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Heart of Stone | 2023 | PG-13 | – 2.6.4

content-ratingsWhy is “Heart of Stone” rated PG-13? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “sequences of violence and action, and some language.” The evaluation includes implied pornographic activity seen on a computer screen, many scenes of exchanges of gunfire ending in death and injuries without visible blood, many fights using various weapons to choke and stab leading to death and injuries without visible blood, many arguments and some strong language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.

A government agent (Gal Godot) must preserve a powerful artificial intelligence known as “The Heart,” by keeping it out of the hands of those who would use it as a weapon. At the same time a double agent (Jamie Dornan) wants to use it to kill those who left him for dead in a war and a woman (Alia Bhatt) wants to use it to punish government officials who perform illegal experiments on humans. Also with Sophie Okonedo, Jing Lusi, Matthias Schweighöfer, BD Wong, Glenn Close and Mark Ivanir. Directed by Tom Harper. A few lines of dialogue are spoken in Italian, French and Russian without translation. [Running Time: 2:02]

Heart of Stone SEX/NUDITY 2

 – The word PORNO is shown on a computer screen and the screen is filled with many small blurred images, with one showing footage of part of a moving prone figure with bare abdomen and legs from (the gender of the figure is not recognizable and no details are not shown).
 Two women wear tank tops that reveal slight cleavage. A woman wearing a one-piece bathing suit swims in a pool and we see cleavage and bare legs to the hips. A man removes his shirt, we see scarring across his shoulder and side of his back, and we see a shirtless man in the desert in a long shot.

Heart of Stone VIOLENCE/GORE 6

 – A man shoots two other men dead, without blood flow, and takes a third man hostage, forcing him into a ski-lift car: we later see the captor forcing the groaning hostage to swallow something we understand is cyanide and the hostage staggers from the vehicle and falls dead with foam covering his mouth. A woman strikes three men in the head and face with a metal plate and then seems to cut the throat of one man, who falls off-screen (we do not see blood). A woman kills six men with her handgun and they fall without blood shown.
 A smoke/shock bomb crashes in through a window in a building and explodes, knocking a man and woman down; the woman revives, six men enter firing automatic rifles as glass breaks and she shoots and kills two of them (no blood is shown), she jumps through a shattering glass window to a balcony, then jumps back in the building through another shattering window, she kills four more men, with choking, stabbing with a meat fork, strangling with a curtain, and stabbing with a kitchen knife (no blood is shown as the men fall dead). A woman jumps from a balcony, slides down part of a mountain, picks up a parachute and wears it to fly a long distance, becomes entangled in cables, cuts herself loose, and uses the chute over a cable to slide to her destination where she rolls in the snow and steals a man’s snow-bike as a Jeep smashes through a wooden fence (no injuries are shown); a man shoots through a cable car without hitting anyone, the woman crashes into him and they fistfight for a few seconds, and she shoots and kills him (no blood is shown). Several fight scenes include a woman fist fighting men (up to three at a time) with punches, chokes, throws, and kicks while furniture and glass break and shatter across the floor; the woman is thrown to the floor in different scenes (we see a little blood on her forehead) and all the men fall to the floor looking dead.
 A flashback shows Russians shooting an entire MI6 team with automatic rifles, killing them without blood showing. On a computer screen, a drone drops missiles on a village and a man is thrown into the air as a flash of light fills the screen. Streams of automatic rifle fire come from off-screen and men and women duck, scream, then run away. A dimly lit film of soldiers shooting each other (no blood is seen) is shown in a casino and people bet on the number of bodies there will be at the end.
 A chase scene includes cars and motorcycles chasing a van and drivers exchanging gunfire; the van backs through an alley and avoids some shots, cars sideswipe the van and cause screeching sparks, the van speeds down a hill and hits a cable car and an automobile turns upside down (no injuries are shown but we see flames shooting from the car and cable car). A woman jumps from a motorcycle on a highway and clings to a truck as the motorcycle causes two other motorcycles to crash and riders fall off-screen as the cycles explode; two cars also collide and catch fire, one car flipping into the air and landing on its roof (no injuries are seen). A man on a motorbike chases a woman on a motorbike, shooting at and missing her and she escapes.
 Several men shoot at two men and two women (they are not struck); one man argues with one of the women and shoots and kills the other woman and the other man (the victims fall and we see no blood). A man poisons a woman and injects a tracking device into her arm with a small injection gun; she passes out, immobilized and revives in a hospital where men hold her down, but she flails and falls from a gurney, ripping the tracking device out and blood flows down her arm.
 Grainy footage on a computer screen shows a man shooting and killing several people in an elevator car (no blood is seen); two people find a computer bug on a chair and the room suddenly explodes in flames while cars outside turn over and an entire wing of the building crumbles, soldiers in other parts of the building shoot open doors and a woman disables an artificial intelligence entity.
 Three men confront a woman in a dark basement as another man enters, shooting and killing two of the men (no blood is shown); the third man argues with a woman and another woman knocks a gun out of his hands as he and a woman fistfight with punching, choking, and slamming each other into walls; they pull wall-mounted hoses and spray hot steam, burning one woman and the man (they grunt and say they are burned through their clothing), one woman punches the man, who uses a hose to strangle the other woman and the man is shot twice, leaving two large red splotches on his sweater as he groans and dies on the floor.
 A man and a woman drop from a helicopter to the top of a dirigible and a second woman wearing a wing-suit jumps from a plane, lands on the dirigible and bounces around as the other people go inside it; the second woman enters and fistfights the man and we hear bones crunching as his elbow breaks inside out (no blood is shown), the woman slips and falls, grabs a discarded parachute canopy and hangs from a girder, the man attaches an explosive device to a bulkhead and all three people escape the vessel right before it ignites into a large fireball. A man in a helicopter cuts a line that two women are climbing and they fall, landing in a desert unconscious. The camera cuts to one woman standing with a gun aimed at the other and they argue, the second woman kicks the woman holding the gun down and gets the gun and we see them trudging through high heat and a sand storm until they are picked up and taken to a village and a man shoots the driver, who slumps against the window frame of the truck (there’s no blood).
 A pickup truck drives into the pillar of a building and armed men chase and shoot at two women while children play around the men; one woman jumps from a cliff into a bay and crawls out onto a beach with blood smeared on her face and neck and the other woman is taken to a computer laboratory. A van avoids an accident on a street and we hear brakes squeal.
 A dozen men and women in an underground bunker sweat and gasp as their ventilation system is turned off; they become anxious, then lethargic, and pass out, but are revived when the system is corrected.
 A man and woman plan to give another man a heart attack by injection, but a bodyguard grabs the wrist of the woman who holds the syringe. A man slams another man into the frame and they fight. A woman falls on snow, grabbing her ankle, telling another woman and a man to run away without her.
 We hear that a man was left for dead by his military unit in a war and he wants to kill the other members and leaders. A woman tells another woman that her parents died in an illegal government medical experiment and she wants to destroy the officials of that government. We hear that a new artificial intelligence can hack any computerized system anywhere and destroy the world. We hear that Chechen leaders had several villages of people destroyed in their war with Russian. A woman harshly berates and criticizes a female employee in a few scenes and finally relieves her of duty, but gives her another assignment later on. A man and a woman argue briefly in a few scenes and another man and a woman argue heatedly for several seconds in one scene.
 A man throws a thick French fry into another man’s eye and the target groans. A man removes his shirt and we see bad scarring across his shoulder and side of his back.

Heart of Stone LANGUAGE 4

 – 9 scatological terms, 7 mild obscenities, name-calling (stupid, genius, lowlifes, pen pushers, do-gooders, junk, hopeless, violent), exclamations (dog’s breakfast, whoa), 12 religious exclamations (e.g. oh God, oh my God, thank God, God knows, Holy [scatological term deleted], Jesus). | profanity glossary |

Heart of Stone SUBSTANCE USE

 – A close-up of someone’s hand holds a glass of champagne in a helicopter, many men and women hold cocktails and a few men and women sip drinks, a man drinks from a glass of whiskey, a man sips from a short glass of clear liquor, a woman sips from a glass of champagne and picks up another glass of it later (she does not drink the second glass), two men and a woman drink from beer bottles in a café and a second woman sips from a pint of ale, and a few cocktails are seen on tables.


 – AI, supercomputers, crime, secrets, human experiments, murder, collateral damage, money, greed, power, anger, revenge, saving the world, teamwork, friendship, camaraderie, death, loss, justice.

Heart of Stone MESSAGE

 – Artificial intelligence can be useful but also may prove to be dangerous.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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