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Bloodshot | 2020 | PG-13 | – 5.6.5

content-ratingsWhy is “Bloodshot” rated PG-13? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “intense sequences of violence, some suggestive material and language.” The evaluation includes an implied sex scene with partial nudity, a couple of kissing scenes, and some cleavage revealing outfits; a few scenes of hostage taking and interrogation ending in murder, many fight scenes with a lot of gunfire and death with some blood shown, many explosions and several scenes of enhanced humans using advanced technology; and at least 1 F-word and other strong language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

A soldier (Vin Diesel) awakens to learn that he has died, been reanimated and given superpowers by a mysterious organization. When he suddenly remembers that his wife was murdered, he sets off on a bloody revenge mission, although he eventually realizes that his memories may not be exactly reliable. Also with Eiza González, Sam Heughan, Toby Kebbell, Talulah Riley, Lamorne Morris, Guy Pearce and Siddharth Dhananjay. Directed by Dave Wilson. [Running Time: 1:49]

Bloodshot SEX/NUDITY 5

 – A husband and his wife are shown in bed as the woman traces the scars on the man’s back (she is wearing underwear that reveals her bare back legs to the hips and the side of her breast and the man is shirtless and we see his bare back, chest and abdomen); the man stands up and the woman wraps her legs around his waist as they kiss and fall back into bed (sex is implied).
 A husband greets his wife and lifts her up as they kiss and embrace. A husband and his wife hold hands and kiss while walking together.
 A man arrives at the door of a woman and they greet and hug, he moves to enter the door and she stands in his way and says, “I’ve moved on.” A woman tells a man, “6 inches is not a lot.” A man asks another man if he could have a part of his body augmented and when asked for more details he seems embarrassed and walks away. A man climbs stairs and another man follows him as the first man tells him not to look at his buttocks.
 A woman wearing a one-piece swimsuit gets out of a pool and we see part of the side of her breast. A woman wears a lace dress that reveals flesh through the openings of the lace. A woman wears tight-fitting outfits that reveal the outline of her breasts, buttocks and legs, her bare abdomen and cleavage throughout the movie. A man wears tank T-shirts in several scenes. A woman swims in a pool and we see her swimsuit that reveals her bare back, cleavage and legs to the hips. A woman wears a top that has sheer inserts in the front and back (we can see part of her flesh through the sheer fabric).


 – A man wakes up tied to a chair in a meat locker with animal carcasses hanging around him and another man interrogates him before bringing in a woman and strapping her into another chair, while holding a cattle gun to her temple and continuing to interrogate the man; the man shoots the woman in the head with the cattle gun and we see her head fall over motionless (from behind, after she is shot and there’s no blood shown); the other tied up man yells and threatens the shooter until he shoots him with a handgun (we hear the gunshot and the scene ends); we see parts of this scene in several flashbacks.
 A man in a convoy of 5 cars drives through a tunnel, the lights go out and an oncoming 18-wheeler crashes and blocks the road; gunmen inside the convoy vehicles move through the tunnel investigating and engage a man with gunfire exchanged, fighting with punches landing, stabbings and explosions from grenades; one man is placed over a grenade and it blows him off the ground when it explodes (there’s no blood but we assume he is dead), another man is pressed against the side of a vehicle with a grenade and the glass shatters when the grenade explodes, a man’s arms are broken when they are wrenched behind him (we hear cracks), and a man is shot in the foot and we see spurt of blood; a man inside a vehicle shoots a man outside a vehicle and we see the skin of his face torn away to reveal his skull and teeth before it is healed and he shoots into the vehicle presumably killing one man, and another man pleads for his life (we see blood on his face) before he is also shot (off-screen). An armed soldier moves toward a door and pounds on it, extensive gunfire breaks through the door next to him; he moves into the building and shoots several men (we see the bodies fall with no evident bloodshed), he throws a flash grenade, continues shooting other men as he moves through the building and finds a hostage (we see blood on his face from an apparent beating) held with a gun to his head by another man and the first man lowers his weapon when the other man demands a helicopter; when the gunman is distracted the first man shoots him several times and once in the head (blood spurts and we see that the first man was shot in the side with blood on his jacket).
 A man in a car is slammed into by a large vehicle, the man is shot with a device before he pulls it out and runs away, one man in the other vehicle arms a weapon and chases the man while another man speeds after him on a motorcycle; they nearly crash into other vehicles, they crash through walls, jump across rooftops, one man kicks a police vehicle causing it to spin around (the officers in the car yell but are uninjured) and one man shoots at another man; two men wrestle on the ground and are struck by a truck (one man is shown with his legs (they are artificial) missing from the knees down with some blood and blood on his head and face and the other man’s face is scraped. A man arrives at a compound and tells security that he is there to kill someone; the man is shot several times (we see an X-ray image of the shots in his chest and abdomen), falls to the ground and is carried into the compound where he attacks several security members. A man shoots two men several times, he throws another man and pins another man to a wall behind a desk before shooting him (we do not see blood). Two armed men enter a man’s room and he fights with them; he stabs one with a hypodermic needle that renders his arm immobile, they continue to fight and the attacked man runs out of the room where he is injected with a sedative and falls to the floor. A man throws a dismembered mechanical arm through the back of a car and a man in the car shoots at him twice (we see parts of his body torn apart and reassembling), the man moves closer to the other man and an explosive detonates between them (we see a cloud of smoke and hear the blast). A man fights several guards and he is shot several times; he heals quickly and continues fighting. A woman fights several men using a retractable baton and fighting moves. A man is slammed onto a table and ordered to make a piece of equipment work to emit an EMP and disable a man.
 Two men fight: one man has long robotic arms that grab and strike the other man, he is stabbed in the shoulder by one of the arms, another man joins the fight and uses a knife, and one man is pressed against an elevator wall as the car speeds downward (we see his flesh being scraped); the three men continue to fight in the elevator, they are thrown into the elevator shaft, land on another elevator car, one man falls off and to the ground below (we hear him yell) and the remaining men continue to fight and they fall toward the ground banging into the elevator framework and one man’s mechanized weapons are pulled off him and we assume he is killed.
 A man remotely turns off a woman’s breathing mechanism and she gasps and falls to the floor before he turns it back on. A man cuts another man’s hand with a knife and we see it bleed briefly until nanites (we see them in close up and they look like tiny robot bugs) rebuild the flesh on the head and it is closed and healed within moments. A man cuts his own hand and pours many nanites into a glass (we see them moving around the glass like liquid). A man pulls up his sleeve to reveal a robotic arm and pounds on a table denting it. A man talks about three ex-soldiers with physical enhancements after injuries in the field; one man lost his legs at the knee and has replacements, one lost his eyesight and has replacement technology and a woman has a replacement breathing mechanism. A man tries to get out of a medical bed and he falls to the floor from weakness. Many needles poke into a man’s wrists and his chest while he lies unconscious on a medical table (we hear squishing sounds and liquid pours from his wrist). A man attaches jumper cables to a metal table where another man lies unconscious and when he engages the power, the electricity shocks the man and he awakens. A man lights a woman’s cigarette and she blows smoke in his face causing him to fall unconscious.
 A woman blows up a large computer room with an explosive and we see people in the building running as flames blow through the room. A man speeds through streets in a pickup truck. A man angrily punches a heavy bag and bursts a hole in it (sand pours out of it); he then punches a cement pillar that cracks and his hands bleed but are healed instantly. A vehicle is blown up (we see flames).
 A man stands over an unconscious man on a medical table and seems to be tormenting him by telling him about what has happened to him since being rebuilt. A man tells another man, “You got yourself killed.” After telling a man that he was killed, a woman makes a remark about his being alone and that no one claimed his body after his death and that, “Sometimes you have to rip off the Band-Aid.” We hear radio chatter about “hostages down” and that someone “dumped the bodies” after interrogation. A radio plays the song “Psycho Killer” while a man dances to the tune. A man says of another man, “He would literally die for her.” A man makes a remark about working in indentured servitude. A man talks about another man having been shot in the head and his brains poured out of the wound (we do not see this).
 We see a man’s back with several metallic ports along his spine and he is attached to a weapon pack with screws being inserted into the ports (he grimaces). We see images of blood cells and other medical monitoring information on screens in a medical exam room. We see many healed scars on a man’s back, chest and arms in several scenes. A man is shown in a containment unit with monitoring mechanisms attached to his body. We see a vent-like implant in a woman’s throat a few times. An EMP is engaged and it wipes out all power.
 A dog digs in an overturned garbage can. A man spits out a piece of gum and we hear it splat on the floor. A man presses a piece of chewed gum under a table where we see several more pieces stuck. A man blows mucus out of a nostril as he prepares to fight another man.

Bloodshot LANGUAGE 5

 – About 1 F-word, 1 obscene hand gesture, 19 scatological terms, 5 anatomical terms, 9 mild obscenities, name-calling (circus, damaged goods, dumb, toy soldier, cliché, legend, defector, crazy, rogue, relentless [anatomical term deleted], wicked), exclamations (bugger me, goodness gracious, son of a…, wait what), 5 religious profanities (GD), 7 religious exclamations (e.g. Jesus, Oh Jesus). | profanity glossary |


 – A man and a woman drinks shots of liquor. A man smokes a cigarette in an outdoor scene, and a man lights a woman’s cigarette and she blows smoke in his face (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details).


 – Revenge, murder, memories, love, nanites and nanotechnology, EMPs, reality, vendettas, manipulation of memories, disappointment, heartbreak.

Bloodshot MESSAGE

 – With great power comes the responsibility to know who’s manipulating you to commit murder.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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