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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter [2017] [R] - 3.8.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In this sixth sequel humanity continues to face extinction in a zombie apocalypse as a woman (Milla Jojovich) is betrayed by a villain (Shawn Roberts). She gathers the few remaining humans and fights zombies, as well as unanticipated new mutants. Also with Ruby Rose, Ali Larter, Eolin Macken, William Levy and Iain Glen. Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. [1:47]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - Nude corpses hang on hooks (no genitals are visible and the corpses appear to be male and female; we see a few breasts, but no nipples).
 A woman wears a boat-neck top and another woman wears a partially unbuttoned white shirt, both revealing moderate cleavage throughout the film. Four male zombie mutants are seen shirtless, with mottled greyish flesh on chests without nipples, backs, arms and shoulders.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - A man ties a woman's hands together and to a moving tank so she must run after it while being chased by a horde of zombies; she kicks three zombies away and the horde tramples one of them (we see some gore) as she gets loose and smashes a man's head into a spike on the side of the tank (we see some gore); the woman fistfights with a man on top of the tank using kicks, punches, and she chokes him with a heavy chain, they struggle over a knife and she cuts off his hand as he screams (the bloody hand drops to the ground and a female zombie eats it, grunting); another man puts a rubber covering over the bloody wrist when the injured man goes inside the tank.
 A zombie horde makes its way to a high-rise building, where they attack the main gate while people on the roof fire automatic rifles, powerful nail guns, and catapults of flaming barrels of oil and gasoline, killing many zombies; zombies chase a woman, trample her and eat her (we hear zombie grunts and crunching), a zombie strangles another woman and drops her dead, a fire-covered zombie runs across the screen as fire pours over the building walls and drenches zombies, some zombies are nailed to walls, a tank fires rockets at the building and we see fires and hear explosions; humans slash zombies with swords (we see blood and gore) as a woman rides a zip line through walls of flames to the tank where she fights a man with punches, slaps, kicks and chokes (we hear crunching and thumps) until she ties his hands together and to the tank with a length of metal cable and he runs after it, chased by zombies.
 Two women with handguns drawn fight with a man on a platform and we see kicks, punches, and the man stomps on a woman's hand; he throws a woman to the floor, the man throws one of the women over a desk, she kicks his knee and it crunches, he knocks her into a corridor where he holds her hand into a beam of electricity that cuts off the top of half of her fingers with some blood flow and screaming. An extended fight scene between a man and a woman includes smashed glass walls, kicks, punches, stomped hands and heads; the man throws the woman into the ceiling and two walls, she attacks him and sets off a grenade in his pocket that pops and sends him to his knees, she kicks him over and she leaves and the man shows up again outside. Two men fight and one reaches into the stomach of the other and wrenches out computer-like parts (it collapses) and zombies pile onto the two male figures and we hear crunching and gobbling sounds.
 A woman escapes zombies by using a sword to cut off the heads of two of them and running away (we see gore and some blood at the neck stumps as the heads roll to the ground, face down). A woman stabs a zombie in the throat with a sharp object, killing it. A woman shoots a man in the stomach and he gets up spitting out blood.
 Men surround a woman while pointing high powered rifles at her and a noose grabs her ankle and hoists her into the air as one man beats her in the stomach with a rifle; she laughs, grabs the rifle and a handgun and shoots all six men (one in the head), killing them (no blood is visible). A woman envisions winning a fight with a man by stabbing him in the throat with some blood flow and by smashing a decanter of whiskey into his face. A man envisions stabbing a woman with some blood flow and choking her. A man falls to the ground when something unseen grabs his ankle and seems to cut his leg in two at that point (blood flows through his pants leg onto the floor); a woman tells him that he is dying and to "get on with it." A woman points a handgun at a man lying on his back on the floor in a long shot, and she shoots him in the head (we see no blood).
 A young girl watches as a man suffocates her father with a plastic bag and we see his dead face in a close-up; we see a funeral scene where the girl is crying.
 Several men and women walk in maintenance corridors and two trap doors open; a man falls through, another trap door squeezes his hands and he falls into a pit, dead. A woman and a man fall through a chute to an abandoned lab, where a huge zombie chokes and kills the man and the woman stabs the creature (no blood shows) in the throat after it chases her; it is stopped by an ankle chain and she chokes him with it.
 In a flashback, a young boy in a sky ride gondola chokes, falls dead, then rises as a huge zombie mutant; men women and children scream and we later see blood splashed around the windows of the empty gondola and a bloody hand reaches up into the frame from the floor and slaps the glass.
 A woman is followed by a flying dragon/scorpion-type creature with a long spiny tail ending in three scorpion stinger-blades; it snarls and roars, baring its teeth into the camera four times and it tries to stab her and misses, flies into an I-beam, recovers and attacks again until the woman drives into it and crushes it against a wall and an abandoned vehicle; it gets up and she kills it with a land mine that explodes into a large mushroom cloud of flames (its head rolls across the ground limp with the skull missing.
 Two dinosaurs the shape and size of rhinos with double-split lips stalk a band of humans and a pack of zombie wolves with exposed skeletons attack the people; two wolves chew out the throat of a man and we see some gore and blood, another wolf knocks down a man and chews out his throat as we see some dark blood spurt and he dies instantly, and the rest of the people jump off a cliff into water and a wolf jumps after them (it does not catch them). Two scenes each include two zombie mutants with slimy faces and three rows of very long sharp teeth, roaring into the camera; their eyes are not visible and the mouths thrust out a dozen tentacles that slap a woman, but she escapes in each scene. Two walls squeeze together and kill a man. A man and a woman are sucked through a giant ventilator fan and we see blood widely dot the blades (a close-up shows blood flowing down a blade).
 A tank driver shoots rockets at a woman as she rides away on a motorcycle; several large fires erupt on a highway, burning up abandoned cars. A woman drives a car on a highway where burned out cars, a large crashed airplane, and other debris litter the sides of the road.
 A woman is knocked down by a zombie shooting out of water and she runs as he is stopped by an ankle chain. Something unseen knocks a woman off her motorcycle and out of the frame as the scene ends. A woman rides a motorcycle along a highway and three flying dragon/scorpion-type creatures follow her.
 A woman has several of flashbacks or dreams in which we see her struggling with a man, fist fighting with another man and talking to a computer avatar.
 An army of thousands of male and female grunting, roaring, lumbering zombies with yellow-grey, wrinkled and ridged skin, matted hair, yellowish and gore covers some heads throughout the film. A young girl suffering from a virus receives an injection that is ineffective and we see her as a wrinkled old woman by age 25; she is then seen wrinkled, discolored and stooped, sitting in a motorized wheelchair. A woman is shown with a cut on her forehead, a cut below her left shoulder blade, and a scar on her right shoulder.
 A woman drops a vial of liquid and tens of thousands of zombies fall dead in a pile that reaches for miles.
 A woman stands in a corridor where beams of electricity travel wall-to-wall in patterns that she avoids with jumps and somersaults. A utility pole falls with live electric wires dangling over a woman's car (she climbs out safely). A woman wakes up in a tank, where a dozen prisoners' hands are tied to benches. A woman awakens to men and women pointing rifles at her and shouting (they release her). Three men point guns at one another, shouting, and then lower their weapons. A woman is contained in a glass case with someone else's blood on the walls and she lights a small explosive packet that breaks a corner of the glass for her to escape.
 An enormous fireball fills a subterranean building evaporating two men and a woman and thousands of cryogenic capsules (fire fills the screen). Abandoned cars, many burned out, lie on their sides along highways and an airliner is shown buried in rubble. A woman crawls out of some debris, coughs away dust and smoke and sees the whole city lying in rubble. A woman sees a city in rubble and three zombies hang by their necks from an overpass; the zombies snarl and reach out toward vehicles that pass underneath three times.
 A computer voice says that a doctor killed seven billion people and we see a flashback of him playing video of global disasters with mushroom clouds, filled hospitals, flying missiles and skeletons; he says that people must be destroyed so that the chosen few may rule what's left of the world, as in the Book of Genesis (the Noah story). A woman tells a man, "I killed your clone." We hear that a virus that causes zombie-ism and premature aging can be stopped with an anti-virus, but the cure will kill all the infected people. A man and a woman enter a basement with thousands of cryogenic capsules that are said to hold frozen people waiting for the destruction of humanity. After the end credits, a computer voice of a young girl calls out, "You're all going to die down here."

PROFANITY 3 - 1 scatological term, 7 mild obscenities, name-calling (liar, unbeliever, puppet, self-righteous), 4 religious exclamations (My God, Jesus, The Lord created a flood, "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord" is engraved on a knife blade). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman drinks a small glass of a milky medication, a young girl receives an injection in the arm, and a woman breaks a vial of liquid to spread an anti-viral agent into the air. A man holds an empty rocks glass, a man sips whiskey from a rocks glass twice, two decanters of whiskey are seen on a table, and a man chews ice from an empty glass that may have held alcohol.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - The meaning of being human, biological warfare, religiosity, greed, power, apocalypse, epidemic viral infections, genocide, corrupt corporations, betrayal, revenge, courage, sacrifice, truth, acceptance, friendship, trust, justice.

MESSAGE - Humans can survive disasters and greedy businessmen when they work together.

Special Keywords: S3 - V8 - P3 - MPAAR

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