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Halloween Ends | 2022 | R | – 3.9.8

content-ratingsWhy is “Halloween Ends” rated R? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “bloody horror violence and gore, language throughout and some sexual references.” The evaluation includes an implied sex scene with partial nudity, a near sex scene, a couple of kissing and hand-holding scenes, the accidental death of a child, many brutal and gory murders, discussions of a perpetrator being evil, scenes of abusive parent child relationships, bullying, several arguments, and nearly 40 F-words and other strong language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.

When Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) tries to accept her past encounters with the murderous Michael Meyers (James Jude Courtney), she doesn’t realize that the evil within him may never die, while the Halloween horror franchise is supposed to be ending. Also with Andi Matichak, Rohan Campbell, Will Patton, Jesse C. Boyd, Michael Barbieri, Destiny Mone, Joey Harris, Marteen, Joanne Baron, Rick Moose, Michele Dawson, Keraun Harris, Michael O’Leary and Jaxon Goldenberg. Directed by David Gordon Green. One line of dialogue is spoken in Japanese without translation. [Running Time: 1:51]

Halloween Ends SEX/NUDITY 3

 – A young man and a young woman go up a flight of stairs in a house and we then see them in bed together, under covers (bare shoulders are seen and sex is implied).
 An older man and a younger woman (she is his employee) go to the man’s house, where he opens a bottle of wine and she goes to shower as he makes suggestive remarks (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A young man and a young woman hold hands in a few scenes. Young men and young women drink and dance at a party. A young woman asks a young man on a date.
 A young man pulls his clothes off to clean blood from wounds and we see his bare chest, shoulders and underwear. A woman wears a low-cut dress that reveals cleavage and bare shoulders.

Halloween Ends VIOLENCE/GORE 9

 – A young man babysitting for a young boy hears a noise and finds a floor lamp on the floor with the bulb flickering, he searches the house for the young boy, hears him calling for help from an upstairs room, and the young man picks up a knife and walks through a dark attic; the door is closed behind him, he kicks the door to open it while yelling, “I’m gonna kill you,” the young boy is struck by the door, falls over the balcony and crashes to the floor below (we see the dead child’s face with a crushed nose and drenched in blood as a pool of blood collects on the floor under him).
 A young man carves the word, “Psycho” on the hood of a teen boy’s car and the teen with three other teens chase the young man to a scrapyard: one teen wraps a chain around the young man’s motorcycle to drag it behind a truck, the teen goes to find another teen and finds him stabbed through the eye (we see a lot of blood), two teen girls are chased by a tow truck and one is struck while trying to climb a gate (we see her pinned under the gate and under the truck and her head is later crushed by a heavy boot stomping on her), and the other teen girl is struck off-screen with a large wrench and we see her dead and covered in blood later; a teen boy then aims a loaded gun at the young man and shoots a man in the head (blood splatters), and a teen boy is struck and sprayed with a torch in the face. A young man wakes up in a drain pipe with rats skittering around him (he has blood on his face), he stumbles toward the entrance of the pipe, is grabbed by a man in the shadows and held by the throat gasping (we hear cracking), and he is let go and he crawls out of the pipe where he is confronted by a man holding a knife; they struggle and the man is stabbed twice and falls dead with blood on his shirt.
 A few flashbacks to previous encounters with a serial murderer show a young woman with blood on her hands and face as she stabs a man with a knitting needle, and we see several people being murdered by being stabbed and slashed with blood spurting, splattering and oozing from wounds and a dead body is shown hanging from a house roof. A man follows a young man to an underpass where he pulls back the hatch of a tent and finds a dead man; he continues looking for the young man, the young man wraps a cloth around the man’s head and face and they struggle on the ground, the man punches the young man, follows the young man into a storm drain, they tussle, and the young man holds the man on the ground as another man slashes the man across the throat and stabs him in the chest repeatedly (blood splatters and oozes). A woman goes to take a shower at a man’s house (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details) and when she hears a noise, she goes to investigate and finds a broken vase on the floor and a young man stabbing the man with a plastic bag over his head, in the neck and chest with a corkscrew (we see a lot of blood); the woman runs into the house and calls the police, another man in the house grabs her, pushes her against a wall and stabs her through the chest pinning her to the wall (blood drips down her leg and onto the floor). A man is threatened and punched, his head is slammed on a table until his mouth and jaw break, his tongue hangs out of the gaping wound and his tongue is cut off with a pair of scissors.
 A knife is held over a woman and she screams (we see her dead and covered with blood later). A woman screams when a man holds a knife toward her (she is presumably killed). A woman takes a loaded gun out of a safe, calls an emergency line and says that she is going to commit suicide: we hear a gunshot and when the door is opened we see pumpkin goop on the floor, she aims the gun at the person behind the door and shoots twice hitting him in the shoulder and he falls over a railing and onto the floor below (we see blood). A young man stabs himself in the neck, falls back onto the floor twitching and a lot of blood pools on the floor; he comes to and a man grabs him by the face, squeezes and snaps his neck. A woman and a man fight: she hits him with a fire extinguisher, he slams her into a counter and into a glass front cupboard, puts her hand in a running garbage disposal (she is not cut), stabs her in the face with a knitting needle and slams her to the floor; she stabs him in the hand and pins him to a counter, stabs his other hand to the counter, tips a refrigerator over on top of him, stabs him through the side, he struggles to get up, she removes a mask from his head and slashes his throat; he then grabs the woman by the throat, a young woman enters and breaks the man’s arm, and the first women cuts his wrist (blood pours). A dead and bloody body is strapped to the roof of a car and driven through a town with a police escort; people follow the cars and we see the body thrown into an industrial crusher (the body breaks apart and blood explodes out of it as it disappears into the machine).
 Four teenagers in a car stop on an overpass and mock a young man, one teen trips the young man and another steps on his glasses, the young man draws a knife, it is kicked out of his hand, the teens and the young man argue and tussle until the young man is pushed over the guardrail and he lands hard on the ground below and lies motionless; we see him dragged away by someone unseen and into a storm drain, still unconscious. Four teenagers approach a young man to buy them alcohol at a gas station; when the young man refuses, one teen harasses him, the young man squeezes a bottle in his hand breaking it and when the teen shoves him he falls on the ground and cuts his hand on the glass (we see blood and shards of glass in the wound). A man approaches a young woman in a restaurant and talks to her about not having called him, she tells him that she is with someone and the man acknowledges her date, but continues to try to flirt with the woman causing her date to become angry, stand up from the table and lunge at him; several other men at a nearby table ask if they need to go fight the young man, using crude terms. A young man straddles a roof ledge and jumps to another ledge, as a young woman yells for him to stop; he then jumps to the ground where he moans but seems uninjured. A young man confronts a man and they fight; the young man pins the man to the ground and pulls a mask off his head.
 A young woman cleans a deep cut on a young man’s hand and we see the open wound and glass crystals on the flesh. A young man rides his bike into an intersection as a car speeds in front of him, honking. A young man with blood on his hands, face and clothing goes home and cleans the blood as his mother pounds on the bathroom door. Someone in the shadows (we hear ragged breathing) behind a shrub watches a woman in her driveway at night. A man’s head and face are seen with scars and burned flesh.
 A woman confronts a young man at a bar about killing her child. A woman berates her son in several scenes; in one scene, she yells at him and tells him to get out of her house, and then slaps him in the face. A man yells at and belittles his teen son in front of another man, and then slaps him in the back of the head. A young man in ER knocks a tray of sterile equipment over in an exam room and the doctor yells at the nurse in the room. A woman in a parking lot confronts another woman and blames her for the murder of a man and the injuries that left another woman in a wheelchair and unable to speak (we see the woman with thick scars on her neck and throat). A young woman and a young man argue in a couple of scenes. A young woman and a young man go into an empty house at night and he tells her about what happened the night a young boy died while in his care. A man confronts and threatens a young man and a young woman for being on his property. A woman threatens a young man about his relationship with a young woman. A young man tells a young woman that a woman wants to kill him. A song’s lyrics include “monsters, zombies, voodoo.” A young boy tells his babysitter that a man doesn’t kill children, he kills the babysitter. A woman tells a young man that her son has nightmares about monsters and that he wets the bed after violent events in their town.
 A young man and a young boy watch a horror movie on TV and we see a man’s abdomen being cut into and organs lifted out by another man, as he yells, and we see a man’s head being pulled off (the skin on the throat and neck stretches and tears). A young boy wearing a werewolf mask jumps out of the shadows toward his mother startling her and she screams. A man at a Halloween party opens his coat to reveal fake internal organs on his abdomen and torso. A young man and a young woman ride a motorcycle together without helmets in a few scenes. A young man slams a fireplace poker on a piano.
 Children wearing Halloween costumes trick-or-treat in the dark. A smoke alarm blares in a house and we see smoke billow out of an oven and the charred and burning remains of a pie. A woman cores a large pumpkin and we see goo on her hands and the counter.

Halloween Ends LANGUAGE 8

 – About 38 F-words and its derivatives, 2 obscene hand gestures, 1 sexual reference, 18 scatological terms, 8 anatomical terms, 9 mild obscenities, name-calling (stupid, ugly, pure evil, punk, bad person, bogeyman, pedo, creep, crazy, insane, kid killer, psycho babysitter, disgusting, freak show, tease), exclamations (oh yeah), 8 religious profanities (GD), 10 religious exclamations (e.g. oh God no, Holy [scatological term deleted], Jesus, Holy [scatological term deleted], Jesus Christ, oh my God). | profanity glossary |

Halloween Ends SUBSTANCE USE

 – A woman pours and drinks several glasses of whiskey, an empty beer bottle is shown on a piano where a man plays (we do not see him drink), young men and young women drink at a party, a young man and a young woman drink beer in a restaurant, and a woman and a young woman drink glasses of wine.


 – Halloween, horror movies, murder, accidental death, bullying, grief, mistakes, obsession, paranoia, hope, death of loved ones, lingering effects of traumatic events, healing, suicide, despair.

Halloween Ends MESSAGE

 – Evil begets evil, but new beginnings are possible.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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