explosion (they are unharmed, but they disappear).
 An earthquake shakes a fort and surrounding cliffs and two figures in fire clouds appear and demand that a man and a woman give them a star-cannon; the woman pushes a button to change a small box into the star-cannon and several men appear and shoot lasers at the figures, causing them to disappear.
 Two people with laser hand-cannons tell a couple at the Eiffel tower to leave because a portal is opening and a hive creature is going to eat people from the inside out; the first two people wipe away the memories of the couple with a flashing light on top of a short metal instrument, and one of the first two people is shocked by lightning and falls on top of an outside elevator car, but is unharmed and returns to the top of the tower where he sees many bolts of electricity as he and his partner shoot lasers into the glowing portal behind an open metal door; the screen goes white to end the sequence.
 Two aliens transform to two men, they enter a shop and one changes one of his hands into a spike, frightening the shopkeeper, who shows them to a backroom where a chess set has sentient pieces; the two men demand that a pawn assassinate an alien, but the pawn refuses until the men transform back to their alien forms and fire lightning bolts from their eyes.
 A man and an alien fight using punches, kicks, body slams, wooden poles and a hammer and they fall and break furniture (the man’s face becomes scratched and red in a few places but there’s no bleeding, and his shirt is torn in several places). A woman and an alien that looks like a human with four arms fight, leaving the woman with bruises on her cheeks and chin. A man and a woman with laser hand-cannons enter a shop and find living chess pieces squashed and dead on a board (we don’t see blood, but their red clothing looks goopy); a survivor fires a tiny gun at the people, but hits a wall and it threatens to cut its own throat with a sword, but does not do so.
 A man and a woman with laser hand-cannons go to the top of the Eiffel tower and find a metal door while another man switches on a machine to open the door before transforming into a tall, slimy monster with many long octopus-like legs, two arms with long claws and a head like a T-Rex with sharp, slimy teeth; the humans hit and stab it with metal pieces to no avail, and it throws the woman through the metal door into another dimension, where she floats among long, thorny tentacles reaching out into the tower room and a tiny alien fires a gun to release a cable that pulls the woman back to the tower room; the woman initializes a star-cannon and shoots the monster, causing many bolts of lightning to flow through the monster into the night sky and back again until the monster, the extra tentacles and the other dimension disappear.
 A woman in a fortress fires a laser hand-cannon at a man off-screen and we hear a scream as he presumably dies; the woman punches another man several times and knocks him into an alien that pushes the man out the door. A woman at a construction site sees slime-like material hit a chain link fence and evaporate; she puts her had through the fence to another dimension, walks through and sees an alien with two arms and six short legs being put into an SUV and she leaves. A woman climbs a rocky cliff up to a fortress without any ropes or gear and a man punches and kicks two men into the sea below and we do not see them again. A tiny alien in a jar inside a fort cuts his way out of the glass and the glass crumples to bits; a woman chases the alien off-screen. A man at home picks up a golf club and walks off-screen, where we hear banging and whooping; he walks back and tells his wife to call the police and two men wipe the memories of the couple with their flashing light. A man slaps a creature several times as it cries “Ouch!”
 A young girl finds a small alien mammal with large eyes and helps him escape. A man bumps into a woman hard in a street, but she is OK. Two men jump through the walls of two towers to a roof and the towers crack and repair themselves. Two men change into figures in fire clouds and corner a woman, but a man grabs her away. A woman says to a wooly alien regarding a man and a woman, “Kill them; start with him and make it as painful as possible” (no deaths occur). A cab driver is human from the waist up and the camera cuts to his feet, which are reptilian and webbed at the toes. A subway train changes into a high-powered rocket train. A car squeals tires when leaving a parking garage and changes into a space plane outside. Two men (transformed aliens) take over a club dance floor to do a rather violent pop and lock dance with a lot of scowling and jerking of their heads and arms. A creature climbs out of a thermos bottle and uses a jet pack to fly away. A woman goes to a skyscraper and is trapped in the elevator as it speeds downward to take her to an interrogation room; a woman speaks with her and issues her a laser handgun to use on her assignment to investigate alien attacks in London.
 A flying motorcycle emits blue-white fire from its engines as a man rides it through streets and destroys a market stall as people run; a man, a woman, and a tiny talking chess piece fly it over the heads of many men who are pointing laser handguns at them; the trio falls off and the riders are able to reseat themselves before crash landing in a desert, where they are dusty, but unhurt. A woman opens a sparkly box and it becomes a wide laser rifle that encases a star; the woman fires the gun with a loud explosion and it makes a long, deep canyon in the desert.
 A man snores at his telemarketing station and another man snores at his desk in an office. Three men and a woman argue for several seconds, two men argue briefly, and a man and a woman argue for several seconds. Two men argue very loudly for a few seconds.
 We see many odd-looking bipedal aliens with tentacles at their chins or on their heads, or bald cone heads, and one with head and hands covered with mosaics and glowing lights. A few aliens have large heads with two antennae and we see six walking-stick insects walking upright and speaking English. A big furry caterpillar falls apart at a woman’s touch and becomes a hundred tiny caterpillars. A small dog speaks English. A tall bird creature resembles a moth. Two holograms show a spiky creature covered with red-black tentacles and spikes over its head, body, and tail. A hologram shows a squid with a long spiked tail. A man’s beard moves and reveals that it is a fury bipedal alien with two eyes on stalks.

Men in Black: International LANGUAGE 4

 – 5 scatological terms, 7 anatomical terms, 18 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, psycho, scum, old, broken down, nonsense, arrogant, reckless, absurd, mole, lizard slime ball, Merchant of Death, Mother of Murder, Bozos, Pretty Boy), exclamations (what the fig, what the …, shoot), 9 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God, God, For God’s Sake). | profanity glossary |

Men in Black: International SUBSTANCE USE

 – A man sniffs a white powder in a vial at work and coughs violently (he says it will kill you or make you very inebriated), and a woman holds a glowing vial of anti-venom but we do not see it administered. Glasses of brandy are shown around a table and one man drinks from his glass and coughs violently, men and women and aliens at a club dance while holding drinks (no one imbibes), a party features a bar at which a man pours a clear liquor into a glass (no one drinks), men and women hold cups of an unknown beverage, a man says that he used to drink vodka and tequila, and a woman holds a large cocktail glass containing a yellowish liquid at home (he does not drink). Several men in a street scene smoke cigarettes in the background.

Men in Black: International DISCUSSION TOPICS

 – Space aliens, secret agents, villains, bullies, opportunities for women, violence, courage, memories, people who are different, honesty, understanding, teamwork, friendship, relationships, love, death, loss, acceptance.

Men in Black: International MESSAGE

 – Evil can be overcome with the truth.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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