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Kingsman: The Golden Circle [2017] [R] - 6.8.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The Kingsman are attacked and left with very few agents, and in a last ditch effort to figure out what happened, the British agents travel to Kentucky to decipher a message and seek help from their American counterparts. With Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Julianne Moore, Colin Firth, Michael Gambon, Sophie Cookson, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal and Elton John. Directed by Matthew Vaughn. [2:21]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - A woman drops her short robe as a man enters the room and we see her wearing a skimpy bra and underwear (cleavage, abdomen and legs are seen) and she invites him to have sex with her: they kiss and lie on a bed and we see his hand move into the crotch of her underwear (the camera vantage point is from the woman's knees up toward her underwear; we do not see pubic hair or other details). A man and a woman kiss after their marriage ceremony.
 A woman tells a man that if he saves the world, "You know what that means," and they kiss and he leaves (anal sex implied). A man covered with sewage asks a woman for a kiss and she leans toward him; he pulls away and goes to shower. A man tells another man that he can have a "backstage pass." A case holds what looks like a small condom and two men make jokes about each other's size. Two men talk about needing to implant a tracker into a woman's mucus membrane. A man tries to seduce a woman and she gestures swiping to the left. A man says, "I am busting for a pee," and the woman replies, "You can do it on me if you want." A woman tells a man, "I've been waiting to have you kiss me." A man asks tells his girlfriend that he is going to have to sleep with another woman to save the world but won't unless she says it's OK (they argue).
 A man is told to take off his shirt and we see his chest, abdomen and back. A woman pulls down the shoulder of her top and we see her bare shoulder with a tattoo of a jaguar on it. A man wearing boxer briefs is shown being placed in a cryogenic processor, surrounded by ice, and we see his bare chest, abdomen and legs. Women wear low-cut dresses and tops in a wedding scene and a festival scene and we see cleavage, bare shoulders, bare backs and legs.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - A woman tells a man to put another man in a grinder (we see blades whirring); two robotic dogs snarl and chase the man trying to get away before the other man grabs him and puts him head first into the grinder where we see bloody minced meat extruded onto a table and the woman forms some into a patty using her hands (the victim's legs remain sticking up out of the grinder chute). A man with a lasso wraps another man around the neck and threatens to electrify it; he and two other men fight and exchange gunfire, the man wrapped with the lasso is pulled toward a grinder when the rope goes in it and another man shoots the rope to free the man and another man is thrown in the grinder head first (we see bloody flesh being extruded). Two robotic dogs chase and attack a man and we see them tossing the man in the air and then tearing him in half (we see the two parts separate in a reflection, but do not see blood and gore).
 A man shoots another man in the face and we see the victim with a bloody eye socket. A man shoots another man in the head and we see a bloody wound.
 Many armed men shoot up a cabin where three men are hiding; one man leaves the cabin and fights the armed men with punches, kicks and shooting (we see blood spray) and one man is cut in half mid-air with a laser lasso (we see the halves separate and see blood at the cut area). Many armed men with Gatling guns shoot at a cabin where two men are hiding and one throws an explosive device out the window and after it explodes we see the gunmen melted together in a large blue blob.
 We see many people infected with a virus as it progresses through several stages; beginning with a blue rash, then mania, then paralysis and death (we see people's eyes and noses burst with blood and there are pools of blood on the floor around victims). A man is told to lie in a chair where his teeth are ground down, his fingerprints are removed and he is tattooed with molten gold (we see reddened skin around the tattoo and hear sizzling as he screams). We see a video of a man being tasered and then a room full of people as their heads blow off (we see animated clouds float upward); we then see the tasered man with his arm missing (blood at the shoulder and the severed arm lying nearby and blood on the man's throat). We see a video of people having their teeth ground down, fingerprints removed and being tattooed with molten gold.
 A man with a gun threatens another man on a street and they fight inside a taxi as the driver speeds through streets; punches are exchanged, guns are fired breaking windows and one man tries to taser the other (to no effect); one man has a robotic arm and it drags on the roadway sending sparks into the air before the other man shoots the metallic hand repeatedly (there's no effect), the door swings open as one man dangles from it and jumps in the air as the door is pulled off by a passing car; the fighting continues and one man skids on the road behind the car as other cars speed toward him from behind; the man on the road jumps into the trunk of the car and continues to fight with the other man inside, a knife blade is thrown into the neck of the driver) and the car crashes into a barricade throwing the driver (dead with bloody wounds) and one man (leaving his disembodied robotic arm in the car) onto the sidewalk; the remaining man speeds away from the chase cars and launches missiles that blow them up (we see flames and explosions). Several armed men approach a man standing in a wooded area, the man head-butts one gunman and he falls to the ground, others surround the man and he steps off a landmine causing an explosion that blows them all up (we see debris thrown through the air). Two men fight and one pins the other to the ground and breaks his neck (we hear the crack and see the man lying motionless). A man injects a woman in the neck with heroin killing her (we see her develop a blue, veiny rash and one of her eyes goes white and rolls back in her head before she collapses to the floor).
 Two men ride a ski lift as another man causes it to spin like a ride, then disables it and it breaks free from its cables over a ravine, then bounces on the ground, breaks through the support frame that tips toward it and it sleds down a mountain toward a café area where many people watch in fear as it speeds toward them (they are OK). Two armed men enter a compound and exchange gunfire with many other men (many people fall dead and we see blood spurt from gunshot wounds), a missile blows up many men (we see some blood and matter), a sign in the shape of shears falls and impales two men (we see blood and the blade sticking through their chest), a robot is blown up and pieces are scattered, and a robotic dog is shot once and later set on fire.
 Two men fight in an extended scene; one man's robotic arm separates from him and sails toward the other man wrapping him in a cable and pinning him to a pillar, the fist of the robotic arm hits the other man a couple of times, and the man is lifted into the air and slammed onto the ground a few of times. A man in a bar flings a beer mug at another man using his umbrella handle (the mug misses the man); a fight breaks out between the umbrella man and several other men who punch and throw him against the bar, another man using a lasso and a whip fights the other men throwing them through a window and slamming them into tables and the bar, and one man is stabbed in the chest. A man hits another man with a fire extinguisher and knocks him to the floor. A man jumps and kicks two men with his platform shoes (they fall unconscious). A robotic dog is slammed with a bowling ball and it collapses. A robotic dog is melted when molten gold is poured on it.
 A man points a gun at another man on the other side of a two-way glass and threatens to shoot him (he does not). A man with a shotgun tells two other men to get on their knees and they fight with punches and kicks; one man is slammed into a whiskey barrel and falls unconscious and another is zapped with a stun dart in the neck and falls unconscious. A man pours whiskey on the laps of two bound men and threatens to set them ablaze with a lighter (he does not). A man holds a gun on a dog and pulls the trigger (we hear the shot and understand that the gun contained blanks and the dog was not harmed). A man points a gun at a puppy and threatens to shoot it. A man steps on a land mine and another man pushes him off to take his place. A man's robotic arm operates independently and he cannot control it (we see it thrashing around) and we see him hanging from the limb of a tree, and then falling to the ground.
 A woman is locked in a cage and we see many people in cages being stacked on top of each other in a stadium. A room where a man is being held fills with water and he panics and calls for help; we see him underwater as he thrashes and the water is eventually drained out (the man coughs but is otherwise unharmed. Several buildings are blown up with people inside and we see giant explosions and flames; we then see charred rubble. A structure at the top of a mountain explodes. A man in a car drives into a lake and the car transforms into an underwater vehicle; the man holds his breath as the vehicle submerges and fills with water, and then coughs and gags as the water empties later. A man uses an ax to hit a barrel of whiskey and it sprays some liquid before he puts his hand over the leak. A man has a new robotic arm installed and tests throwing a bowling ball; the ball breaks through the back wall of the lanes.
 A man flips open a lighter not realizing that it will detonate an explosive, and another man yells at him to close it, which he does before it ignites. A man looks at another man seated at a table and yells at him, cursing, and the other man (the first man's girlfriend's father) is bewildered about why he is yelling. We hear that a man has transplanted vocal cords and a robotic arm. A man drinks from a bottle of whiskey and says, "That'll make you wanna slap your mama." A woman describes a "slow and horrible death." A woman complains about tobacco, alcohol and sugar being legal but not the drugs she deals in. Two men argue over one of them having killed another man.
 A man cries over lost colleagues while drinking whiskey. In a few scenes a man becomes emotional when thinking about colleagues that were killed. A man remembers a woman (presumably his significant other) being shot and killed (we hear a gunshot) and we understand that she had been pregnant at the time.
 A man is told to eat a burger made from the ground flesh of a man and he reluctantly takes a bite. A man gags and retches (no vomit) when he looks at moving sewer water through an access hatch and jumps in (we see what looks like fecal matter). We see a stuffed dog perched on a shelf in a couple of scenes. A man spits chewing tobacco juice on the floor and then a wad onto a hole in a whiskey barrel to plug the leak. Many people are shown with a blue rash that looks like veins and it spreads quickly. A man tells a woman, "I'm busting for a pee." We see a man's scarred eye after a gunshot wound. A man drinks a shot of Tequila and spits it into a spittoon. After a frightening incident a man seated in a wheelchair says, "That's the first decent [scatological term deleted] I've had in three weeks."

PROFANITY 10 - About 79 F-words and its derivatives, 1 obscene hand gesture, 2 sexual references, 25 scatological terms, 11 anatomical terms, 19 mild obscenities, 1 derogatory term for gay people, name-calling (Angel baby, scaredy cat, psychopath, junkie scum, dumb, cockroach, idiot, ghastly), exclamations (shut-up, ), 1 religious profanity (GD), 10 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Thank God, For Pete's Sake, Holy Cow, Sweet Lord Above, Jesus [F-word deleted] Christ, God Help Us All, Jesus, Oh God, Christ). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - We see a large bag of marijuana on a table next to a bong and later see a man smoking, a woman smokes a marijuana cigarette and cries, a woman drinks an antidote for a virus, a man injects a woman in the neck with heroin and she falls to the floor dead (she was overdosed), and a man flips open a lighter and holds a rolled cigarette (probably marijuana) in his mouth but does not light it. Four men and a woman drink shots of an unnamed liquor, two men drink several glasses of whiskey (eventually most of a bottle), a man drinks from a bottle of whiskey, a man pours whiskey on the laps of two bound men, we see many bottles of whiskey and wine on display in a man's office, we see many barrels of aging whiskey in a distillery, a man drinks a shot of Tequila and spits it into a spittoon, people are shown drinking alcohol at an outdoor bar, a man mixes two martinis and two men drink them, people drink toasts with alcohol, and four people are shown with a variety of wines with a multi-course dinner. A man chews and spits chewing tobacco, and a man opens a cigar vial and smells the cigar but does not light it.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Spy agencies, drug cartels, authority, loyalty, amnesia, saving the world, freedom, fame, trust, loyalty, manners, prohibition, mental health issues, war on drugs, relationships, companionship, loneliness, potential, regret.

MESSAGE - Saving the world from evil is a worthy undertaking.

Special Keywords: S6 - V8 - P10 - MPAAR

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