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Jumanji: The Next Level | 2019 | PG-13 | – 2.5.4

content-ratingsWhy is “Jumanji: The Next Level” rated PG-13? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “adventure action, suggestive content and some language.” The evaluation includes a few kissing scenes and some anatomical references and cleavage revealing outfits; several instances of characters in a video game “dying” by animal attack or other perils and respawning with the threat of not being able to respawn or make it out of the game alive; and some strong language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

Sequel to 2017’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: The gang finds itself thrown back together when one of them re-engages the game and goes back in, all alone; the rest have to also return to the game to rescue their friend but new challenges and landscapes mean they may not have the necessary skills. With Karen Gillan, Dwayne Johnson, Marin Hinkle, Madison Iseman, Jack Black, Ashley Scott, Awkwafina, Danny DeVito, Nick Jonas, Kevin Hart, Colin Hanks, Alex Wolff, Dania Ramirez and Morgan Turner. Directed by Jake Kasdan. [Running Time: 2:03]

Jumanji: The Next Level SEX/NUDITY 2

 – A woman wears short shorts and a low-cut crop tope through most of the movie (we see cleavage, bare abdomen and legs to the upper thighs). A woman wears a tight-fitting, low-cut dress that reveals cleavage and bare shoulders. We see a glimpse of a horse’s genitals.
 A woman kisses a man passionately twice and he seems stunned. A young man and a young woman kiss. A man and woman touch hands and the man makes a “smolder” expression causing the woman to swoon. Two young women and a young man hug in greeting.
 A woman agrees to marry a man, bear his children and forge a relationship in blood. A man demands to know where a woman is and that he plans to marry her. A man and a woman talk about their relationship while climbing a sheer rock/ice wall. A man talks about another man being a eunuch and that he “sacrificed his testicles.” A woman (her body is occupied by a man) makes a remark about the first thing she did, which was to touch her “boobs”; and another woman (now in a man’s body) says, “If you touch my boobs, I will murder you.” A young man talks about not being together with his girlfriend any longer. A man makes a reference to another man (now a horse) and that he should “see the size of his …” (presumably his genitals).

Jumanji: The Next Level VIOLENCE/GORE 5

 – A man throws raw meat to two hyenas and they snarl and grab it from each other; the man goes on to explain that the meat is pieces of a man that he killed.
 We hear about a game character called “Jürgen the Brutal” and his savage horde that stole a sacred jewel and killed many people; we see an attack where dwellings are set on fire and people are struck to the ground with clubs and machetes (we do not see blood) as large hyenas snarl and prowl around. A man in a video game holds a machete over a man and a woman and the scene cuts away as we hear that he killed the two people. A herd of ostriches charge toward a group of people that speed away in dune buggies chased by the birds; the birds peck at the roofs of the vehicles, breaking holes through them and pulling the top off one, a bird pulls one man out of a buggy and the driver holds the man by the foot until he can free himself and the driver punches the ostrich in the beak throwing it through the air; one buggy flips over and the occupants get into the other one, a rocket launcher accidentally fires an explosive that blows up under one buggy, and a buggy speeds toward a deep crevasse (it stops before falling over) and the driver speeds away from the edge but then back toward it jumping over a ramp and nearly making it to the other side, leaving the birds behind (the people are thrown to safety and the buggy crashes into the crevasse). A group of people approach a series of rope bridges that they need to cross to reach the other side of a deep ravine; the bridges move and change positions as they try to navigate them and they are charged by a huge number of mandrills that lunge at them with large sharp fangs; a mandrill grabs a woman and throws her off a bridge to her death (she respawns), another mandrill tackles a woman and nearly bites her when a man kicks it off her and then shakes the bridge to throw many other mandrills off; a woman runs and grabs a rope, swings another woman to safety before swinging back again and landing safely but two men dangle from a bridge and one man cuts one side to get away from mandrills, and then cuts the other side and the men are slammed into a rock wall (one man is thrown to safety and the other pulls himself up). A man walks through a barn and is shot in the neck with a dart killing him and he blows to bloody bits; he respawns and tries again, dodging another dart, but getting hit by another one that kills him again and he blows to bloody bits and then respawns.
 An ostrich moves toward a group of people and one man tries to swish it away by poking it; the bird attacks the man and he bursts into tiny bloody bits (he then respawns and falls from the sky). A woman steals a key and a man grabs her as she tries to run away; two other men hold her and a third man says, “Cut off her head,” as a man throws an axe toward her and she bursts into bloody bits and then respawns outside. Two men argue and threaten each other, they face each other to fight, one hits the other in the nose and the other punches him, throwing him back into a boulder that then falls on him and crushes him (he respawns). Many men charge toward a group of people and one man shoots a rocket launcher at them, blowing them all to bloody bits (we see a scorched mark on the ground) and they all respawn and fall from the sky. A giant snake bites down on a man (it grabs him from his head to his waist) and picks him up (the man blows into tiny bloody pieces and then is respawned, falling from the sky and landing hard on the ground). Several people are attacked by men and they fight with two holding flaming torches and another punching and throwing attackers around a room. A man punches another man repeatedly in the face and the second man tosses him through the air and into a table. A man turns on dance music and a woman fights with many people using punches, kicks, jumps, throws and nunchucks. A man escapes in a dirigible until another man ties the lead rope to a bridge and it is pulled to a stop; the second man climbs on board the vessel and the two men fight as the vessel crashes into walls, causing flames to burst from it; one man pushes the other man out of the vessel and they fall until he catches a rope and lets the second man fall to the ground (we do not see him hit the ground but understand that he is dead).
 A hippopotamus charges out of a river toward a man standing on the bank and a woman tackles the man out of the way as another man throws a stone at the hippo and it goes back into the water (we see the hippo’s large sharp teeth). Four people step out of a café and onto a sidewalk where they see a herd of ostriches stampeding along the sidewalk and road. Several people are surrounded by a large number of mandrills until a man on horseback arrives and the horse kicks several of them and the others run away. Four people are unbuckled from their seatbelts in a plane and dropped out of the back into a desert where they yell and roll in the sand (there are no injuries). A woman jumps and catches onto a hanging fire pot, then lands on a lever, flips into a tree where she picks a fruit and falls into flashing water below her; when she gets out and touches a man’s hand, they switch bodies and are thrown back as if they were shocked. A woman jumps and flips around a tree and a branch breaks, dropping her into water; she touches a man’s hand and they are thrown back as if they were shocked (there are no injuries) and they switch bodies. A man punches another man in the face and he is thrown through the air; he hits another man that is thrown through a brick wall, and the man then fights many more men with punches and throws until a huge number of men move toward him. A man runs on a rope bridge and twists his ankle (we see him limp and a woman bandages his ankle later). A man falls back over a hill (there are no injuries). Many armed men and women surround two men and take them into a fort where they are questioned and threatened by another man. A horse with a woman on its back jumps from a cliff and before hitting the ground sprouts wings and flies. A man and a woman climb a sheer rock wall and stop to talk for a while. A woman is lowered by a cable into a cavern where hyenas lunge at her (she is unharmed).
 Men and women in a bar are shown with a variety of weapons and one man throws axes at a bullseye on the wall. A man falls out of the sky yelling and lands hard on the ground (it’s a video game and there are no injuries). We hear the pounding of drums and two young women and a young man find a video game that has been reassembled and discover that another young man is missing (presumably having gone into the game); they touch the game controller and two of them are disintegrated (we see streams of light) and taken into the game where they each assume different game avatars. People are transported out of a video game and back to the real world (we see them disintegrate and reform).
 A woman slaps a man in the face and walks away. A young woman yells about having been eaten by a hippo in a game and a young man says that he was killed by a piece of cake. A woman is described as “The Killer of Men.” An elderly man sits in a chair and it tips over spilling him onto the floor (he is not harmed). A young man is yelled at by his boss. A man blames another man for selling him out when he sold their business. A man describes hyenas as having “bone crushing teeth.” A young man walks on a city street and is bumped several times, he is caught in a rainstorm and his suitcase breaks causing him to yell in frustration. An elderly man struggles to climb down a stepladder and a young man helps steady him. A man tries to do burpees and he cannot get back up off the ground. An elderly man limps (after hip replacement surgery) and knocks items over and onto the floor in several scenes. A man slaps a plate of cake out of a woman’s hands when she offers him some (cake is his weakness).
 Two men ask, “Did I die?” and “Are we dead?” A man is unpleasant to another man and they argue over which man should apologize to the other. An elderly man tells a young man, “It’s all downhill from here.” A man says, “I think my eyes are a different color” and another man tells him, “All of you is a different color.” A man makes a face and another man tells him he looks like he’s having a heart attack. A man says, “Getting old sucks” several times. A man threatens to cut off the heads of two men. People in a game realize that they each only have one life left and if they lose it, they will not make it out of the game alive.
 A man is splattered with a fruit that apparently weakens him. A young man uses an inhaler. An elderly man sleeps with a mask on his face attached by a tube to a machine (looks like a CPAP Machine).

Jumanji: The Next Level LANGUAGE 4

 – 4 scatological terms, 10 anatomical terms, 32 mild obscenities, a man makes a rude gesture with his arm, name-calling (crazy, stupid, fool, stubborn, darlin’, neurotic, kiddo, impostors, small muscular boy scout, difficult man, old fat dude, suckers, thief, worthless), exclamations (pfft, are you crazy, are you out of your minds, seriously, son of a …, what on Earth, oh my, what the…, ya think, what in the Sam hill, shut the front door, kaputsky, oh goodness, I swear, no, I’m gonna kill you), 6 religious profanities (GD), 12 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh Christ, Oh Lord, Holy [scatological term deleted], Holy…, Oh God, God). | profanity glossary |

Jumanji: The Next Level SUBSTANCE USE

 – A bar scene shows tables with mugs on them and people drinking (presumably alcoholic beverages).

Jumanji: The Next Level DISCUSSION TOPICS

 – Aging, feeling disconnected, depression, insecurity, death of a loved one, illness, long distance relationships, professional relationships, retirement, sacrifice, bravery, life choices, simulated realities.

Jumanji: The Next Level MESSAGE

 – Surrounding yourself with friends can help you get through difficult times.


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Become a member of our premium site for just $2/month & access advance reviews, without any ads, not a single one, ever. And you will be helping support our website & our efforts.


We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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