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Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw | 2019 | PG-13 | – 3.6.5

content-ratingsWhy is “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” rated PG-13? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “prolonged sequences of action and violence, suggestive material and some strong language.” The evaluation includes a couple of kissing scenes and scenes with cleavage revealing outfits and bare-chested men; many scenes of violent fights using weapons and hand-to-hand combat leaving people dead with little blood shown, an enhanced man fights with people and they are thrown through the air when he punches them, a torture scene using electric shocks, and many car and motorcycle chases; and at least 2 F-words and other strong language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

The 8th sequel in the popular franchise reunites a lawman (Dwayne Johnson) with a former British elite military operative (Jason Statham) to fight a cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist (Idris Elba) who threatens humanity with biological weapons. Also with Vanessa Kirby, Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds. Directed by David Leitch. Several lines of dialogue are spoken in Samoan with English subtitles and others are spoken without translation. [Running Time: 2:15]

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw SEX/NUDITY 3

 – A man and a woman kiss passionately while another man and a woman watch and seem bothered by the act. After jumping from a car, a woman is pulled into a large truck by a man and she is shown straddling his lap (they look at each other flirtatiously before she moves to the passenger seat). A woman kisses a man and he asks if she wants to do it again and she declines. A man and a woman are shown sleeping in bed; the man gets up wearing pajamas.
 A man makes sexually suggestive remarks about another man’s sister. Two men make remarks about the other’s genital size in a few scenes. A 9-year-old girl asks her father if he found, “That hot spy lady” and makes comments about the man seeming smitten by the woman when he saw her picture. A gag is played on a man whose name on his passport is “Mike Oxmaul.”
 Several women are shown wearing skimpy outfits at a gathering (cleavage, bare abdomens, backs and legs to the lower buttocks are seen). A few women are shown wearing bikinis that reveal cleavage, bare abdomens, and legs to the hips. A woman’s top is deeply cut and reveals cleavage and her bra. A man is shown sleeping in bed bare-chested (we see his bare chest, abdomen and leg). A man opens his shirt and reveals part of his bare chest and a tattoo. A woman wears a low-cut dress that reveals cleavage. Several women wear low-cut tops that reveal cleavage. A woman wears a deeply cut top that reveals cleavage. A man is shown seated on a toilet in a stall and we see his pants and underwear around his ankles. A woman wears a tank top that reveals cleavage and it is soaking wet in one scene (nothing else is evident). Several men are shown shirtless (bare chests, abdomens and backs are seen.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw VIOLENCE/GORE 6

 – A man enters a large area where armed people are inside and he shoots several of them, punches others and tries to break the metal hatch of a truck open to get to a woman inside; he shoots at her and she speeds through a wall and the truck tips over (we see her with glass on her face) and the man goes back inside the building and shoots a wounded man on the ground (no blood is shown). A man snaps another man’s neck by twisting his head in his hands.
 A large window in a high-rise office is shattered, people inside are thrown and a woman lies unconscious on the floor as several gunmen attached to cables swing into the area shooting others inside the room (we see people fall with no blood showing); the woman is taken away and three men walk down the outside of the building attached to ropes with another man following on a rope and he jumps onto the man carrying the woman knocking him down and they both crash into a car on the street below. A woman and two men fight several men in a laboratory facility and they escape in a vehicle.
 A man shoots several armed men and one man punches a man hard in the chest throwing him back; a car is blown up and it flips on top of a man that catches it and pushes it back over and off him (he is unharmed). A man sprays a man with flames from a flame thrower and the man is thrown backward; the man shoots several others with flames and we see them running in flames.
 Three men fight with punches and throws and two men are punched hard several times, and are thrown back into rocks and the ground (we see some blood on faces). A man fights with a man, hits him with a metal tray, and threatens him with a tattoo gun that he drops and it stabs the second man in the foot; he then kicks him in the crotch (no blood is shown and the man yells and groans in pain). A man fights several men in a room and kicks one man through a plate glass window, holding him on the ledge with a rope around the back of his neck and leaves him dangling as he yells. Two men enter a room where there are many armed men waiting for them: they are struck in the back of the head and we see them bound in chairs with chains wrapped around them as they revive. Three men fight on the back of a large truck bed and two men are thrown when punched; a large silo crashes down on the back of the truck and knocks a man off and into rubble (we see him unharmed later).
 A man fights three armed men in an apartment smashing furniture and glass and pulling the pin on a grenade (it does not explode); one man’s arm is bent unnaturally and we hear a crunch, and one man beats the other men using a metal cooking pot, a toaster, and a shower head. A woman hits a man with a motorcycle helmet and throws heavy objects at him, they fight, she breaks a bottle on his face and threatens him with a shard of glass, he handcuffs her, she wrestles him to the ground and tries to knock him out until he lifts her over his head to make her stop. A woman unlocks handcuffs she is locked into, slams a table into a man standing in the room with her and beats the man repeatedly with a folding chair pounding his head into a glass wall repeatedly and she steals his handgun until another man enters the room and she holds the gun on him while wrapping her legs around his neck. A man fights several men with punches, kicks and throws and a cattle prod that makes the men flinch. A man fights a large man carrying a large wrench; he punches him once and the man falls back unconscious. Two men slam the heads of unconscious men against a scanner several times to access a laboratory. A woman frees herself from handcuffs and fights two men, stabbing them and getting away (no blood is shown). A woman fights several men in a laboratory knocking them out. A man punches another man in the face and he falls down a flight of stairs (we see a little blood and a bruise on his face). Many men fight with punches, kicks and heavy wooden weapons (we hear blows land and people are thrown and flip and fall to the ground without any injuries seen). A man holds a woman at gunpoint and she tackles him and holds him around the throat until he passes out. A man slams another man on the floor with a gun (we see blood on the first man’s face, shirt and hand). A man is shown on the floor with a phone cord around his neck and a brick sticking out of his chest (he has blood on his face).
 A man in the back of a truck throws a chain to attach to a helicopter in the air and pulls the helicopter toward the ground while the chopper tries to pull up; several other vehicles chain themselves together to keep the chopper from getting away and explosions blow up other vehicles as they move along a narrow road; the helicopter crashes over a cliff and pulls the chained vehicle and passengers to the ground below (one person is shown with a bloody head wound). Several motorcycles chase a car through crowded streets in a city, other cars nearly crash into them, the car speeds along a sidewalk (no one is struck), one motorcyclist crashes into a car and the rider is flipped onto the ground (he gets back on the bike and continues riding), a motorcycle speeds through a narrow alley, banks off a wall and rides along car rooftops, and a man in the car grabs a rider off a motorcycle and slams him into a wall; a car slides under a truck unscathed and a motorcyclist does the same and continues to chase the car until the motorcyclist jumps through the side of a bus and we see him crash to the street and yell in frustration. A vehicle is chased by several motorcycles as they speed out of a building that explodes behind them; drones fly overhead shooting at the car as a large truck crashes through a wall and into another vehicle; the first vehicle crashes through a window throwing the passenger onto the hood, but she holds onto the frame and pulls herself back into the cabin (no injuries are seen). A woman jumps from a vehicle to a large truck where a man catches her and pulls her inside (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details). A car speeds up a ramp and lands on a truck’s open bed, a motorcycle jumps onto the bed and the rider fights with two other man on the bed as the truck speeds along. Several vehicles explode and flip over as another vehicle spins around spraying flames on the ground to encircle people for a fight.
 Two men are tortured with electric shocks as they are interrogated by another man; when they are shocked they flinch and yell. A man threatens another man with a tattoo gun and questions him; when the man doesn’t answer him he tattoos a message on his forehead and we hear the man screaming. An armed group of people flies into a city, blasts a door open and uses flash bombs and electric bullets to disable guards around a truck; one member of the team retrieves a vial of liquid from a locked case. A man falls back off a cliff and crashes into surf below (presumably dying).
 A man seated in a laboratory room is shown screaming in pain as a robotic arm moves around him and a distorted voice talks to him; in one of these scenes we see tubes of liquid attached to his back and the flesh on his back is opened to reveal metal framework as the robotic arm snaps the flesh flaps back together like buttons. A man is shown wrapped with heavy chains and hanging from a hook as another man shoots at a dummy hanging next to him and then fires a flame thrower at him (the man screams and we see spittle on his mouth and beard, but he does not appear to be harmed). A woman’s arm is wrapped with a plastic grip and she is pierced with needles as she screams (we see fluid moving into a vial). Several men are shown bound with one hanging upside down from his feet while several women move through a building. A man grabs a woman around the throat and drags her into a helicopter.
 Many armed men chant and yell as many other armed men arrive at a compound. Three people hold guns on each other (no one shoots). An abandoned nuclear facility in Ukraine is shown to have been converted to a laboratory. Two men eject themselves out of a plane and parachute into nuclear silos. A group of men arm themselves with bats and heavy wooden weapons. Police outside a pub call in to a man and tell him to come out (we see officers with guns trained on the man when he opens the door as the scene ends).
 A flashback shows a boy and a girl detonating explosives and blowing up what looks like a safe (they are thrown in the blast and the man in present day refers to suffering hearing loss). A flashback shows a boy running from several other boys and a girl readying with a cricket bat as the boys approach her (she apparently hit the boys chasing the first boy). A man throws a chair into a glass wall startling people on the other side of the glass. A woman throws a slipper hitting a man in the face (there are no injuries). A woman with a slipper in her hand threatens several men. A woman slams her hand onto several needles (we see a reddened area on the palm of her hand) and a message on a screen reads, “Viral Sample Dispensed.” A man’s eyes change color when he becomes angry and is about to attack others.
 Several references are made to someone not having much time before becoming infected with a virus. Two men yell at each other and argue before they are interrupted by a woman that also yells. A man says that a woman must be killed and burned to ashes. A man says that he stabbed a man with a brick. A man tells another man that if a woman moves he should “Shoot her 2 times, right in the face.” Two men argue in a plane and threaten to fight until they are interrupted by third man. A man says that someone stabbed a man with a brick. A man threatens another man and says, “I’ll knock one of your lungs loose.” A man describes what a virus does to a victim and says your insides melt and you turn into a “bag of hot soup.” A man describes that a virus will cause your skin to melt off. A man calls another man a name and the second man lunges toward him (no contact is made). Two men insult each other in several scenes; one man tells the other that when he speaks he makes him feel like a part of his anatomy is being dragged across broken glass, and the other man says that when he sees his face it’s like the other man is projectile vomiting into his eyes. A man describes his job as a Sky Marshall, using scatological references. A man tells a woman, “If you are lying to me, I will cut your heart out.” A man talks about a group being a “death cult.” A man says, “Genocide, schmenocide.” A man says that he turned his father in for illegal activity. A man tells another man that he will kill all 13 people gathered around him in 7 seconds. We hear a toilet flush in the background while a man is on the telephone. A man is shown seated on a toilet in a stall. A gag is played on a man about his name referring to a part of his anatomy. A man tells another man over the phone that he is bleeding a lot (it is not his blood).

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw LANGUAGE 5

 – 2 F-words, 1 mouthed F-word, 1 not-fully-enunciated F-word, 1 “FU,” 1 sexual hand gesture, 2 sexual references, 12 scatological terms, 24 anatomical terms, 19 mild obscenities, name-calling (bad guy, wily, cheeky bugger, wanker, baby, traitor, nasally Harry Potter voice, mini me, big fella, fun sponge, Opie, nasty, subtle, murderer, Terminator, Black Superman, warlocks, thief, hot spy lady, greasy sausage fingers, almighty pants, idiots, bald-headed, dirty little liar, stupid, dumb, small fry, Honda legs, good little elephant, death cult, big mouth, deaf, diva, weightlifting bus driver), exclamations (bloody, I don’t give a toss, fresh turkey hell, shut-up), 4 religious profanities (GD), 5 religious exclamations (Jesus Christ, My God, Oh My God, Jesus, So Help Me God). | profanity glossary |

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw SUBSTANCE USE

 – A man drinks two shots of liquor quickly as he enters a bar/party, a man at an outdoor café is shown with a glass of beer on the table in front of him (we do not see him drink), a woman pours a man a full glass of whisky (we do not see him drink it), a woman drinks a glass of whisky, a man and woman drink from bottles of beer, a man is shown at a pub with a half-filled glass of beer on the bar in front of him, and a woman asks “who needs a drink?”

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw DISCUSSION TOPICS

 – Biological warfare, world domination, CIA, MI6, programmable disease, family, technology vs. heart, going home, abandonment, disappointment, mercenaries, dark money, progress, parenting, betrayal.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw MESSAGE

 – Do your best and move on.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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