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Annabelle Comes Home | 2019 | R | – 1.6.3

content-ratingsWhy is “Annabelle Comes Home” rated R? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “horror violence and terror.” The evaluation includes a couple of kisses and references to sex and wooing, several jump scenes and a scary ghost, corpse and doll activity, several scenes of ghosts with bloody wounds and weapons, an encounter with a demon, and some strong language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.”

In this sequel, a pair of famous demonologists (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) bring a demon-possessed doll home and lock it into their paranormal museum room. Even though the doll is stored behind “sacred glass,” blessed by a Catholic priest, it animates evil spirits in the room that brutally attack the couple’s ten-year-old daughter (Mckenna Grace) and her babysitters (Madison Iseman and Katie Sarife). Also with Stephen Blackehart, Steve Coulter, Samara Lee, Joseph Bishara and Paul Dean. Directed by Gary Dauberman. A few lines of dialogue are spoken in Japanese without translation. [Running Time: 1:46]

Annabelle Comes Home SEX/NUDITY 1

 – A man kisses a woman on the cheek. A young man and a young woman begin to kiss and then stop. A young man begins to kiss a young woman and she turns away.
 A preteen boy tells a young girl he cannot attend her party because his parents have not yet prepared him to talk about sex; stunned, she mumbles that it’s only a birthday party, but the boy walks away. A pizza delivery person tells a teen boy to woo a teen girl with rock n’ roll; so the boy serenades the girl with his guitar at night under her window.

Annabelle Comes Home VIOLENCE/GORE 6

 – A young woman and a young girl reach in a Feeley Meeley game box and the girl finds a key and unlocks a door where we see a lighted lantern in a smaller dark room where several male corpses are found (from around 1900 CE, standing in corners with coins over their eyes that reflect the lantern light); we hear the sound of many coins hitting a floor off-screen and a female corpse with coin-covered eyes holds a doll and when the young woman tries to take it, the corpse shrieks at her (into the camera), she grabs the doll and throws it out of the door, shouting to the young girl, “Go!”
 A young girl carries a doll to a glass case in a room where lights flicker, old toys shudder on shelves and a lamp sparks in the dark as hands reach out of a cardboard box and grab the girl; she escapes, puts the doll in the case and a demon with black horns, claws, skin, and sharp black teeth appears, roars and prevents her from closing the door, it chokes her and begins sucking out her glowing spirit through her mouth, when a young woman enters the room and shouts and the demon throws her against a wall and continues to choke the girl while another young woman, who has turned into a ghost with a sharp knife, drags the other young woman across the room and then charges at the young girl; the girl grabs a crucifix and points it at the demon, she falls and activates a projector that plays a video of a man performing an exorcism and the demon vanishes and the ghost turns back into a young woman, who helps close and lock the glass door when the doll is replaced into the case (no one is shown to be injured).
 A teen girl enters a room, places a photo in a locket and puts the locket on her wrist; she chants fast and touches a piano keyboard as a charred or decomposing hand reaches into the frame and plays a few notes; the teen sees her father’s reflection in a mirror, turns to see his bloody face shouting, “You killed me!” several times and she runs out of the house, screaming. A teen girl enters a room, the door slams shut, locking her in and she cries; she finds an old TV that shows herself as if on surveillance, but she and her image move independently as a ghost grabs her, shooting black tendrils from its mouth and down her throat. A ghost stabs a teen girl in the stomach; we hear crunching and when the girl falls to the floor, there is no wound.
 A boy holding a guitar sees a thick white fog become the snarling head of a werewolf; he runs and hides in a chicken coop and we hear snarling, gobbling and roaring outside. A boy sees a young girl lock herself in a car as something murky slams against the car, breaks the window glass on all sides with shattering sounds, and claws through the cloth top; the boy hits the murky thing with his guitar, breaking the instrument and turning the beast into a cloud of dust.
 A man and a woman driving in a car at night are told by a police officer to turn back because of an accident up the road and the car breaks down in front of a foggy cemetery; the man exits the car and is pushed into the path of an oncoming truck (we hear tires screech as the truck swerves and the man runs and falls on the ground unharmed and the truck driver shouts from off-screen and runs into the frame).
 A door inside a darkened room opens to reveal a large doll and then slams shut and locks and a picture card of a key is slid out from under the door. The full-head helmet of a tall Samurai suit of armor turns and frightens a teen girl twice; she approaches and we hear male and female Japanese voices inside the armor, screaming fast and we hear swords clanking inside the helmet and then silence (perhaps suggesting death). A young man rushes into a room with a broken guitar and a crucifix as weapons, but the fight has already ended and he says a werewolf attacked him outside (we see no injuries).
 A babysitter finds a doll in a child’s bed and later the child is pulled under the covers by something unseen and the covers rise as if something is standing under them; the child lifts the covers to see only the doll lying there and screams, knocking over a lamp. A man tells a woman that her doll should be taken away, the woman says it should be destroyed and the man says that would be worse and takes the doll away with his wife; they drive at night with the doll and another, totally dark figure appears in the back seat and vanishes. A large doll appears in different chairs around a house, but vanishes. An old priest appears around school hallways and in a house, and vanishes each time. A doll appears under a couch and frightens a young girl. A ghost appears in a corner, lunges forward and vanishes. A teen girl sees the ghost of her father standing in a window of a house and rushes inside, but finds no one; she panics and runs up and down two flights of stairs. A young girl finds a note near a bed that says “Miss Me?” in red crayon. A ghost appears with bright red blood on its dress and a bloody knife in its hand and its long bloody hair covers part of its face as it rushes toward the camera with heavy footsteps and vanishes. A young girl stands by an outside window, tapping on it, and vanishes. Four ghostly figures like zombies stand at the entrance of a graveyard. We see old photos of corpses with coins over their eyes, and an ink drawing of the Grim Reaper.
 A woman says that a doll is a beacon that attracts demons. A teen girl says that she feels responsible for her father’s death and wants to summon his spirit. A teen girl answers a telephone and a female voice says, “I want her soul,” and the teen hangs up and a younger girl says, “The doll. It wants my soul.”
 An occult museum room includes an array of haunted artifacts from paranormal investigations and we see an antique toy monkey with a concertina, old jewelry, small statues, a conjuring mirror, an old upright piano and knickknacks; an old worn bride doll sits in a rocking chair in a glass case (the doll is wooden with wide eyes, a splotchy, cracked face and red, cracked cheeks that seem to have dried blood and some claw marks on one cheek and we see a priest sprinkle the doll and the case with holy water as he says a blessing while the hands of a clock move very quickly.
 A teen girl searches an office in a museum, turns a picture of Christ face down, and finds keys to a room that she enters and tries to summon a spirit by chanting something unintelligible fast while looking at her father’s photo and we hear some thuds and toys fall from shelves; the teen unblocks a glass case and picks up a doll inside, replaces it, and the doll leans forward, hits against the glass door, and rolls out onto the floor, undamaged.
 A doorbell rings many times and someone pounds on the door, but no one is there. The disembodied voice of a young girl calls out, asking if someone can come out to play. Something unseen at night pounds on the front door of a house, but cannot get in. A TV turns itself off and another TV turns itself on. A cassette player-radio plays music by itself. Lights flicker in a house and then all power goes out, frightening a teen girl and a 10-year-old girl. A partial glass of milk moves across a table and falls to the floor, shattering with a muffled break. A teen points a flashlight at a doorway and sees the glowing coins that cover a dead man’s eyes and they levitate before falling to the floor. A typewriter types “Miss Me?” about 100 times on a blank page by itself as a nearby wall lamp sparks and a table lamp falls and crashes. A mechanical monkey falls to the floor, screeching while playing a concertina. A smoke alarm sounds off-screen and a teen girl runs to a kitchen to turn it off and fan smoke out of the room.
 Preteen students belittle a classmate and a teen girl shouts at them, causing them to disperse. A teen girl says her younger brother still wets the bed.

Annabelle Comes Home LANGUAGE 3

 – One possible scatological term , 7 anatomical terms, name-calling (creepy, Bob’s got [anatomical term deleted]), 7 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, a short exorcism video is played twice, a young girl prays fast four times with her head turned to a corner or buried in her hands while pointing a crucifix at something off-screen). | profanity glossary |

Annabelle Comes Home SUBSTANCE USE

 – A teen girl gasps and uses an inhaler in two scenes, and a priest sprinkles holy water onto a doll.

Annabelle Comes Home DISCUSSION TOPICS

 – Demonology, paranormal events, demons, spirits, ghosts, good and evil, harassment, murder, death, danger, taking precautions, protecting children, legends, truth, survival.

Annabelle Comes Home MESSAGE

 – Children and teenagers need to learn how to stay safe.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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