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Logan [2017] [R] - 5.8.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In 2029 the Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is in exile, but finds a young girl (Dafne Keen) whose powers seem to match his. He must protect her, as well as his mentor (Patrick Stewart) from the nefarious plans of criminals from the X-Men's past. Also with Stephan Merchant, Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook and Elizabeth Rodriguez. Directed by James Mangold. Many lines of dialogue are spoken in Spanish without translation. [2:21]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A woman shows her bare breasts in a brief scene. A man tries to change clothes in a phone booth that has translucent glass (we see full back nudity, including buttocks when pressed against the glass). A man is seen shirtless in a few scenes. Four women are dressed in tight-fitting party dresses.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - Inside a building, we hear three armed men screaming and a young girl walks out, and throws the bleeding severed head of one of the men at the feet of another man; armed soldiers chase her into the building, firing automatic weapons and two long blades extend from each of her hands as she screams, jumps and slashes attackers (a lot of blood flows as she slashes eight men in the legs, chest, and head); a spear is thrown into her back and out through her shoulder and she pulls it out, screaming (we see much blood); a man with metal claws fights more men with her, as they both jump and slash and a half dozen more men fall dead, slashed in the head, throat, and chest (we see significant blood flow). Soldiers rush into a clinic and capture children; one soldier grabs a young girl and shoots an automatic rifle into her back (blood spurts from her chest into a wide circle on the hallways floor).
 In an extended fight scene two men with metal blades extending from their knuckles fight using bloody slashes, stabs, kicks and throws as they shout, scream and roar; a soldier shoots a large dart and cable into one of the fighter's legs (we see blood flow) and he breaks it off, a child uses powers to lift a truck and drops it on one man (he gets up from under the truck, unharmed) who attacks the other man again, stabbing a shoulder and dragging him across the ground; one man shoots another man in the face and a hand, a soldier pistol-whips a boy, a young girl with metal claws stabs a man two dozen times while screaming and then shoots off the top of the head of one of the fighting men (we see some blood and gore as he falls).
 A man breaks into a farmhouse and stabs an elderly man in the chest with metal claws; a young girl with metal claws jumps at him and claws him, but he ties her up and kills a teen boy in the house (we see the boy slumped in a corner with blood on his chest and face) and slashes a woman through the chest (we see her lying on the floor with blood covering her from face to knees).
 An earthquake caused by a man's seizure paralyzes dozens of people inside and outside a casino and hotel; a man with metal claws stabs them into walls to pull himself through the corridor to the first man's room where he sees five men with rifles frozen in place where they were threatening the first man, and he slashes them across the head, up through the throat and out the top of the skull, across the face, the chest and into legs (we see blood flow); he stabs the back of a man's head and the claws come out the face toward the audience with blood flowing and a young girl screams and with metal claws slashes three men with additional blood flow. A man with metal claws fights several other men; he slashes up into the chin and head of a man who bleeds and falls, other men knock down the clawed man and stomp his face (we see some blood). A man drives a limo as a young girl jumps onto the hood and roof of the car; they smash through a gate and two fences, dragging a man in a bundle of barbed wire for a hundred feet and two men on motorcycles shoot at the car then fall into the dirt; two men attack the side windows of the car and the girl stabs them both in the face (we see a lot of blood and the broken glass is blood-smeared).
 A man with metal claws fights another man with claws and they slash, stab and throw each other until a man drives a car into one of the men and another man shoots him in the head three times (we see some blood); the gunman points the gun at the other clawed man, finds that it is empty, and falls dead with blood on his face. A man with metal claws slashes the heads of three armed men in half (we see blood and gore spatter).
 Four men shake a limousine as they try to remove a wheel and the driver stumbles out of the vehicle and is shot by one of the men (he falls and gets back up as his bloody wounds heal); the driver attacks all four men with blades extended from his knuckles and we see slashes to their heads, necks and bodies (spurting large amounts of blood) as a tire iron is thrown across the screen; three men die and the last man drives off in a van as the limo driver throws the tire iron through a car window.
 Dozens of child mutants walk toward a border as drones follow them along with a man and many mercenary soldiers; the children run screaming and the men knock some children to the ground, shoot a boy in the shoulder (no blood), a man chokes a child who breathes cold air that freezes his arm and then strikes it to shatter it, a girl makes pine needles from tall trees stab through a man's head, and other children knock a man down and make grass tie him up before electrocuting him with bolts of electricity and killing him with waves of power.
 A man attempts to change clothing in a phone booth (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details), while a man being robbed in an alley screams and curses; we hear a gunshot off-screen and the first man finds a man on his back in the alley, dead (his stomach and the alley are covered in blood). A woman falls and we see blood streaming down her arm; she bandages the arm and she is later found dead, sitting in a chair, slumped, with her eyes open eyes (no blood is visible). A boy jumps off the roof of a clinic and we do not see him again (he likely died).
 A man pulls the pins on two grenades and blows up a truck and several other men; we hear a loud explosion, see flames and debris as the scene ends. A limousine is chased by SUVs and pulls across railroad track in front of a train (the limo makes it) and an SUV is smashed. A pickup truck swerves when a self-driving semi-truck almost hits it, running into a median; a horse trailer drives off the road and into a ditch and five horses run away.
 Two men live in a huge rusted water tank; one man exhibits signs of dementia and communicates telepathically and he suffers two tremendous seizures that shake buildings and paralyze people around him; one seizure takes place at a casino-hotel where dozens of men and women rise from the floor, staggering after the earthquake like seizure and three cars crash loudly in front of the building.
 A man threatens another man and a young girl hits the first man on the back of the head with a lead pipe, felling him; the second man kicks the first man and a third man dumps him in the desert until he gets up with a handgun pointed at the third man, kidnaps him, and locks him in a cage in a military truck after hitting him in the head with the pistol butt. Two men break into a water plant and a several other men threaten them; one of the first two men breaks another man's nose with his gun and we see blood flow. A man awakes, coughing on an exam table in a clinic and we see deep red gashes on his chest, with several other shallow cuts, and long scars on his shoulders and arms and he gets in a car with a young girl, they argue, and she hits him in the face.
 A little girl in a convenience store steals food and knocks down a clerk. A man slaps a coffee mug from another man's hand and it breaks loudly off-screen.
 A man says that bodies and a dismembered hand and a leg were found at a crime scene. A man tells another man, "You're sick. I can smell it." A man says that the metal in the blades that come out of his knuckles at times is poisoning him; we hear him cough throughout the film. A man says that he has thought about killing himself by shooting himself. We hear that several men poisoned dogs. A young girl tells a man, "You are dying. You want to die," and he says he's thought about it.
 A man drives through a metal fence, bushes, a tall cornfield and the camera cuts to a clearing in woods where he covers the top of a grave with a shovel of soil, stammers, and walks to his truck where he pounds on the steering wheel, beats the truck with a shovel several times and falls on his back, unconscious from exhaustion. A man falls asleep in a car and a young girl drives him to a place where a few dozen young mutants live; the man stumbles from the jeep, passes out and the children lift him to a life-saving litter, the man wakes again, looks at them and passes out, and then awakens in a bed, shouting with nightmares.
 A man is shown lying against a tree stump with a branch penetrating through his back and out his chest, covered with blood; a young girl with metal claws chops off the branch and the man looks at her, smiles and dies with eyes open. A clinic shows a birthing chair covered in blood stains. A young girl is seen on an operating table with her hands and arms bloody and long bloody cuts up the length of her shins. A man wearing a sleeveless undershirt reveals long cuts and bullet wounds on his arms, hands, and chest areas; bullets pop out of the wounds into a sink as he coughs and the wounds self-heal. A man has a prosthetic arm from the elbow to fingertips; it looks like black metal and rubber with all the joints of a human arm and hand. A man pops a switchblade and cuts down a drape to let bright sun shine on a man held captive (he is albino) and he begins to develop bloody facial skin. An elderly man dies with his eyes open and his chest bloody.
 Several children stand at a grave covered with rocks. A TV western shows a cowboy shooting another cowboy, who falls into deep mud and we see a brief funeral with a wooden box for a coffin. A military tent city is full of rows of corpses under green sheets and a doctor points to a blackened, mangled corpse and says to keep tissue samples from it. A man who cannot walk says, "I have to pee"; the camera cuts to the man in a washroom stall with his calves and socks showing (he has no shoes) and his friend stands outside the stall, saying, "I'm not looking."

PROFANITY 10 - About 53 F-words and its derivatives, 24 scatological terms, 9 anatomical terms, 6 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, stupid, cue ball, fat, savages, junkie, pharmaceutically castrated, low-down Yankee, Nosferatu, Fantasy Land), 2 religious profanities (GD), 10 religious exclamations (e.g. God Knows, Jesus, For God's Sake). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man fills a syringe with clear medication and injects another man in the chest during a strong convulsion that shakes the room, a man injects another man in the shoulder during a strong convulsion, we hear that a man was once hooked on barbiturates, a man is injected with green liquid and a child is injected with green liquid, a man injects his own neck with green liquid and groans, a man buys a plastic bag of pill bottles and gives two tablets to an elderly man to swallow in four scenes, a man tosses a large bottle of rattling pills to a young girl to hold and gives a small bottle of pills to an elderly man, a young girl gives two pills to an elderly man to swallow, and a nurse has a bag of bandages and three unmarked medication bottles. A man drinks from a whiskey bottle in a car as well as at a cemetery and in his room, a man drinks whiskey from a coffee mug in a kitchen and from small bottles in a hotel room, empty small liquor bottles litter a side table in a hotel room, a man in a bar has a short glass of whiskey in front of him (he does not drink), four women in a limousine hold glasses of champagne (they do not drink them), four men with energy drinks stand up in the open roof of a limo and splash the drinks, and a young girl takes an energy drink form a store (she does not drink it). A woman smokes a cigarette on a car lot.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - People who are different, human experimentation, clones, orphans, family, courage, relationships, friendship, respect, protecting loved ones, accepting love, pain, death, loss, grief, anger, drinking problems.

MESSAGE - Everyone needs a family.

Special Keywords: S5 - V8 - P10 - MPAAR

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