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The Addams Family 2 | 2021 | PG | – 2.3.1

content-ratingsWhy is “The Addams Family 2” rated PG? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “macabre and rude humor, violence and language.” The evaluation includes a couple of kisses and suggestive references, eerie science experiments, an animated detached hand, a couple of fights, several explosions that leave a boy charred, threats of violence between siblings, humans transforming into animals and back again, and some mild language and name-calling. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.

When Wednesday Addams (voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz) feels too dissimilar to her family, and her parents (voiced by Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron) are at their wits’ end, they decide to take a family road trip to bring them together. They are confronted and followed by a scientist’s representatives that insist Wednesday was switched at birth in the hospital and she is actually his daughter. Also with the voices of Nick Kroll, Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton, Snoop Dogg, Bette Midler, Bill Hader, Wallace Shawn. Directed by Greg Tiernan & Conrad Vernon. [Running Time: 1:33]

The Addams Family 2 SEX/NUDITY 2

 – A husband dips his wife and kisses her proclaiming his love for her. A husband and his wife dance and she dips him and they kiss. Two very large men charge toward each other growling, and then hug. A boy and a girl hug and she caresses his cheek. A wife kisses her husband’s cheek.
 A husband tells his wife he feels like he has liquid magma all over his body when he touches her. A man’s hologram touches a girl’s shoulder and she looks at his hand trying to brush it off (it does not appear suggestive, but she is annoyed by the contact). A woman talks about making memories and a man says, “Like on prom night.” A boy is obsessed with trying to date someone and attempts to attract girls throughout the movie while his uncle shares dating tips with him; he trips and skins his knee and proclaims that he was falling for a teen girl that scoffs at him. A man tells another man, “Your tentacles are hanging out,” and the man replies, “Don’t kick ’em, they are very sensitive.” A man says that he is going to a “hug a biker” gathering. A man tries to propose to a woman three times and they are interrupted by a traumatic event each time (she eventually accepts).
 A boy’s and a man’s underwear are pulled up out of their pants as they are lifted into the air. A man wearing only briefs, sits up on a medical table and we see his bare chest, abdomen and legs to the hips (we see him in his briefs again later). A woman wears a form-fitting dress throughout the movie that reveals cleavage and the outline of her hips and buttocks.

The Addams Family 2 VIOLENCE/GORE 3

 – Eerie music accompanies the scene of a scientific experiment conducted by a young girl at a science fair; we see a man on a medical table, a vice squeezes his head and pink goop squirts out his ear and into a bucket, the girl mixes solutions in beakers, the man then eats a Rubik’s Cube puzzle and burps loudly as an octopus in a tank nearby solves three of them, the man drinks a green liquid and reacts to changes in his personality, and a woman in the audience faints and the man solves the Rubik’s Cube.
 A girl leans over her uncle (who is now a giant octopus) lying on the ground and says, “He’s dying and it’s all my fault”; she injects him with a serum made of blood and he transforms back to his human form and is OK. A gas fills a room and knocks three people unconscious; they awaken inside containment tubes that fill with green liquid and one of them tries to blow up his tube and he is shaken but the tube does not break. A giant octopus/man and a chicken/steer/man fight rolling around and tossing each other, they slam each other and fall over a balcony shattering glass and falling toward the ocean below where they crash down on a man proposing to a woman (they are OK). People fight in a bar and one man’s false teeth are knocked out by a pool ball, another man is shown with a black eye, a mounted deer head falls on another man’s head, and a woman punches a man in the face several times. A man draws a sword on another man. A young boy sets an explosive in a volcano science experiment and causes it to blow up and shoot flames all around a school gymnasium; people run screaming and the boy is shown with char on his face. A girl twists her father’s finger in a few scenes when he tries to hug her. A girl uses a Voodoo doll of her brother in a few scenes; she twists its head off and her brother’s head twists and he falls on the floor, she makes it dance and throws it over a railing into the Niagara Falls in another scene and the boy dances and falls toward the water — a bird catches the doll and the boy is thrown through the air, the doll falls in the water and the boy follows, it is eaten by a fish and eventually the boy is pulled out of the water gasping — and she twists water out of the doll in a scene causing the boy to be squeezed and scream. A man tumbles down a flight of stairs, crashes through a wall, falls through the floor and lands in a chair at a dining table. A boy deploys explosives that blow up the Grand Canyon. A man stands up out of a pile of goop and we see that he is several animals put together; he has steer horns, a chicken head and feathers and wings. A man is shown transforming slowly into an octopus with tentacles appearing as his arms, legs and his eyes transform back and forth randomly, and he is drawn to water. A man is caught in a rope trap and pulled into a tree hanging by the leg over a cliff and a girl later says, “I let him go” (we see the rope empty). A man puts his daughter and his wife in barrels and throws them over Niagara Falls, then dives into a barrel himself; they are all seen floating in the water below unharmed. A woman hosts a party where a large plant snaps at guests and we see sharp teeth under its petals. A man juggles several crying newborns in a hospital nursery. A girl hangs upside down from a tree branch surrounded by bats in the same position. A girl stands on a man’s back as he is face down in a stream and she paddles as if he is a paddleboard. A girl sits under a self-created storm cloud that rains on her on a sunny beach; she attaches the cloud mechanism to a Frisbee that lands near her and tosses it to two young men, it rains on them and one is struck by lightning (we see his skeleton glow).
 A boy jumps onto a guillotine constructed of sand and it collapses on him covering him in sand. A man with a shark fin strapped to his back swims in the ocean and many bathers rush out of the water screaming. A character races on a jet ski and does tricks flipping and jumping with it in the water. A detached hand driving a camper drifts off to sleep and swerves on the road (we hear a horn honking). A man driving a scooter with another man on his shoulders chases a camper and swerves back and forth across the road. A girl entices her brother toward an oven and they are interrupted just as the boy puts his head inside the oven. A woman drags a girl backstage to prepare for a beauty pageant and the child tells her father, “This will not end well for you.” A girl says that she can read other people’s minds and we see her interact with another girl as her eyes roll back in her head and she tells the girl everything she is thinking, causing the other girl to scream and run away. A girl on a stage during a beauty pageant throws a knife that cuts a rope attached to a shelf holding many cans of red paint that spill on the other contestants on the stage. Many people pile on top of a man as he enters an auditorium, when they think he is a talent agent. A man fills the gas tank of a camper by lifting a tanker truck off the ground and the truck driver faints from fright. Octopus tentacles from a man’s sleeves slap him in the face several times, as he thrashes around in a bathroom and another man is startled when he sees him and leaves. A private plane zips through and around the Grand Canyon before landing. A man spins around on a knife throwing board with knives all around him. A boy is shown bound and gagged in a sleeping chamber. A girl and a man walk along a desert road and a large spider leaps toward the girl; she catches it and strokes its back putting it to sleep before letting it go. A man introduces his wife and she appears to be part woman and part bird (she squawks and pecks at things with a beak-like nose). A man introduces his young daughter and she appears to be part girl and part pig (she rolls in mud and snorts like a pig). A man speaks with a very deep booming voice. Two very large men charge toward each other growling, and then hug. Two very large men stretch a man and twist him into a ball shape and they toss him and kick him around like a ball until he crashes into a containment tube and is covered with green goop. Three people in a bathtub are flung out a window and land hard on the ground (no injuries are seen).
 A girl complains about a science fair and the results when it is announced that everyone that participated would win. A young girl writes a letter about not participating in the family ritual mastication. A woman walks through a school and remarks with concern that the children are all clean and shiny. A camper’s car horn sounds like people screaming. After a man offers another man a tip and hands him a severed finger, the man says, “I can’t believe he gave me the finger.” People plan a tour of the country that would include a visit to Salem and Death Valley; a man points out the route using a sword and the map catches fire when he touches Death Valley. A woman says that she knows her daughter is disappointed at not seeing where girls her age were burned at the stake, after not being able to go to Salem. A girl describes putting leeches in her brother’s underwear. A man tells a story about a puppy under a full moon and his young son is frightened and screams; the man says that as a baby the boy would scream and scream until he wet himself. People in an audience gasp when they see the Addams Family enter an auditorium wearing western outfits. A girl refers to the Donner Party and says, “We’ll eat what we must along the way.” A man refers to a woman’s “murderous maternal instincts.” A girl talks about having winged larvae in her stomach and that her digestive acids will destroy them. A man punches a doorbell and dents the wall. A man talks about imbuing animals with human characteristics. A character says he feels like he’s going to “puke.”
 A man has a detached hand on his shoulder and the hand is shown throughout the movie on another man’s head, driving a car, etc. Severed fingers are shown in a few scenes and we see grey-tinged skin. A girl tries to pull a strand of hair from a man’s head, mustache and nose and it stretches while he is sleeping but the hair is not released. A character covered completely in hair sits in a camper window as the wind blows on it and it blows into the mouth of a lion in a neighboring window; the animal gags and spits out a large fur ball. A scooter with two men riding it crashes into a giant mound of dung and we hear a splat; there is a sign posted nearby that reads, “We poop, you scoop.” A lion digs a hole on a beach spraying sand on two women sunbathing, then squats and we hear splattering sounds (we do not see any waste). A woman has a discolored eye and a wart on her nose. A girl drags a large bag that we hear squishing and throws it knocking over her brother; it is implied that the bag contains lion excrement. A character is covered completely with hair and speaks what sounds like gibberish. Liquid sprays from under a man’s coat and he says,” I just got off the diapers,” as he rushes to the bathroom to clean himself up. A boy and a girl crawl on a pile of baked goods eating their way up and snorting and proclaiming that knives and forks are useless, and it’s much better to use their mouths.

The Addams Family 2 LANGUAGE 1

 – Name-calling (idiots, irked, undesirable qualities, terrible, madhouse, meaningless, needy, cruel, corny, freak, lame, silly little girl, little lady, Cretan, brainless Neanderthal, ghostly apparition, little oaf, violent roadhouse Malay, imbecile, bad boy, high tower, gruesome, discordant note, uncool, fur ball, hairball, diabolical, bunch of puppets, our little ghoul, my little raven, vacuous lemmings), exclamations (uh, ew, eesh, oh my word, oh great, zip it, pipe down, blah blah, oh well), 1 religious exclamation (Oh God). | profanity glossary |

The Addams Family 2 SUBSTANCE USE

 – A man says that a lion and another character “hit the catnip pretty hard last night” and we see them both sleeping, and a gas fills a room and knocks three people unconscious. People drink in a bar scene.


 – Fitting in, being different, being a winner, aggressive people, childhood trauma, human behavior, scientific advancement for good vs. evil.

The Addams Family 2 MESSAGE

 – Own who you are.


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We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we will accept compliments too. While we read all emails & try to reply we do not always manage to do so; be assured that we will not share your e-mail address.

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